Aug 28

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Antoine Winfield: Committed to Minnesota

Winfield is here to stay.

Antoine Winfield has been a staple of the Vikings’ defense for many years. Minnesota fans everywhere love his hard-hitting approach and his pleasant off-field persona. He regularly appears on the Paul Allen show during the season to break down the previous weekend’s game and part of his charm is that he consistently remains positive, even in the face of defeat.

With the way the NFL has evolved over the last 2 decades, a player’s commitment to the community in which they play has been reduced. Players now go to the highest bidder and the average tenure with a team has dropped, so you don’t see as many players staying in town after their careers are over.

Antoine Winfield is not only committed to the success of the Vikings, he’s committed to Minnesota. A native of Akron, OH, Winfield stated on Vikings Weekly this week that he intends to stay in Minnesota post-retirement. This commitment from a player is something we can all celebrate!

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