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Sep 28

Week Four Picks

25% of the way through the football season. It never seems long enough. Even when things aren’t going the way we had hoped for our purple team. Here are my week 4 picks.

Panthers vs Bears

The Bears totally let us down last weekend against those Pukers. The Panthers couldn’t score more than 16 points against a Jaguars team that has a coach on the hot seat. Given the Soldier Field location and that Lovie Smith probably isn’t too happy about the loss to GB, I’m reluctantly going with the Bears in this one – mostly because of Urlacher. I didn’t want anyone to think that I thought Cutler was any good. Bears 21, Panthers 17.

Bills vs Bengals

The Bills are heading to the banks of the Ohio River this week to take on Andy Dalton and the Bengals. The Bills, with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm, took down the Patriots last weekend, in a game that stunned nearly everyone. The Bungles chalked up a woeful 8 points against the 49ers. I don’t see home-field advantage being a factor here. Bills 31, Bengals 13.

Titans vs Browns

These two teams both scored a win last week. The Titans took it to the Broncos while the Browns eked past the Dolphins at home. They’re back in Cleveland this week and the Dawg Pound will be in full force. I don’t believe it will be enough though as the Titans tally up a road win. Titans 24, Browns 19.

Lions vs Cowboys

Who could have predicted that the Lions would have a better record heading into this game than the Cowboys? And, who could have anticipated that Tony Romo would be described as “clutch”, “a warrior” and “captain comeback“? This match up is going down in the house that Jerry built. The Cowboys have an injured Romo at the helm with a snap-happy center and receivers that look perpetually confused. The Lions are on a tear and Stafford is still healthy. Lions 28, Cowboys 24.

Steelers vs Texans

The Steelers’ play has been a bit erratic. The Texans are looking for their first play-off berth in the history of the franchise. Is their desire to win, plus home field advantage, enough to push them past the Steelers? Every instinct I have, save one, is telling me to go with the Steelers… but I have this little tiny voice saying that this could be the upset of the week. Decisions, decisions… Texans 27, Steelers 24.

Saints vs Jaguars

Ah. The war of the elite QBs. Drew Brees vs Blaine Gabbert. Ooops – I guess only one of those guys is “elite” while the other is a last ditch attempt for Jack Del Rio to solve his QB dilemma (mostly self-inflicted). The Saints had a bit of trouble against the Texans last week, before going in for the kill, while the Jaguars couldn’t manage to overpower the Panthers. I don’t think this game will end with a surprise, even with a new QB in Jax. Saints 31, Jaguars 10.

Vikings vs Chiefs

I believe we’re all aware of the Vikings’ inability to play a full 60 minutes. The Chiefs are also 0-3 but have 2 advantages: even when they suck, they’re consistent during the entire game, and they have the ethereal home-field advantage. Part of me thinks the Vikings will get it together. The other part of me acknowledges that we have the same team & coaching staff as last week. Can we possibly go 0-4? I think we can. But I also think this might be 1 of 3 wins we might manage this season if things don’t turn around. Vikings 21, Chiefs 19.

49ers vs Eagles

The 49ers struggled against the Bungles while the Eagles lost to the Giants. Vick has a deep contusion on his right (non-throwing hand) while Alex Smith is still looking for an identity. These two teams have had their struggles so I think this one comes down to coaching. Harbaugh is a shiny new coach while Andy Reid has been a constant presence in the City of Brotherly Love for a long time. Eagles 27, 49ers 13.

Redskins vs Rams

The Redskins are coming off a loss to a team whose center couldn’t tell when to snap the ball and the receivers had no idea how to run routes. That doesn’t bode well for Rex Grossman & the boys, unless they’re playing a team that is looking a lot like the team that didn’t have Sam Bradford prior to last year. The Rams are looking like a team that’s rebuilding rather than a team that was coalescing around a 2nd year QB. Redskins 28, Rams 14.

Giants vs Cardinals

Kevin Kolb was supplanted early in the Eagles’ 2010 season by Michael Vick. He’s found new life in Arizona as a starter – but not a significant amount of success, even with a weapon like Minnesota’s own Larry Fitzgerald. The Giants haven’t been overly impressive this season either, but with Eli Manning at the helm, there’s always the possibility that something great will happen. Giants 24, Cardinals 21.

Falcons vs Seahawks

The Seachickens beat the Cardinals with T-Jack at the helm and an injured Sidney Rice receiving over 100 yards. Uh hem. The Falcons lost to the Buccaneers with a lackluster performance in the Sunshine State. I have to wonder if Dunta Robinson might try a helmet to helmet with Squid since the NFL only fined him $40,000 for his second infraction. I guess we’ll see on Sunday. Falcons 27, Seahawks 17.

Broncos vs Packers

Oh dear. The Broncos are coming off a loss to the Titans while, upon review, the Packers still suck. Sweet baby Odin I hate picking the Pukers to win – but how could Kyle Orton possibly compete at Lameblow? I refuse to say anything nice about those who dwell behind the Cheddar Curtain. Pukers 34, Broncos 13.

Patriots vs Raiders

The Raiders are fresh off a win over the Jets. Meanwhile, the Patriots were just upset by the Bills. I think this has all the makings of a very interesting match up. In fact, given the home field advantage and the Black Hole, I think the Raiders have a shot at this one. Raiders 28, Patriots 24.

Dolphins vs Chargers

The Dolphins aren’t having the best season. In fact, PFT believes Sparano is on the hot seat this season. The Charges are winning – but are looking a bit sluggish at the same time. This match up will be in sunny San Diego, giving the Chargers a theoretical home-field bump… if the 12th man would actually show up. You know they have a bit of a problem selling out their games… Chargers 21, Dolphins 17.

Jets vs Ravens

The Ravens started strong against the Steelers, had an off week and then came roaring back against… the Rams. The Jets just lost to the Raiders. Yeah. Those Raiders. Joe Flacco has the knack-0 to put up some pretty big numbers, while Mark Sanchez is recovering from a broken schnoz. I believe both purple teams will triumph this week. Ravens 23, Jets 19.

Colts vs Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are on a roll. Josh Freeman is in the groove while the Colts are in disarray at the QB position. It’s going to be a shame that the local Tampa market won’t be able to watch their home team take down the Colts – even in their reduced state. Bucs 27, Colts 13.

Those are my picks this week. Agree? Disagree? Leave me a comment!


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Sep 26

Week Three Picks: How Did I Do?

Jaguars vs Panthers: Panthers 34, Jaguars 3
RIGHT. 16-10, Panthers.

Texans vs Saints: Saints 30, Texans 19.
RIGHT. 40-33, Saints.

Giants vs Eagles: Giants 24, Eagles 17
RIGHT. 29-16, Giants.

Dolphins vs Browns: Cleveland 21, Dolphins 17.
RIGHT. 17-16, Cleveland

Patriots vs Bills: Patriots 35, Bills 21.
WRONG. 34-31, Bills. Crazy!

49ers vs Bengals: Bengals 19, 49ers 17
WRONG. 13-8, 49ers. Weird score, right?

Broncos vs Titans: Titans 28, Broncos 19
RIGHT, 17-14, Titans.

Lions vs Vikings: Lions 24, Vikings 14
RIGHT. 26-23, Lions. Lions haven’t won in the Metrodome since 1997. Well, so much for that streak.

Jets vs Raiders: Raiders 21, Jets 19
RIGHT! 34-24, Raiders.

Ravens vs Rams: Ravens 24, Rams 14
RIGHT. 37-7, Ravens.

Chiefs vs Chargers: Chargers 42, Chiefs 6
RIGHT. 20-17, Chargers. (Kinda inflated that Chargers score!)

Falcons vs Buccaneers: Falcons 28, Bucs 24
WRONG. 16-13, Buccaneers.

Cardinals vs Seahawks: Cardinals 21, Seahawks 7
WRONG. 13-10, Former Vikings. T-Jack to Squid for 34 yards? Shiiiii… ugh.

Packers vs Bears: Bears 24, Packers 20
WRONG. 27-17 Pukers. God I hate the Bears for letting me down again.

Steelers vs Colts: Steelers 27, Colts 14

RIGHT. Barely… 23-20, Steelers.

Redskins vs Cowboys:  Cowboys 20, Redskins 17

RIGHT. It was a close one. 18-16, Cowboys.






Running Total




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Sep 26

If I Were Leslie Frazier…

Righting the Vikings' Longboat

After yesterday’s game, I thought a lot about what needs to happen to right the Vikings’ longboat. I wondered what I would do if I were Leslie Frazier, leading a team that was 0-3 after systematically handing over half-time leads in a town where the team was trying to make a case for a stadium – all while my job was literally on the line.

This post is where I netted out.

Offense – By Position

QB: Bench Donovan McNabb, run both Ponder and Webb packages – mix it up, keep opposing defenses off balance.

C: No change.

RB: No change – other than I would stop the predictability of run-run-oh-no-we-need-to-pass-on-third-down to something less predictable. In yesterday’s game, AD had 35% of the touches in the 1st half and a little over 30% of the touches during the second half. Frazier should level load that after reducing the predictability.

TE: Increase utilization of Shiancoe with Rudolph as back up.

LT: Make Demarcus Love and Charlie Johnson compete for the LT job – meanwhile, look for other options.

RT: Put Phil Loadholt on notice that he’ll need to compete for his position if he doesn’t start solving for being run over in inopportune moments.

OGs: No change – but these gentlemen (Hutchinson, Herrera) have no one listed on the depth chart as a 2nd string. Given that both of these players have had injuries in the last few years, is anyone else concerned besides me? Chris DeGeare is on the practice squad – but what if one of these guys goes down during a game?

WRs: Cut Bernard Berrian. Today. Do not engage Randy Moss. Do not engage Terrell Owens. Put Devin Aromashodu in the WR2 spot, promote Emmanuel Arceneaux from the practice squad (despite his annoying Tweets) and let ‘er ride. ANYTHING is better than watching Berrian drop ball after ball. Allowing that level of mediocrity to continue to get the start sends the wrong message to the team. USE Percy Harvin. Buy the kjd some Pepto Bismol and get him on the field. He’s the starting WR1. Let’s start acting like it, Musgrave.

Defense – By Position

Jared and B-Rob take down Stafford.

DE:   :: blowing kisses :: (see – I can get away with this where men cannot). NO change to our delicious defensive ends. Jared and Brian are fantastic.

DT: Minimize play time for Letroy Guion and Fred Evans. Any pro that can be duped 3 times in a row on a hard count belongs on the practice squad. Christian Ballard is the better option.

Will/Mike/Sam: Chad Greenway isn’t leading the team in tackles – yet – but he’ll get there. The Henderson brothers are holding their own. EJ seems to tire in the 2nd half if they’re on the field too long. I’m wondering if there are lingering effects of his broken leg. No change.

CBs: Cut Asher Allen. Promote Marcus Sherels from 3rd string to 2nd string. Find a CB as insurance since Cook seems injury prone – and we know Cedric has knees that have been surgically repaired. If Cook or Griffin miss tackles/coverage – bench them and put in Sherels and Burton. They might not be better – but you know Sherels will play his heart out and those veterans will soon know that blown coverage and missed tackles will not be tolerated.

SS: Cut Tyrell Johnson. Look for a secondary journeyman that can play safety or CB to give us additional depth. Let Frampton earn additional field time outside of special teams.


Will Frazier do what needs to be done?


1. Put Musgrave on notice. Give him 2 games to prove the Vikings can successfully score in the 2nd half. Interview new OC people while Musgrave proves he can do it. If he can’t, fire him.

2. Stop talking about “figuring things out” and actually do it. Along these lines – stop talking about “finding a sense of urgency” – give people one. Make the hard decisions, bench non-producers. Cut those players who consistently under perform and show no concern about having done so. Yeah – BERNARD – I have YOU in mind right there.

3. Stop feeding the fanbase a load of crap during pressers. Your team sucks. SAY IT. Your coaching has been pathetic. SAY IT. Follow up those acknowledgments with your plans to mitigate that.

4. Go big or go home. Greatness never triumphs when someone is taking baby steps. That only ever worked in the movie “What About Bob?”

That’s what I would do to right the Vikings’ 2011 season. Agree with me? Disagree? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.


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Sep 25

Week Three Temperature Check

Okay Vikings faithful. If you’re anything like me, you cried tears of purple and gold today as our beloved Vikings dropped to 0-3 after three weeks of dominating the opposing team during the first half. How are you feeling about the season?

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Sep 25

Vikings vs Lions: Post Game Rant

First, let me apologize for any confusion the post by my guest contributor, Metal Phil, may have caused. It was a last minute decision on our part, based on his desire for a cathartic writing experience after the travesty that was today’s game.

Second, I should reveal that I watched the 1st half AFTER the 2nd half, as I had a 1.5 hour massage that started at noon. Last week, when I booked it, I paused and said, “Oh no! I’ll miss the good half of the Vikings game!” And you know what? I wasn’t wrong.

Third, I admit to profiting from today’s game. A crazy friend of mine bet me $20 that the Vikings would win by 5. After telling him he was higher than a kite, I gleefully accepted his bet, fairly certain I’d be coming out of the transaction with $20 in my pocket. Hey Jim: you owe me $20 buddy!

Mercy Percy! I'm starting a new campaign: Pepto for Percy!

Let’s begin. After watching the first drive end in a field goal after Percy and Adrian both dropped passes (that surprisingly weren’t terrible), I thought it wasn’t hard to see how the rest of the game would go. Obviously I have the added advantage of knowing how it all turns out – but those are mental mistakes that shouldn’t happen with 2 players of that caliber.

The Vikings’ second offensive drive was equally unimpressive, with more bad passes and horrible offensive line play – especially on the part of Phil Loadholt. Is it that hard to find some guys that can block? I guess it must be, otherwise we’d have some, right?

The defense caused two 3 and outs for the Lions – primarily due to the sacky stylings of Jared Allen and Brian Robison. These two gentlemen earned their paychecks today. They also racked up 5 sacks between them (Allen 3, Robison 2) against an offensive line that hadn’t allowed one yet this season. Let’s be clear: the Vikings front 7 is a very, very good unit. They are not the problem here. I could watch these guys play all day long and not have too much to crab about.

One of the best moves, in my opinion, that the Vikings made this off-season, was signing Brian Robison to a 3-year deal and allowing Ray Edwards to get the heck out of dodge. Despite his encroachment penalty last week (that negated a fumble recovery), he brings a ton of energy to that front 4. He and Jared Allen make tremendous book ends.

Kyle Rudolph - Rookie Tight End

One of my favorite plays on offense is the Percy Harvin end around. He had a phenomenal one today, for 39 yards, before succumbing to his stomach ailment for the rest of the game. I saw reports stating he was getting sick repeatedly on the sideline. I hope it isn’t heralding the on-set of another bout of migraines.

Kyle Rudolph had a good game today. Marcus Sherels: I love you.  Chris Cook had a great play against Calvin Johnson early in the game. Of course, when it really mattered late in the game, we can’t say the same. So goes the Vikings’ defensive secondary. Wax on, wax off.

Like the previous two regular season games, the Vikings out-performed and, in fact, dominated their opponent throughout the entire first half. And, like the previous two regular season games, they could not finish. The question everyone asks me is: WHY?

The Vikings don’t lack for talent. Unless you mention our situation at wide receiver, then a case could be made since one critical WR spot is sucked up by the absolutely worthless Bernard Berrian. The Vikings show during the first halves of these games that they can play as a team. Not only can they play, they can dominate very good teams. So what happens after the half?

Leslie Frazier: Decent Defensive Coordinator - Bad Head Coach

Coaching. The Vikings have the same game plan every week for the 2nd half. Abandon what worked in the first half, continually go 3 and out, exhaust the defense and blow the lead. Make sure Peterson’s touches are significantly reduced. Be as predictable as possible.

This is 100% on the head of Leslie Frazier. He is the leader of the team and he has shown repeatedly that he cannot lead this team to a win. Last week I called for the firing of Frazier. I did it again this week and I’ll do it again next week. For those who think this is knee jerk, I said in numerous posts last season that I felt Frazier should not be offered the head coaching job. I continue to believe it. Why? Because he doesn’t have the guts to do what needs to be done.

What needs to be done?

A) Donovan McNabb needs to be benched. Let’s be clear: he should have never been given a purple jersey in the first place. But he’s proven once again that he cannot make it through an entire game.

B) Berrian needs to be cut. Bernard Berrian is a disgrace. He is worthless and adds nothing to this offense.

C) Those who do not play their hearts out for 6o minutes need to be benched, too, until they get the message that sloppy mistakes, lack of effort and mediocrity will not be tolerated.

The problem this team now has is that the rest of the NFL knows exactly how to beat us. All they have to do is lull us into complacency during the first half and then come out and score on us. This offense is so mentally weak, they cannot handle the pressure of watching the other team add points to the board. And by “this offense”, I mean Donovan McNabb. The longer the game goes, the worse his throws become. These teams know that, even if we’re up by 20 points going into the half, we won’t be able to score any more during the second half… so they just have to play catch up.

This all bodes for an incredibly long and wretched season for the purple faithful. The good news? Donovan McNabb’s contract is for one year.

Yeah - and the damn Bears let us down today, too. But ol' Aaron Rodgers got face planted!

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Sep 25

Guest Contributor: MetalPhil

I’d like to welcome MetalPhil as a guest contributor to the Purple Princess Perspective today. Don’t miss his post game thoughts on the Vikings’ current 2nd half woes. Click here to view it.

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Sep 20

A Real-Time Game Reaction from a Viking Fan: Vikings vs Buccaneers

If you’re already following me on Twitter, you may have seen some of these tweets during Sunday’s game. I tweet constantly during the game, along  with many other Vikings fans. Here are some of the more salient tweets from Week 2. I’ve included some of my favorite tweets from other Vikings fans during the game as well.

VikesPrincess Tweets:

First Half…

VikesPrincess : Jared Allen SACK!
VikesPrincess : Wasted opportunities. I wonder what Berrian thinks when he watches tape.
VikesPrincess : Dear Bernard Berrian: I hate you. You suck. Get the hell off my team.
VikesPrincess : McNabb completed a pass! #puttingonmysurprisedface
VikesPrincess : Berrian can SIGNAL at TD. He just can’t GET one.
VikesPrincess : Vikings up, Packers down… suddenly all is right with the world. #nopackno #skolvikings
VikesPrincess : Wow… the excitement about this game is something I haven’t felt since 2009.

Second Half…

VikesPrincess : SHANK!!!! When I saw arms up in the air, I knew it wasn’t Berrian.
VikesPrincess : Idiots.
VikesPrincess : Great – Vikings vs Chargers redux. CHRIST.
VikesPrincess : @VikingsRealist I think my heart isn’t cut out for this damn team.
VikesPrincess : And here comes the shitty tackling.
VikesPrincess : God damn it. Where the hell is the defense????
VikesPrincess : Who’s this Berrian that just caught a ball? I don’t believe I know him.
VikesPrincess : Hello Vikings…. where is the run stopping? And tackling???
VikesPrincess : Goddamn it.
VikesPrincess : JESUS CHRIST you idiots
VikesPrincess : I want to slap that secondary so hard.
VikesPrincess : Gee – another second half with ZERO points on our part. What a shocker.
VikesPrincess : @VikingsFanPage #1 receiver is the GRASS – McNabb targets it constantly. #2 Harvin, #3 Jenkins, #4 Shank… so we have others?
VikesPrincess : Way to pick up that blitz, boys! #sarcasm
VikesPrincess : Christ – TACKLE him you idiots.
VikesPrincess : Jesus Christ. Someone punch me in the head so I don’t have to watch this crap anymore.
VikesPrincess : The crowd boos – as well they should. Donovan McNabb, Bernard Berrian, Bill Musgrave and Vikings secondary: YOU ALL SUCK
VikesPrincess : Is it too soon to start calling for Frazier’s head?
VikesPrincess : I never expected to be jealous of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Post Game…
VikesPrincess : Did anyone watch Frazier’s presser and want to yell at him “Stop saying you need to figure it out and DO IT.” or is that just me?


Funny Tweets from Others:

If you’re not following these folks on Twitter, I recommend you do as soon as you can!

NoraTeele : Did God tell you to fumble too, Cobb?!?! #packers
VikingAgeDan : McNabb over 39 yards. #vikings
APkrawczynski : McNabb has thrown for 55 yards in the 1st quarter to set a season high for him.
VikingAgeDan : Chuck Foreman and Adrian Peterson can never be in the same room together. Their combined awesomeness would make the universe explode.
VikingAgeDan : Safeties are playing really well today. Tyrell Johnson not in the game. I suspect a correlation. #vikings
karlasand : RT @PerkatPlay Bernard Berrian is to the Vikings what Kurt Cobain is to Christmas songs– that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!
VikeBike : We are the best 0-2 team out there, half the time.
VikingsFanPage : wasted INT… offense and blowing tackles….this sucks
VikingsRealist : “Miss me, don’t ya?” – Bud Grant #vikings
VikingsNow : Hearing Vikings have inquired about former Minn CB Benny Sapp, nothing imminent though. Teams probably need another week of game evaluation
evansilva : Bernard Berrian has topped 30 receiving yards once in his last 13 games. #Vikings need to move on from him right now.

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Sep 20

The Williams Demi-Wall is Back… and Other Stuff

Will half a wall be better than no wall?

Today marked the return of previously-suspended Kevin Williams, one half of the Williams Wall. As everyone knows, Williams fought the suspension since the ruling in 2008 and finally had to serve his suspension – albeit a reduced one at that. In order to make room on the 53-man roster, the Vikings released DE Adrian Awasom.

From a personal perspective, I was hoping the Vikings would do the right thing and cut Berrian – it’s not like he’s doing anything for us anyway. One game in the last 13 with receiving yards over 30? Is that guy seriously collecting a pay check?

So Kevin is back. He’s eager to join his team mates and start contributing. He can start by not allowing hard counts to trip him up. That would be an immediate improvement over Guion and Evans. And yeah – I am holding a grudge! Those two guys were ridiculous against the Chargers.

Welcome back Kevin. Please encourage your friends on the defense to play a whole game… starting this weekend. Thanks.

In other Williams Wall news, Pat Williams is also “back”. According to PFT, Pat is available for signing, in the event anyone wants him. I’ve seen no rumors or snippets of information indicating that there is any interest in Pat for the 2011 season. Ah Pat. You were a big part of our defense for a long time… we wish you well.

And in other news…

Tyrell Johnson is not just a bad strong safety… he’s a bad citizen, too. Johnson was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated very early this morning on the west side of downtown. Apparently his BAC was 0.12%. What I appreciate is that our fine officers in blue don’t give a crap that he’s a Viking and they ticketed him anyway. This a tremendous improvement over the Bloomington police officers back in the days of Tommy Kramer. I’m sure we all know what I’m talking about. The only good thing I can say about this is that apparently Tyrell had the presence of mind to be cooperative.

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on in the second half of games this season, Coach Frazier gives us a detailed response in this week’s release in preparation for hosting the Lions.

Q: From the first half to the second half, is it a matter of not making the right adjustments or players not executing?

A: It’s not so much strategy. I’ve been on both sides of it where we’ve been down at the half in my career, and we’ve been able to come back on teams. Been in  situations we’re in right now where we struggle coming out of the half. We’ve just got to mature as a football team. We’re going through some things that some teams go through and we’ll get through it. We’ve just got to continue to play and continue to play as well as we are in the first half and we’ll get that second half completed. Get a sense of urgency about getting that done. I don’t think you can ever discount how well they’re playing in the first half. Now to be able to put that together is the next part of it for us. You don’t want to come out flat and, you know, playing uphill all day long. That’s a tough thing. We’ve got to maintain what we’re doing right now from a preparation standpoint and the way we’re starting, and learn how to come out of the half and the importance of what happens in that third quarter, in particular. And I think we can get that done, but time will tell.

I don’t know about you, but I love the end of that answer. “…but time will tell.” Thanks, Coach Frazier! I feel way better now. And here I thought you were going to take a relaxed “let’s wait and see” approach.


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Sep 20

Week Three NFC North Match Ups: Who Wins?

It’s time to vote on who you think will win these NFC North match ups during week 3!

Stop back next week to vote again!

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