Dec 29

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Aaron Rodgers: Premature Celebration

An oldie from my former blog…

Aaron Rodgers has invented a new “celebration”. Fortunately, the Packers weren’t televised as an important game yesterday – at least in my market – so I didn’t have to witness this atrocity first-hand.

As an aside, to add insult to injury to this mediocre team, if the season were to end today, the Packers wouldn’t even make the play-offs. You see, their record in the NFC isn’t what it needs to be to actually secure a spot as a Wild Card team… since they’re not winning the division after their hilarious loss to the Falcons yesterday.

In fact, this was supposed to be the “Year of the Take Over”. See – they’re coming from behind in the division because the Packers really haven’t accomplished much with that new QB they keep insisting is better than Favre so they actually have to PLAN to try to take things over.

None of this matters to Aaron Rodgers though! He likes to celebrate every meager accomplishment. Complete a throw to a visible receiver? Fist pump. Score a TD? Very feminine & graceful gazelle leap with fist pump. And now, a new celebration has been added to his repertoire:

"I hope that's just a fart!"

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