Aug 21

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The Vikings Are Back… and so am I.

I’ve been gone for a while. And by “a while” I mean almost 8 months. A lot has happened since January. A horrendous event in the form of the last last game of the 2010 season happened and a team I detest sucked less than another team I dislike. The game and the teams that played it shall remain nameless… but I’m sure you know who & what I mean.

A close friend of mine passed away. I got a promotion at work. There was the whole NFL lockout – which I wasn’t in the mood to report out on at all – but will sum it up like this: what a bunch of overpaid, whiny babies… on all sides. Imagine how insufferable all of those people would be if they actually had to WORK for a living. But I digress.

Vikings 20, Former Vikings 7

Donovan McNabb... the Viking?

The preseason is here. Tonight was game 2. Previously I stated that I didn’t want Donovan McNabb on our team. It’s now apparent that Leslie Frazier doesn’t give one fig about what I think.

#5 not only got Kluwe’s number, but also got $5MM for his troubles for a 1 year contract. Let’s hope he’s one and done. Unless he magically turns out to be great. I reserve the right to change my mind.

I wasn’t too excited about our performance in the first preseason game. In fact, I predicted (via text) to a friend of mine that I thought we were going to suck even more than I originally thought. Naturally, I reserve the right to change my mind on that, too. And I’ll be damned if tonight I didn’t get a little bit excited about the tempo the 1st string offense was able to generate. They seemed to have the one thing that was missing last year: chemistry.

UFL Acquisition Lorenzo Booker

Lorenzo Booker has caught my eye. Not only did he pay part of his acquisition fee when we picked him towards the end of the 2010 season from the UFL, but he plays his heart out on the field. Sure, he’s had a couple of mistakes (i.e. the close call on the punt last week), but he’s been solid both running and receiving. I’m looking forward to seeing him play hard during the regular season.

Speaking of mistakes, let’s talk Emmanuel Arceneaux.

Emmanuel Arceneaux: Lots of time for tweeting!

Arceneaux has tons of time to tweet inspirational bible verses to fellow Christians, but perhaps his time would be better spent learning how to protect the ball when he’s running with it towards the end zone.

In the time-honored tradition of Adrian Peterson pre-2010, Arceneaux let that arm with the ball swing around like a limp noodle when being pursued… and next thing you know, instead of celebrating a touchdown, we got to watch the stripped ball fly through the back of the end zone as the Seahawks celebrated their touchback. Really Emmanuel??? You had like 3 yards to go. Ugh.

You know who impressed me?

Marcus... where have you been all my life?

Marcus Sherels. Yeah, he had a fumble. That wasn’t so hot. But he had a Pick 6, too. And he was flying around like a crazy person on the field, making open field tackles and big plays.

Marcus, I hope you make the squad. You have a ton of heart and we could use that. Especially after the disastrous 2010 season that I wish I could forget… but somehow cannot purge from my Viking-horned head.

So – I have a tiny glimmer of hope for the 2011 season. I’ve been a Vikings fan for decades so I can’t allow more than a glimmer of hope because I’m a realist… but I feel pretty confident in saying that we’re going to win some games this year. Don’t ask me how many – but I know it’ll be more than 1!

I was going to end this post with some  snarky commentary about Sidney Rice and his renewed career catching jump balls from T-Jack… but I’ll let the score between the Vikings & Vikings West speak for itself.

Tell me what you think of our team so far this season:

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