Aug 22

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Kooistra Out, Stylz In… and Other Oddities

Big news day for Vikings fans everywhere.

Kevin Williams

Let’s start with Kevin Williams. Not only does he have a possible suspension looming from the Star Caps case, but apparently came into training camp with a foot injury, that may prevent him from playing in the season opener in San Diego.

Coach Frazier indicated that the foot was troubling enough that it affected Williams’ performance during the game on Saturday. More to come on this soon.

Scott Kooistra: Out for 2011

In a scary turn of events, Scott Kooistra, playing right guard on Saturday night, suffered a neck injury in the vicinity of his C2 vertebra.

He was able to walk off the field during the game, but was unable to move his neck side to side due to what Leslie Frazier calls a “serious injury”.

In 2009 I had my C5, C6 and C7 vertebrae fused. To this day, my neck isn’t the same so I really feel for Scott. The neck is far more delicate than people without neck injuries realize. At this point, there’s no indication if he can even come back from this – everything I have read is very guarded in prognosticating the future – but all agree that he is done for the season. I wish him a complete recovery.

I didn't pick this picture for any particular reason. Uh hem. (Smack him down, Stylz!)

This is where the “Oddities” section starts. With Kooistra’s injury, the Vikings find themselves with an open spot on the expanded roster. So naturally they picked up “Stylz” G. White – who used to just go by “Greg”. My thought here is two-fold: 1) Anyone who has to change their first name to show they’re “unique” is compensating for something… but I’m not gonna speculate on what. 2) Anyone still out there for the taking at this point probably isn’t worth taking. Just sayin’. Of course, if Stylz wants to sack the crap out of Aaron Rodgers all day long, I’m for it.

Caleb King Sporting a "G" that makes my skin crawl.

Let’s end this tome with the following questionable acquisition: Caleb King. He sounds like a real winner. Arrested and suspended during the 2010 season as a Bulldog. Determined to be academically ineligible for the 2011 season. Hopefully he’s not planning on renting a party boat on Lake Minnetonka or drive over the foot of a parking maid. Dear Vikings coaching staff: our team does not have to be the Celebrity Rehab of the NFL. And honestly, do we really need another running back? Don’t we have 80 or 90 already? I don’t mean to be grumpy, but we have real issues on the o-line and in the defensive secondary. Shouldn’t we be solving for those? Let me know what you think.

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