Dec 30

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Brett Favre Fails Neurological Exam, Will Be Game-time Decision

Injured QBs: Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson

Brett Favre didn’t address the media again this week. There’s been speculation that he didn’t want to be asked about the $50,000 fine that was imposed upon him by the NFL. After watching Favre get queried about the sexting scandal early in the season, noting his extremely adept method of not answering the question, I’m fairly certain that the ruling didn’t influence whether or not he addressed the media today.

I believe it’s related to his concussion. He still hasn’t been able to pass the initial neurological exam. Leslie Frazier indicated that he’ll be a game-time decision, which I believe means we’ll see him as Doubtful on the Saturday active/inactive/injury list.

I was listening to Dan Berreiro tonight on KFAN. He doesn’t want Favre to start, even if he’s healthy. I’ve been surprised at the tremendous negativity towards Favre by the local media. The intensity is what has been the most surprising. I understand wanting to see Joe Webb. I’d like to see him. But I’d like to see Favre play one last time as well.

What do you think? Should Favre start if he’s healthy?

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