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The Packers: 90% Luck, 10% Skill

Packer Fans: These are the people for whom the team fights.

Well. The Packers “won”. And by “won” I mean the Eagles lost because their place kicker, David Akers, missed 2 field goals that would have ensured a win and the amoral and overrated Vick ended the game with an interception in the end zone, doing his best Jay Cutler impersonation.

This is the trouble with wanting another team to do well on your behalf: it rarely ever happens. I wanted the Eagles to beat the Packers ergo it wasn’t going to happen. But it’s not my fault! It’s the Eagles. Let’s face it – the Eagles and the Packers didn’t really belong in the post-season. The Giants and the Buccaneers would have been more appropriate, given their teams’ performance over the course of the season. The Packers snuck in, not only through a game in which the Bears had nothing to fight for, but they were also credited with at least 2 wins that were handed to them by the officials when they played the Lions & the Vikings earlier in the season. Were it not for that, we wouldn’t be talking about their lack of a running game because they wouldn’t be traipsing around in the post-season.

Michael Vick: More Overrated than Aaron Rodgers

But I digress. The Eagles were terrible today. It’s awesome that Vick shot himself in the foot when it comes to the MVP race, because who really wants a dog murderer to win something after pretending he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong? The Eagles defense was a mixed bag of great plays and great mistakes. I wonder if Akers’ contract is up because if I were Andy Reid, I would be trying out some kickers in the off-season. Heck – Akers’ contract doesn’t even have to be up – just bring in some competition!

The Packers weren’t that great either. Remember, this is an Eagles team that got blown out of the water by the Minnesota Vikings a couple of weeks back. Our 3rd string QB tore up that Eagles defense. And the Packers couldn’t even score as many points as the discombobulated Vikings did.

Aaron Rodgers logged another huge chunk of rushing yards for the Packers so that it looks like they have a run game. Or would have. Let me be more precise: AR dashed around for his life, but he also lost a lot of yardage on sacks so he only netted out at 4 yards. His longest rush was 8 yards. His efforts constitute a “huge” chunk for a team that barely averages 100 yards rushing per game during the regular season. He also fumbled and helped the other team put up a TD, which seems VERY familiar (see: Wild Card game, Packers vs Cardinals, 2009).

Aaron Rodgers: Fumble-rama!

So the hated Packers move on to the divisional round. I thought I’d care more, but it turns out I don’t like the Eagles either – especially with Mikey Vick leading the offense – so I’m totally agnostic. We already know that the Falcons can beat the Packers. So I remain calm as the Packers’ demise is just one week away. Give their fans a little hope – and then take it away. That would be tremendous. Maybe then the Packer fans could stop shouting about how much better ARodg is than Favre. I’m tired of listening to it. Another play-off loss by ARodg will break their tiny little hearts and remind them that Brett Favre brought their team out of 20+ years of complete & utter irrelevancy and perhaps should be referred to with a little more respect.

Wait. I’m trying to use logic on Packer fans. What am I thinking? We all know they don’t use – or understand – logic. I apologize.

On a different note: the FOX commentators were a hot mess tonight. I don’t know who dressed Jimmy Johnson, but I’m sorry to say that a pink shirt with a lime green tie and a different green pocket square – no matter how intricately folded – do NOT match. Please refrain from that color combo going forward.

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  1. Jenna

    “Aaron Rodgers logged another huge chunk of rushing yards for the Packers so that it looks like they have a run game.”

    Actually, Aaron Rodgers had FOUR RUSHING YARDS. Please get your stats right before you make comments like that. Packers actually did have a rushing game today: 123 yards for James Starks.

    And you can say they were lucky that Akers missed two field goals, but James Jones missed a touchdown pass.

    1. VikesPrincess

      Hi Jenna. Thanks for commenting. According to my game notes, AR had over 25 yards rushing – but you’re right – in the post game box analysis, they would subtract the yards he lost on sacks, netting out at 4. Starks had a decent day today. Eagles were middle of the pack in run defense during the regular season. Falcons were top 10, so I don’t suspect he’ll get nearly as many yards next week.

  2. Jenna

    I didn’t realize it was 25 total. It will be interesting to see if Starks can keep it up. It was a close game last time so next week will be very interesting and I wouldn’t be surprised to see either team win.

  3. Let it go

    Everyone knows you have a 15 year old girl vendetta for Green Bay, but really? The Eagles beat the Falcons with Kevin Kolb. Of course all I heard on the radio in Minesota is how awsome the Vikings are to have defeated the Eagles. Guess what, an NFL team can beat an NFL team at any time. Seatle beat the defending champs. Does that mean that New Orleans is terrible? I think it would be better if you stopped with the Packer fan bashing and stereotypes. You come across predudiced against your fellow Americans. Knock it off! I would suggest turning your attention to the Timberwolves or the Wild to vent your frustrations, that wouldn’t be that hard since they both have losing records not unlike the Vikings.

    1. VikesPrincess

      Hello Buddy. I agree with your premise of “any given Sunday”. How else do you explain the Lions beating the Packers? Well – I know how I explain it – but you probably say it’s “any given Sunday”. I highly doubt that the average American is going to come to my blog and think that I’m prejudiced against fellow Americans. What I do think the average American would think is that a) I’m pretty good at trash talking and b) I’m also pretty funny. The problem with Packer fans, of course, is that they take themselves SO seriously. That’s why it’s so easy to make fun of them.

      PS – Insulting the Timberwolves isn’t going to make me sad – I hate basketball. I do like hockey – but I still long for the North Stars – the Wild needs to grow on me.

      1. Let it go

        Princess, you wouldn’t have this website if you didn’t take yourself as a Viking fan “SO seriously”. That being said, I would give you the flabby idiot with the cheese bra as being funny. Those Packer fans embarrass me, and they are complete jack wads. Unfortunately every team has those special individuals with a knack for looking like a complete tool. Anyhow if you want to win the hearts of the public with humor you must keep it relevant. Green Bay did not play as you said and A-Rod isn’t what you say he is. However there were plenty of blunders to pick out from this weekend. In fact the best joke of the weekend is the team that stole your Superbowl Dreams. I mean seriously, they lost to a 7-9 team. You know, I think a good slogan for the Saints would be “The Aint’s lose to losers” or, “Seattle knocked down the Brees and took the wind out of the sails of New Orleans” and even, “Who Dat?” More like, “Dats Dat!”

        As for Favre, he has pulled some miracles out of his bum as a Packer. Aside from a Superbowl XXXII win, he has broken many hearts by not being clutch. For Viking fans he ripped their hearts out with an interception to fall to the Saints. I know that feeling with Brett, he is like a roller coaster ride. Rodgers unlike Favre is more consistant. He doesn’t come up with as many huge plays as Brett did but in the same token he hasn’t single handedly ripped our guts out. When we played the Giants 3 years ago in the NFC championship game, Brett threw a game ending pick. He looked so cold that night and showed signs of his age from the long season. It was then time for a new QB. He was a great quarterback for GB, NYJ, and MN, but consistency is what the fans want and Aaron Rodgers provides that minus the side show antics of falling down drunk in the bar and taking pictures of Mr. Winky.
        My opinion (take it as you will) would be to hold the trash talk for the 2011/2012 season that way the Pack and the Vikes will both be playing again, and if you hate the Green Bay Packers SO much then simply don’t watch them this weekend because I’d hate for them to dissapoint you.

        Thank you your Majesty!

        1. VikesPrincess

          Hi Buddy. Thanks for commenting. I feel I do keep my humor relevant. The Packers did not play well in the second half, as we both know. Did you miss my “Oh Neaux, Say it Ain’t Seaux” post? I did celebrate the Saints getting owned by the Seachickens. That was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

          I still don’t see how you can say that Favre single-handedly ripped your guts out. Football is a team sport and the plays that you think of ripping out your heart are usually just 1/65th of an entire game.

          I have no plan to hold off on the trash talk. I’ll be here all year, with or without a 2011 season. Although I admit I will really have to get creative with the trash talking if there is no season. I guess I’ll have to go back and pick a year to rehash. Like 1987 maybe. Or 1977. That’d be one way to keep it rolling.

          Oh – I hope the Packers don’t disappoint me this weekend. I’m looking forward to an aerial attack by the Atlanta dirty birds. 🙂 Go Falcons!

        2. DailyNorseman

          Princess, you wouldn’t have this website if you didn’t take yourself as a Viking fan “SO seriously”

          Yeah. . .that’s really not the reason she’s on this site as opposed to the one she was on.

          I’d explain, but you don’t seem to be the type to allow facts to get in the way of a good Viking bashing or Viking fan bashing, so I won’t waste my keystrokes.

  4. Phil

    I love your blog and am a big Vikings fan myself, as you know, but this redux is definitely a case of seeing a hated rival through purple glasses. Green Bay looked very good in the first half. Starks ran like for 123 and looked explosive. AR has great legs and uses them effectively. They played a solid game and remember that Webb was not well scouted before that game AND offensively Minnesota scored the same number of points as GB (or fewer I think–17 v 21–unless I’m remembering wrong). It was the defense that scored those extra points.

    That said, The Eagles have had a weak D all year and they still locked Green Bay down. AR is better than Favre statistically, it’s true. I’d even say he’s among the most talented QBs in the game today. However, he did not ‘prove himself’ last night. The critique of AR is that he isn’t clutch like Favre was. He’s still not shown that he is. The only instance I can think of where AR has been clutch was in that final drive against ATL earlier this year: but they lost that game. He was lights out on that drive. Of the broader charge, however AR has nit acquitted himself. In the second half he wasn’t good. When they needed the big play, the dagger if you will, he didn’t throw it. So while Packers fans are in an uproar calling out the world because their QB scored three TDs in the first half (so surely he must have shaken that rep for not being clutch), my argument is that he wasn’t big when they needed him most… And that’s where Favre was always the best.

    1. VikesPrincess

      Hey Phil. I’m always glad when you stop by & comment.

      I wouldn’t say my critique is through purple-colored glasses. I would just say that if possible, I will avoid saying anything nice about the Packers. Thankfully, they always give me something to mock.

      I agree with your assessment of AR. There. Is. Your. Dagger! 🙂

      1. conor

        brett favre is the total opposite of clutch. hes thrown 2 game losing interceptions in the nfc championship game. i was there for the giants game. and aaron rodgers did great yesterday he had a 122 passer rating and if james jones caught that td pass the akers field goals wouldntve mattered. aaron rodgers barely threw the second half because they rode james starks. its simple as that. so you cant say that akers field goals wouldve ensured a win. i could also say that the packers deserved a blowout if james jones caught the pass and then the refs didnt screw up on the punt where the eagles got possession. itd be 28 3 at half time so there. look for the vikings to be last in the nfc north next year. i promise you

        1. VikesPrincess

          Hi Conor. I think this is your first comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I don’t think you can say Brett Favre isn’t “clutch” when we consider all of the game winning drives he’s had – as well as the fact that he’s been to the Super Bowl twice. You don’t lead your teams to the type of success he’s had and not be a dependable “clutch” type of player.

          The refs didn’t screw up on the punt where the Eagles got possession. The Packer, while blockING (not being blocked) stepped right on the ball. He should have been paying more attention. That was a completely valid call.

          The Vikings aren’t going to be last in the NFC North next year. Mark my words. We’ve owned this division since we entered the league. We have the occasional off year, but typically we’re the ones to beat.

          1. Let it go

            Your the ones to beat? Except for the Superbowl. Ouch, no Superbowl trophies.

            1. VikesPrincess

              Well – it’s getting pretty close to a generation since your team won a Super Bowl. They do become pretty irrelevant over time. No point in bragging about a Championship from 1967, for example. Historically of interest, sure. Relevant? Only to those who watched the game – of which there are fewer every year.

        2. Phil

          Total disagreement. In the second half AR didn’t come through in the dire situation w/2 minutes left on the clock. Instead, the Packers needed a defensive stop which they got from Tramon Williams. AR failed and was bailed out by his defense.

          On the other hand Favre was known for his dramatic endings. He was known for his 4th quarter comebacks and emotional style. He was all heart, which made him awesome when he was on and dreadful when he wasn’t; but he was drama and he was clutch. Or at least that was his rep.

          Jones didn’t drop any passes when the Eagles were baring down on the win, there. That was all AR’s to lose. He owes Tramon a beer.

          1. VikesPrincess

            I agree with you, Phil. You always have astute observations.

  5. DailyNorseman

    Personally, I’m just surprised that Packer fans stopped clapping and squealing with glee about the Metrodome roof collapsing long enough to actually watch their own team play football. With as fixated as they’ve been on Minnesota all year, I’m legitimately shocked that any of them even realized that there was a game yesterday.

    1. VikesPrincess

      They are obsessed. Sorry it took me so long to approve & respond. I’m pretty sick right now. 🙁

  6. greymous

    Always nice to see the cheesebrains post as they continue to prove that they’re only one step up from Cowboy’s fans as the lowest of the low.

    Enjoy your site and thoughts. AR’s 1 career playoff “win” will have to keep the cheesedoodles happy for awhile to come as it will be their last. Go Falcons! Go Seahawks!

    Not that anyone will stop the Patriots this year but it will be enjoyable to watch Fatmouth Ryan cry himself all the way back to blubberland.


  7. Sam

    Aaron Rodgers can play in the playoffs so don’t talk about how lucky they are. They just crushes the falcons. He has the most tds in the first three playoff games of any qb in history. Aaron had a rating above 130 last night. And there’s no way the Vikings aren’t last in the division next year. D line is old. No qb. Lions I think are just better I dont think the Vikings are terrible by any means i just think NFC north is one of the best divisions in football. Bar none

    1. VikesPrincess

      Hi Sam. The NFC North is a lot better than the NFC West, for example. I would be very surprised if the Vikings are last in the division next year. Only 1 member of the D line is “old” – and we have depth to replace him without too much effort (Jimmy Kennedy, Fred Evans for example). In fact, they should have benched Pat early on – when he was sitting, the defense was better.

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