Dec 30

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NFL Week 17: Weekly Picks

This weekend marks the end to the 2010 regular season. All games are played on Sunday. There will be no Thursday Night Football. No Monday Night Football. The Vikings are playing their last game of the season, hopefully on Sunday as planned at Ford Field at 12 PM CT… but with the Vikings, you never know anymore.

Here are my picks for this week:


  • Panthers vs Falcons: Will the Falcons lock up the #1 seed or does this have the makings of a trap game? In 2006, when I lived in Atlanta, I attended a Falcons game and watched Mike Vick run around on the field. Personally, I think Matt Ryan is a great upgrade for the Falcons, and I don’t see Matt Ryan allowing the Panthers to get the better of him in this game. Especially at the Georgia Dome. Falcons 34, Panthers 3.
  • Bengals vs Ravens: In the fall of 2004, when I lived in Cincinnati, I took a colleague from Italy to see her first American football game. It was a Bengals/Ravens match up back when Chad OchoCinco had a normal last name and Madieu Williams’ bad angles and missed tackles didn’t impact the Vikings. The Bengals won and Carolina said that American football was quite slow and boring compared to soccer. Bengals aren’t winning this time and I doubt Carolina’s watching. Ravens 28, Bengals 14.
  • Steelers vs Browns: The Steelers are the #2 seed in the AFC. The Browns are not anywhere near a play-off spot. Despite the risk of injury, I don’t see the Steelers slacking off in this game, and the Browns may very well give the Steelers a run for their money… but I doubt they’ll win. Steelers 24, Browns 20.
  • Vikings vs Lions: The Lions are on a 3 game winning streak – which is incredible to write. The Vikings triumphed over adversity this week, stunning the entire nation with their win over the Eagles on Sunday Night Football on Tuesday. Joe Webb may have a little magic in him. But will he start? I think he will and I think my beloved team is going 7-9 and Leslie Frazier will end his 6 game audition at 4-2. Vikings 27, Lions 21. (NOTE: When I predicted the outcome of the first Vikings/Lions match up earlier this season, I said the Vikings would win 24-10. And they did, with exactly that score. Could I possibly two-peat? Let’s find out!)
  • Raiders vs Chiefs: Matt Cassel is back after having surgery a couple of weeks ago. He’s led his team to a division title and a play-off berth. The Raiders are the most schizophrenic team in the league with wild swings in performance that both stun and dismay, depending upon your team affiliation. The Chiefs are solid at home this year, so I don’t see the Raiders raining on their parade. Chiefs 21, Raiders 17.
  • Dolphins vs Patriots: The Miami Dolphins missed the play-offs again this year after a promising start (if you ignore their inability to win at home during the first part of the season). Tony Sparano may be joining Childress after the season if rumors are to be believed. The Patriots are having another annoyingly good season with Tigger (Bounce Bounce) Brady at the helm. The Dolphins don’t stand a chance. Patriots 31, Dolphins 10.
  • Buccaneers vs Saints: The Buccaneers still have a shot at a Wild Card spot, but they’d have to beat the Saints and hope the Giants and the Packers lose. As well as Josh Freeman has been performing this year, and for as much as I hate the Saints, I don’t think Drew Brees is going to stop fighting. Saints 24, Bucs 21.
  • Bills vs Jets: The Buffalo Bills have stymied many a fine team this season. The Jets have secured a spot in the play-offs. Rex Ryan has indicated that he may sit Mark Sanchez. I’m not sure if that’s to keep him fresh or to prevent him from melting down again. I do think the Bills will play hard. Bills 21, Jets 19.


  • Chargers vs Broncos: The Chargers looked like they were following their usual pattern with Philip Rivers at the helm: a slow start followed by increasing skill and then a play-off berth. Ooops. Not this year. The Broncos won’t be representing the AFC in the play-offs either. Will Tim Tebow take Philip Rivers down? Will the mountain air be too much for the sea-level dwelling Bolts? Broncos 19, Chargers 17.
  • Bears vs Packers: The Bears could clinch the #1 seed with a win over the Packers and a Falcons loss. Will that be enough to motivate them at Lambeau when they already have a bye? The Packers can secure a Wild Card spot with a win, despite uninspiring play for most of the regular season after much lauding of their prospects in the pre-season. Given the historic rivalry between the two teams, I think the Bears will go all out to prevent the Packers from making the post-season. And I’m not just saying that because it would make me laugh.ย Bears 28, Packers 20.
  • Jaguars vs Texans: With David Garrard out, Trent Edwards will be responsible for leading the team to the Play-Off Promise Land, or he will play one game during the 2010 season. The Texans looked like they were going to dominate this season and then settled into being the Texans, causing Matt Schaub to sport a somewhat quizzical look on his face at times. Texans 20, Jaguars 17.
  • Titans vs Colts: Eli “The Forehead” Manning looks to be past his mid-season meltdown (which was incredibly fun to watch). The Titans are not having the year they wanted. Any of them. From a drama perspective, the Titans are the only team that attempted to match the Vikings in controversy this season, although they came up short there, too. Colts 28, Titans 10.
  • Cowboys vs Eagles: A battle of the back-up QBs. The Eagles have announced that Vick will sit this weekend and Jon Kitna took over for Romo 2 months ago. The Cowboys have found stability under Jason Garrett, while the Eagles are coming off a stunning loss to the Vikings. With Kolb playing second fiddle for most of the season, I think Kitna has the edge. Cowboys 21, Eagles 14.
  • Cardinals vs 49ers: Mike Singletary was fired this week after yet another loss. The Cardinals are still attempting to recover from the loss of Kurt Warner. As we’ve seen this season, teams perform quite well the week after their coach is fired, so I think the 49ers have the edge at Candlestick Park. 49ers 19, Cardinals 17.
  • Giants vs Redskins: By the time this game kicks off, the Giants will know if they still have a shot at making the play-offs, based on the result of the Packers/Bears game at noon. I believe they will have a shot and I don’t think the Redskins will be giving them too much trouble, despite Rex Grossman’s decent performance since McNabb was benched. Giants 27, Redskins 14.


  • Rams vs Seahawks: By the time this NFC West match-up ends, we’ll know if a 7-9 team will be entering the play-offs with home-field advantage in the first round. With Whitehurst stepping in for the injured Matt Hasselbeck for the Seahawks, I don’t see a home-field advantage for this one. Sam Bradford, rookie QB-phenom will prevail, thereby avoiding calls to reconfigure the play-off seeding since the Rams would be 8-8. Rams 24, Seahawks 13.

Those are my picks this week. Feel free to comment.

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  1. DailyNorseman

    In a related story, the Green Bay Packers still suck. And the only thing that sucks worse than the Green Bay Packers is their “fan base.”

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      The Green Bay Packers DO suck! Most of their fan base is terrible; completely humorless.

  2. Purple Is Gay

    Ya know who sucks more than the Packers? Your pathetic joke of a franchise. How’d spending that $20 million on that bag of bones work out for you guys? Oh that’s right, you’re at the bottom of the division and have no future and no stadium. Such a proud franchise! Let me know when that trophy case gets anything in it besides cobwebs.

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      Hi “Codman”. Thanks for swinging by with the usual Packer fan intensity. That’s a lot of talking by a fan of a team that’s done nothing by your standards since 1996. And look at the way you talk about the QB that brought your sad franchise out of 20+ years of complete & utter irrelevancy… you know… that dry spell between Bart Starr and Brett Favre? The time when NO ONE is the United States cared about your team at all… remember those days? I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I understand why you’re upset. Since the Vikings entered the scene, we took the division away from you. 18 division titles to your team’s 13 since 1961. You’re probably tired of eating our dust. Am I right? Are you tired of having to fight for a Wild Card spot? I know I would be if I were a Packer fan.

      By the way… is “Purple Is Gay” the best you can do? That’s pretty lame, tired & used up.

    2. DailyNorseman

      Honestly, who cares what Packer fans think about anything relating to the Minnesota Vikings? The Green Bay Packers have, by far and away, the dumbest fans in the National Football League, and have for a very long time. People like “Purple Is Gay” prove that beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt.

      You should probably seek out the piece of. . .*ahem*. . .”work” that used to write with Lisa before Lisa realized she was being held back by that person’s ignorance. Probably more your speed.

      1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

        Turns out Codman isn’t actually a Packer fan. Let’s see if Codman (or “Hombre de bacalao” as they say in Spanish) will provide team affiliation.

      2. Purple Is Gay

        Good one tool. Pretty sure there was a little poll by SI where players voted on the most knowledgeable fans…guess who was leading? Hmmm…yep the Green Bay fans. I’ve got a lot of friends who are fans of the Pack and most of them know too much unlike you Vikes fans who can’t even fill your joke of a stadium for a playoff game. Like I said, you stay classy!

        1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

          I’m sure you do cheer for a good one. Lemme guess. Lions? Do tell me exactly how many NFL players are hanging out regularly with the drunk Packer fans. I’m guessing… none. So they don’t really know anything about the average Packer fan, do they. Exactly. When you learn logic & reason, I do hope you’ll come back for some intelligent conversation. Have a great night Mr. Codman.

        2. DailyNorseman

          I apologize for being a bit terse in my commentary towards you. Those of us that consider Lisa to be a friend have watched her go through a lot with this site over the past couple of days, and just assumed that it was one of the stupids that has a problem with Lisa that would come over here with the handle “Purple Is Gay.”

          I don’t buy that crap about Packer fans being “smarter than everyone else,” though, regardless of who says it. If you had listened to Packer fans regularly for a quarter of a century, then you’d probably agree.

          1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

            Thanks Chris.

            I don’t buy that SI poll either. Players are driving around in their custom cars and hanging out with the entourages. They’re not in Joe Shmoe’s basement in De Pere yackin’ away about football techniques and philosophy. You and I have dealt with these Packer fans and their revisionist history FOR YEARS… we see it first hand.

            Say what you will about the Vikings and their fans… but when we suck, we know it and we’re not afraid to say it.

  3. Purple Is Gay

    I’m not a Packers fan but thanks for playing. I’m not even a fan of the NFCN, I’ve just read a couple of your blog posts and you’re downright delusional. Comparing T-Joke to Rodgers is an absolute insult. Rodgers is arguably one of the best young QB’s in the league, I knew he’d turn out heads above Alex Smith, watching him in college, wish he was on the niners. Maybe you should actually watch the games. And no I don’t remember any of those things about the Packers cause once again I’m not a fan…maybe you should work for CSI; they could use your investigatory abilities.
    Enjoy LA and you stay classy Vikes fans!

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      Aw Sweetie, listen. I didn’t compare ARodg to T Jack. I said they have the same post season record. That, my friend, is an indisputable fact.

      I assumed that you were a Packer fan because you equated Purple with being gay. Usually only the Packer fans with idiot savant IQs do that. Which team do you actually support?

  4. Purple Is Gay

    Wow…2 seasons as a starter at the time and an 0-1 record, guess that’s gonna sum up his career! Like I said, I don’t like the Pack but I can at least respect a classy organization, something of which your franchise knows nothing. And if you’d use your astute analytical skills you could tell I’m a niners fans when I said, “wish he was on the niners.” And go ahead and make fun of our past seasons…they’ve actually won the big game, unlike your Vikes.

    1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      I’m not going to make fun of your seasons. Why would I do that? I have no reason to. The 49ers have been a formidable opponent in the past and typically I don’t get harassed by Niner fans. I did miss the niner reference in your original comment. I liked Joe Montana and Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Your team isn’t a divisional rival, so I have no desire to mock your team. Plus, your head coach just got fired. We’re in a special group this year. The drama sucks. As you know.

      1. Purple Is Gay

        Yes, yes it does. Good luck against the Lions. I’m just hoping Luck falls to us and Harbaugh gets the job. I’m out, peace!

        1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

          Good luck with your game as well. I hope Harbaugh gets the job too if you think that’s the in the best interest of the team. I’m not sure what to think about mine yet. Stop back again some time and let’s have a conversation that starts friendly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year.

          1. Purple Is Straight

            Ha thanks and yeah I can do that…for starter guess I can change my name, little edgy tonight!

            1. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

              Hey – it’s football. Passions run high. ๐Ÿ™‚

              FYI – you left out an option for purple. Bi. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. VikesPrincess (Lisa)

      Oh also… T-Jack had a time-share arrangement in 2008, which was the last time he started before Brett’s streak ended… so far less game experience than Rodgers.

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