Jan 03

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Potential Vikings/Packers Peace Treaty?

Percy Harvin: Nobel Peace Prize or Enemy Infiltration?

As we all know, there is a somewhat contentious rivalry between the fans of the Green Bay Packers and the much more congenial fans of the Minnesota Vikings. It’s a rivalry that goes back to 1961, when the Minnesota expansion team entered the division.

During our first few years, we lulled the division into complacency by flying below the radar. If I were to equate it to Risk, we were quietly adding men on Australia and Papua New Guinea while the other teams fought it out over Europe. Suddenly, we stormed Africa and walked away with the 1969 NFL Championship – the last one of its kind – and subsequently lost in the AFL/NFL “Super Bowl” Championship game.

In 1970, the AFL and NFL merged to create the modern-day NFL. And we’ve owned our division ever since. 18 division titles, with Chicago next at 10 with the one they added this year. This dominance is what has caused the Green Bay Packer fans to turn west from Chicago and fix us in their steely glare.

Charles Woodson: Friendly rival or Sneaky Spy?

But there is hope! As the Vikings prepared to break camp today after their final team meeting, Percy Harvin mentioned that he and Charles Woodson, veteran cornerback for the Green Bay Packers, had plans to work out together in the off-season. Woodson has said that Percy Harvin is one of the best receivers he’s ever had to cover. Percy said that infiltration is the best way to bring down the enemy. Okay – he didn’t say that out loud… he just said it in my head.

Could this be the event that thaws the icy relationship between Packers and Vikings fans? Probably not, but hopefully Percy will be able to gather some intelligence and keep mum on secrets of the Vikings.

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