Dec 30

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ARodg & the Pro-Bowl: A Packerland Meltdown

When Cheeseheads meltdown: FONDUE!

Packer Nation is in a full-blown meltdown this week after the release of the 2011 Pro-Bowl Rosters. By meltdown I mean that the Packers fans are rabidly angry that their best QB since Bart Starr has been snubbed by the selection committee. Revisionist Packer history now ignores Favre and has long ignored the total irrelevancy of the team between Bart Starr and Brett Favre. But I digress.

Does Aaron Rodgers deserve a spot on the Pro-Bowl roster? I say no, he does not.

Aaron Rodgers currently has the same post-season record as Tarvaris Jackson. Oh yes, that’s a true statement. Aaron Rodgers has not yet, in 3 starting seasons, led a game winning drive in a come-from-behind situation. The closest he’s gotten is the recent game against the Falcons. He led a game-tying drive and then was out-performed by Matt Ryan who actually DID lead a game-winning drive in the final seconds of the game.

Aaron Rodgers may have some incredible stats, but any discerning football fan knows that his stats are heavily padded by the lack of a run game and the absolute need to throw the ball. Aaron Rodgers is a great fantasy football QB, but he has yet to prove he’s clutch when needed.

Take, for example, last year’s Wild Card game against the Arizona Cardinals, which was an incredible show of horrendous defense by both teams. In sudden death OT, Rodgers fumbled the ball and then proceeded to drop kick it into the waiting arms of an on-coming defender, who took it to the house for the win. Is that an example of being clutch? I think not.

The NFC selections for the Pro Bowl are Michael Vick, who’s this year’s “Saints-like” drama that the NFL loves to promote, and a whole different topic for me. Matt Ryan in his 3rd season has led several game winning drives as he’s taken his team to the brink of the #1 seed. And Drew Brees? As much as I hate the Saints and that stupid Who Dat chant Drew likes to lead before games, it’s a fact that he’s the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

Packer fans will continue to meltdown over this until the end of the season because they’re completely unable to look at anything objectively. Better luck next year, Packer fans.

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  1. Chuck

    Enjoy the blog, you’re a very good writer. I’ve earned my living writing for 20+ years and I can see your talent. I understand the emotion Vikings fans have which is best described as passion wrapped in frustration. Fifty years without a championship will do that to you. I went to high school and college in Minnesota, even worked in the Vikings PR department for a few years and was a sportswriter in Minny for a time, so I’ve witnessed it first-hand.

    Having said all that, many of the points you make are at best misleading and at worst false. One point as an example: The suggestion that Tavaris Jackson is better than Aaron Rodgers is patently absurd. Do you come out and say T-Jack is as good as Rodgers? No, you’re too smart for that and know you’d be laughed out of cyberspace for making such a claim. But the suggestion is clear. The moronic comparison of playoff records suggests that the two are equal, as if the QB is the only player responsible for wins and losses in football, the most team-dependent sport on the planet.

    So, if the Packers offered the Vikings an even-up trade, Rodgers for T-Jack, you think the Vikings would turn them down? Don’t bother answering, we both know the answer.

    Thanks for being patient with my ramble. And please don’t be offended, it’s all meant in good fun. And I meant what I said about your writing. Keep up the blog it is a really fun read.

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      Hi Chuck. Thanks for commenting on my post. I want to congratulate you on having the first comment I’ve been able to approve for this post. I have 2 rules: no profanity and no “ViQueens” paired with personal insults. You passed them both. 🙂

      Of course I wasn’t stating that Jackson and Rodgers have the same level of talent. I was merely using stats, not in an attempt to mislead, but rather to illustrate that while Rodgers may be talented, he hasn’t proven he can win a play-off game and he hasn’t proven he can perform a 2 minute offensive drive that secures a win. Both of which a QB needs to show in order to be considered “elite” in my opinion.

      Thank you for being kind about my writing. I’m envious that you’ve been able to earn a living by writing. I’d love to – but instead I spend my days in the exciting world of IT. I welcome any suggestions you have for me and I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post(s). I do hope you’ll come back and comment again! ~ Lisa

      1. The envied

        I agree with Chuck. You are creating a cult type atmosphere with the misleading comments about A-Rod. I understand that you are envious but be fair. It would be like some person with too much time on thier hands comparing Adrian Peterson to Brandon Jackson (Green Bay Running back) over and over like a broken record. Wouldn’t you be a bit insulted? If you want to be taken seriously it would help to speak well of Mr. Rodgers and not criticize him every chance you get. He is an outstanding NFL quarterback. Being mad at him isn’t going to change things for the Vikings season anyhow. The Bears blog page does not slander rival players, they are very professional and give credit where credit is due. Saying that, Rodgers hasn’t proven himself in the playoffs and has yet to do so, you are correct about that but he has only been to one playoff game. Jay Cutler hasn’t won a playoff game but I don’t see you criticizing him and his stats fall short of Rodgers’. I know you are unhappy about not having the year that you expected but you don’t have to take it out on A Rod. You guys still have a game to play on Sunday, try and focus the positive energy onto that. There is a lot of promise with Leslie Frazier and Joe Webb next year. Good luck to you.

        1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

          Since you took the Love Boat reference out of your name and were more objective, I’m approving your comment this time. Thank you for being more respectful.

          I understand that my post has offended you. It’s meant to be a bit snarky due to the Vikings/Packers rivalry. I have several friends who are Packers fans and they do hate it when I quote statistics like that – which, by the way, I only do when they insult my team or suggest our team should be moved to LA.

          Regarding taking it out on A Rod…. I highly doubt he’s reading my blog. 🙂

          I do focus fairly positive energy towards my team. I’m a Vikings fan, so I’m a realist and being “positive” is hard. Even last year.

          Thank you for the well wishes. I do appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  2. Ryan

    Season opener vs the bears last year. Im positive that was a game winner.

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      Hi Ryan. Thanks for commenting. I’ll have to look into that. I got the stat originally from NFC North Blog on ESPN – and this was just a week or two ago. I didn’t check their work given what it would take to do so and my real life time constraints. Having a game to review should help me with that. Appreciate the feedback. Happy new year.

  3. Joe

    i feel as if you think matty ice is a better quarterback than aaron rodgers

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      Hi Joe. I think there are several quarterbacks in the league that are better than Rodgers. I think he can be inconsistent and until he can prove that he can win play-off games on the road, he’s not going to reach the status of a Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Brett Favre. I understand his stats are good, but in this league it’s all about winning, starting first with the division, going through the play-offs, and then being able to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

      Example: many times this year we’ve seen Rodgers throw to no one – meaning that either he doesn’t know where his receivers are, or the receivers aren’t going where he thinks they are. Those types of plays have halted drives. He’s had a consistent receiving corps, so that kind of situation shouldn’t arise nearly as often as it did this year.

  4. Joe

    or maybe that he deserves a pro bowl spot over him, neither of which are true

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      With the exception of Vick, I think the right QBs are named to the Pro-Bowl for the NFC. But I admit that I have an issue with Vick based on his behavior in Atlanta. I lived in Atlanta at the time and the news stations were very graphic in their coverage of the Vick situation – and the details were horrifying – so I can’t get past that to value him as a player… because I’m fairly certain Vick hasn’t changed – he just has better handlers keeping him in line.

  5. Ha Ha

    And right now Viking land is in a HUGE meltdown over Chris carter not being elected to the HOF. Pretty funny stuff

  6. Ha Ha

    Btw, your a very good writer, one of the better blogs Ive seen. And this coming from a Packer fan. 🙂 I do enjoy a little good trash talk though, as my comment above shows. Dont take it to personally 🙂

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