Nov 28

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Brett Favre’s 10 Yard Scramble Against the Redskins

do believe the following is my favorite play of the 2010 season. Sure, it isn’t much to look at, really. It’s just 41-year-old Brett Favre rushing for a mere 10 yards on a surgically repaired ankle with 2 recent fractures while suffering from a sinus infection/possible pneumonia.

Quarterbacks rush all the time in the NFL. Brett Favre hasn’t rushed much in recent memory.

What I love about this play is that Favre and the entire offense celebrate the 1st down as though it were a play-off winning TD pass on a 4th and long with 5 seconds left in the game. Even better? A hobbled Adrian Peterson loping along the sideline with his arms spread wide, cheering and laughing with joy for his teammate.

THAT is what this 2010 season has been missing. And the Vikings got it back today. I’ll certainly watch this video a few more times before the next game, if for no other reason than to watch the joy on the faces of the players on my favorite team. Skol Vikings!

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