Jan 16

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Did Aaron Rodgers Snub a Cancer Patient?

On ProFootballTalk tonight, I saw a story about Aaron Rodgers snubbing a cancer patient, while Clay Matthews stopped to sign her hat. The Packers faithful are rallying around ARodg, saying he was “in a zone” and “didn’t see her”.

If you watch the last few seconds of the video below, I think it’s clear that Rodgers saw her and then studiously looked away and kept walking. I assure you, I even tried to be objective as I watched.

As an aside, I’ll say that I’m not surprised by this at all. A dear friend of mine (a former Packer fan, in fact), grew up outside of Green Bay and was on a small commuter flight with Aaron back in 2008. As my friend tells the story, Aaron was completely rude to his fellow travelers on the flight and wouldn’t even acknowledge a gentleman who was wishing him luck in his first starting season after Favre went to the Jets. In fact, this experience is why my friend no longer cheers for the Packers.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Jenna

    Hey Lisa. I agree that Rodgers looks bad in this video, but I’m not sure if you’re aware of a few things. This couple is at the airport awaiting the Packers every weekend. In fact, in the full video originally posted, the husband talks about getting 20 signatures last weekend. Aaron Rodgers was one of those signatures. He actually talked to her and signed something for her last weekend. For whatever reason – and this is their right – one autograph doesn’t cut it for them. As a matter of fact, even though she got Matthews signature Friday when they were leaving for Atlanta, she was there last night with something else for him to sign (this was told to me by someone who was there last night as well).

    Rodgers has ton a lot for cancer patients and people around the community in general, much of which doesn’t get talked about in the media because Aaron keeps it private and has no ulterior motive (aka, he doesn’t care about the press, but the actual people). For example, he treated kids from the Boys and Girls club to pizza, bowling, and shopping one night, and there were zero cameras around. He attends many charity events and I’m sure you’ve seen the video of him with the little girl who had a heart transplant. Also, this: http://dad29.blogspot.com/2011/01/aaron-rogers-man.html

    So, yes, this video doesn’t look good, but the lady already had his autograph, he had his headphones in and he might not have even seen her. He can’t sign autographs all the time and I don’t think we can fully judge his character based on 10 seconds of poorly edited video.


    1. Jenna

      Rodgers has done* not ton. Whoops.

    2. VikesPrincess

      Hi Jenna. I know that many of the players do things behind the scenes and never mention it. I agree with their approach on that.

      Regarding what may or may not have happened with this woman – I only know how it looks. Me personally? I would never even ask a player for an autograph. In fact, I sat next to Kirby Puckett on a flight one time and said nothing more than “Hi” as I was sitting down. My mom was a HUGE Twins fan, and she would have been thrilled if I had asked him to sign my boarding pass or anything else for her – but I’m unwilling to bother any celebrity on their own time. All that being said, I do have the added insight from my friend who flew from Green Bay to Minneapolis on the same small commuter flight with Rodgers… and that particular report was not positive by any stretch of the imagination.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Jenna

    I have heard good and bad about Rodgers. I guess the only way I’ll ever know for sure is if I ever meet him. Everyone has their good and bad days so who knows.

    I agree about autographs. I don’t ask either. I live in Wisconsin and I have seen quite a few Packers around – Al Harris, Mason Crosby, and Donald Lee, among others. I always go up and say something nice (as they’ve just been walking around stores, not eating or anything where I would intrude upon them) but I don’t ask for autographs. So I’m with ya there. 🙂

  3. Let it go

    Jenna you are a saint. Thank you for setting the record straight and standing up for your fellow Packer fans. I think the jargon pit is getting quite deep in Princess Purple’s world. Again thank you and a resounding, Go Pack Go! I’m optomistic about next weekend, win or lose it will be a great game as historic as it will be.

    1. VikesPrincess

      No record has been set straight. Aaron Rodgers is a pompous ass. And that’s according to my friend, the former Packer fan, who hated how Aaron behaved so much he refuses to cheer for a team that employs Aaron Rodgers.

      That’s one thing about Packer fans man – you guys defend your players even when they don’t deserve it. The players are just people man – no better than you and no better than me. They’re overpaid. They feel entitled. When they behave badly, they should be called out on it. But never in Packerland! If the player is employed by the team, you guys make yourselves look silly, falling all over yourselves to defend them.

      Of course, once they leave the team – open season. Your fan base has the weirdest dynamic I’ve ever seen.

  4. vikesgirl80

    I think Rodgers definitely saw her and just chose to keep walking and not acknowledge her. I do agree with previous commenter Jenna in that sometimes the good and positive things the players do get overshadowed by the negative and questionable things they do…but this just makes Rodgers look bad. Even people I work with that are much more casual football fans than myself were talking about this today. Go Bears!


    1. Let it go

      I almost threw up in my mouth hearing all the Viking fans defend Favre for texting his little guy to Sterger. You guys even defended the sex cruise. You Viking fans are such hipocrates. I thought Mark Chmura was a loser for what he did. If a Packer does something authentically bad then I will hate on him. If Rodgers snubs a fan so what, he’s not out killing dogs and doing drugs like other morans. Stop being petty, grow up and get some sense. You genius viking fans saying “Go Bears” are adding Kahrma to the big game this weekend and your miserable existance. Your team finished last in the division. You’re jealous. Minnesota sports are as dry as the people that occupy the lowly state. There is no such thing as “Minnesota Nice”. Go find a hobby, your team is done and you have no business in the football world this year. Be gone.

      1. VikesPrincess

        Hello Buddy. I’ve never defended Favre for his off-field antics. And I’ve never defended McKinnie, Culpepper or any of the other embarrassments who participated in the cruise activities.

        I have plenty of sense. I also have a personal friend that I have known for 15 years who met Aaron Rodgers and spent 50 minutes on a commuter flight with him, watching him be rude to Packer fans. The guy is a pompous ass. Deal with it.

        Vikings fans don’t have miserable existences. We typically win the division. 18 times to your team’s 9 since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970. Seems like it would be FAR worse to be a Packer fan… and not just because of the god-awful green & gold color combo and the cheesewedges you guys like to sport on your heads. The last thing I am, or any Vikings fan is, is jealous of a Packer fan. You can take that to the bank.

        I have a hobby. It’s writing this blog – which you seem to enjoy since you keep coming back.

        I find it hilarious that YOU come to MY blog to insult me, my team, my state and all Vikings fans in general… and tell ME to BE GONE. I don’t force you to come here.

        This time last year, MY team was playing and your team was DONE. I wasn’t stupid enough to troll around on Packer blogs and insult the heartbroken cheesy faithful. You know why? Because I have a job to keep me busy and I couldn’t care less about Packer blogs.

        It’s nice that you keep coming back though, I do so enjoy the fact that my existence makes you kind of mad. That’s fun. BEAR DOWN!

    2. Let it go

      You would say that. You are indeed Jaded. Get the facts first you lemming.

      1. VikesPrincess

        Buddy – I approved your comment but it would be nice if you would try treating people with a modicum of respect.

  5. Let it go

    How about this, Aaron Rodgers is a rude celebrity. I don’t care, I will never hang out with him. He is an excellent quarterback. He helped get Green Bay to the NFC Championship game. He doesn’t want to talk to a lady with cancer or autograph her hat. Dum dee dum, well jeez I better stop being a Packer fan.

    I’m glad he’s a prick. That prick Aaron Rodgers will haunt the dreams of Viking fans for the next decade just like that prick Brett Favre did and made you all hate him for over 10 years. Then after Rodgers retires we will have another quality quarterback. It’s a cycle. I will tell my grandchildren how great the Packers are while you Viking fans tell you’re grandchildren about how big of Jerks Packer fans are because you will NEVER have anything possitive to say nor will the Vikings accomplish anything of consequence (no superbowl wins) Your Jared Allen did his roping bit. Doesn’t that promote animal cruelty. Oh I’m being petty?

    1. VikesPrincess

      It’s a CYCLE??? LOL Hilarious. Like all Packer fans, you completely forget about how terrible and irrelevant your team was between Bart Starr and Brett Favre. There’s no cycle. ARodg is injury prone and has a glass skull. If your o-line doesn’t improve he’ll be missing games every year due to concussions.

      In case you hadn’t noticed, ARodg doesn’t haunt our dreams. We mock him regularly and will continue to do so, I imagine.

      Packer fans are jerks. There are many examples of comments by jerky Packer fans that I’ve approved on this blog.

      1. Let it go

        By the way I hadn’t started watching the Packers before Favre started and I’m pretty sure you were not alive when Bart Starr played. So how can I forget something that I don’t remember genius. You aren’t relavent.

        1. VikesPrincess

          The fact that you didn’t start watching the Packers before Favre explains why you don’t understand that the Packers were the laughingstock of the NFC North between Bart Starr and Brett Favre. Your team was NOTHING before Favre resurrected it.

          What is relevant is your apparent lack of knowledge about your own team. If you don’t understand that your team had HUGE LONG gaps of time when they did nothing, it explains why you think that everyone should bow in reverence…. when really we’re bent over, laughing, because your team took 90 years to go to 26 play-off games and the Vikings were able to get to that number in 49 years. Did you know that? Did you know that since the AFL/NFL merger your team has 1/2 (50%) of the division titles mine does? Seems like you need to do some studying my friend.

  6. Let it go


    Check the truth out or believe lies, your choice.

    1. VikesPrincess

      Video evidence is not a lie. I don’t care what else Rodgers may do for charity. My mother just died after a 2 year battle with ovarian cancer. If some athlete she loved had treated my mother that way, that particular athlete would know my name personally. He could have acknowledged her even if he didn’t want to stop for 5 seconds and sign her hat. Quit defending the jerk to me. I already have the truth and have had it since 2008.

      1. Let it go

        You are really that clueless. I love the fact that you respond to my dribble. It is really getting to you otherwise you wouldn’t respond. Bear down? Yes, the Bears are going down. Again nobody is going to take you seriously. You are too one sided. Don’t quit your day job because vomiting your jaded opinion on a website is certainly not lucrative. Consider this constuctive criticism. You can thank me later.

        Bye now

        1. VikesPrincess

          Buddy – I respond to your drivel (which is what I believe you meant instead of “dribble” – but then again, you don’t have a real solid grasp on English grammar, do you.) because I am polite and feel that I should at least acknowledge you for taking the time to purposely come to my blog. If you’d like me to not respond to you, I can do that as well – but honestly it’s no trouble because it’s not like I have to put a lot of thought into what I write… seeing that you haven’t made a salient point yet.

          1. Let it go

            I’m sorry about you’re low self esteem. So when is insulting somebody on grammar an insult. I am indeed a repairman. It would be like me ripping you for not knowing how to repair a magnetron in a microwave. I appologize that my word “dribble” wasn’t sufficient enough for you to get the jist of what I was trying to say. Besides you are jaded and hate Packer fans and they hate you and people like you. The funny thing is that Packer fans and Vikings fans are the same. They go to work, and take care of thier families. They have a wide range of education level. I have served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Qatar, there are hundreds of Packer fans that have served with me. Are you going to rip me for that too? To me the Packers remind me of home(USA). While I was deployed I was able to catch a game with my fellow soldiers “Packer Fans” When you rip on Packer fans and lump them all into one category it pisses me off because all I can think of is my friends that I have served with. Maybe if you had some tact and set an example maybe you would get the respect that you desire. Here’s a hint: not everybody is the same. My uncle ownes his own computer mapping company, he is a Packer fan. He is very intellegent, but you seem to think Packer fans are a bunch of uneducated people that walk around drooling and can’t spell. The Twin Cities are full of successful Packer fans. Again if you have you’re own webpage don’t lie and spread rumors on it if you want to be taken seriously.

            1. VikesPrincess

              Buddy, mixed in with all of your insults, I think you’re trying to be sincere… so I’ll try to just address a couple of your points.

              1. I don’t see proper grammar as something that is unattainable by repairmen. I do think, however, that being able to communicate is critical if you want to be able to articulate your thoughts appropriately.
              2. I don’t hate ALL Packer fans. Just most of them. I have a couple of friends that are Packer fans. What they manage not to do is come to my blog and insult me, my team, my state, etc. Likewise, I do not harass them about their team. Even though I hate the team.
              3. Thank you for serving our country.
              4. I do have tact, Buddy. You just don’t like that I do not like your team. That’s where we’re different – I don’t care that you hate my team. I don’t even care that you appear to hate me.
              5. The Twin Cities are not “full of successful Packer fans”. The Twin Cities are full of successful Vikings fans and some successful Packer fans live here, too. More’s the pity.

              Have a nice night.

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