Dec 31

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Frazier & the Wilfs to Meet Next Week

Leslie Frazier, Interim Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, indicated that he will be meeting with the team’s owners next week after the conclusion of the season. The speculation is that the Wilfs will at least indicate their intent as it pertains to Frazier’s long-term role with the Vikings.

Leslie Frazier has stated emphatically that he would like to stay in Minnesota. He’s indicated that currently he’s focused on beating Detroit and that he’s not worried about whether or not he’ll be the head coach.

Previously I had predicted that if Leslie Frazier were able to show that he could motivate the team and end his 6 game audition at 3-3 at least, it was likely he’d be a lock for the role. A lot of things have happened since that prediction. Rumors of the Wilfs reaching out to Bill Parcells. More uncertainty around the CBA negotiations.

After the team’s performance in the Giants & Bears games, I lost some of my faith in Leslie. However, maybe a collapsing stadium roof, relocation of a game to Detroit and swirl around game location the following week was far more adversity than any coach could handle. I don’t know. I’m still watching though with a critical eye.

What do you think? Should Leslie Frazier be the Head Coach?

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  1. Ham

    Yes he should get the job, he’s 2-0 on the road (unless you count the giants/bears “home” games). Unless they can get a guy like Bill Parcells, who comes into an organization and completely reshapes it.

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      Do you want the organization to be reshaped?

  2. Ham

    Good question lol. I don’t necessarily want it to happen, but if it did I’d trust a guy like Parcells who’s been there and done that for other organizations like the Cowboys and Dolphins. Where as with Frazier you never really know how good they will be until they are the head coach.The team’s getting older, guys are on their way to free agency, and Chilly’s fingerprints are everywhere . I think Frazier will be a great coach but if they could get a big name coach like Parcells it would be great for PR. And after this underwhelming year with the Stadium lease lingering in the air, they need to get the fan base excited.

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      The fan base seems pretty excited about Frazier to me. I’m still evaluating – but I’m a tough customer. I’d love to see an ass-kicking kind of coach that takes these over-indulged babies down a notch. I’d frankly like to see a headcoach with the cojones to sit starters when they go out with half effort. I’d rather see a second stringer playing his heart out than a starter just going through the motions. I’d love someone to come in and set the tone where performance is expected, regardless of the situation. These men get paid anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to millions. Were it not for their chance in the NFL, most of them would be making $30k to maybe $100k like the rest of the people in the US who work FAR harder every single day. I’m all about a meritocracy: you perform, you play. You slack, you sit. End of story. I don’t know if Leslie would be that coach or not.

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