Aug 23

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Bryant McKinnie Goes from Viking to Corvus Corax

PFT is reporting that Bryant McKinnie has signed a 2-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens. I guess it’s fitting that he went from one purple team to another. Why not? There are only 2 of us! Of course, the Vikings are the original purple team – so obviously he’s taking a step down. And AFC… who cares!

Unofficial Team Photo aka MUG shot

Baltimore has some issues on their o-line, which leaves me verklempt, because who doesn’t right? Our solution was to steal Peyton Manning’s “blind side” LT (who’s no Michael Oher – and doesn’t have his own movie, either)… who is totally underachieving from everything we’ve seen to date. The Ravens decided to take a different approach: snatching up other teams’ offal.

McKinnie was unceremoniously dumped from the Vikings earlier this month for showing up to training camp at nearly 400 pounds and totally out of shape. I was *shocked* by his entitled attitude. It’s not like he’s shown us in the past that he has no self-control or desire to succeed. I mean… he’d NEVER get invited to the Pro Bowl, for example, and then decide to show up when he wanted to… only to eventually get kicked off the team, right? Wait… um. Oh yeah.

What do you think about this move by the Ravens?

In other news, there’s some speculation that Kevin Williams’ Star Caps suspension may be reduced. All I can say is that I hope they leave it at 4 games. These guys only seem to care about ethics and fairness when there are actual consequences. We need to make sure this sends a message.

More to come….

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