Aug 25

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Body Parts of Glass

Why does this photo make me smile?

Some guys have a glass jaw and go down with just one well-placed punch. Aaron Rodgers has a glass skull and suffers concussions at the drop of a helmet. Which, I don’t find funny, by the way, because head injuries are nothing to joke about – but it’s true he isn’t nearly as durable as his predecessor. And then there’s Visanthe (not VisanTAY, as we once thought) Shiancoe, who seems to have a glass hamstring.

At the start of the last 3 seasons, Shank has had a hammy issue of some kind. When I was at training camp last year, he was sitting out due to a hamstring “tweak”. This year, we haven’t seen hide nor hammy of him during the first 2 pre-season games. Coach Frazier said today that Shank won’t be playing this weekend, either, because apparently he suffered a set-back yesterday.

Shank rocks the purple pants.

Will Visanthe (with or without the “ay”) even be ready for the regular season? How will this absence affect his chemistry with McNabb? Shank has been a key player for us since the 2009 season, when he really came into his own.

It’s not that we don’t have a plethora of TEs on the roster right now. We had Dugan, Kleinsasser and Shiancoe as the core team and then drafted Kyle Rudolph as the #43 pick in the second round in this year’s draft. Additionally, on the current expanded roster, we have 2 undrafted free-agent TEs in Allen Reisner and Ed Barham. But can any of these rookies be the go-to TE that Shank has been?

What happens with Shank remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

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