Sep 20

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A Real-Time Game Reaction from a Viking Fan: Vikings vs Buccaneers

If you’re already following me on Twitter, you may have seen some of these tweets during Sunday’s game. I tweet constantly during the game, along  with many other Vikings fans. Here are some of the more salient tweets from Week 2. I’ve included some of my favorite tweets from other Vikings fans during the game as well.

VikesPrincess Tweets:

First Half…

VikesPrincess : Jared Allen SACK!
VikesPrincess : Wasted opportunities. I wonder what Berrian thinks when he watches tape.
VikesPrincess : Dear Bernard Berrian: I hate you. You suck. Get the hell off my team.
VikesPrincess : McNabb completed a pass! #puttingonmysurprisedface
VikesPrincess : Berrian can SIGNAL at TD. He just can’t GET one.
VikesPrincess : Vikings up, Packers down… suddenly all is right with the world. #nopackno #skolvikings
VikesPrincess : Wow… the excitement about this game is something I haven’t felt since 2009.

Second Half…

VikesPrincess : SHANK!!!! When I saw arms up in the air, I knew it wasn’t Berrian.
VikesPrincess : Idiots.
VikesPrincess : Great – Vikings vs Chargers redux. CHRIST.
VikesPrincess : @VikingsRealist I think my heart isn’t cut out for this damn team.
VikesPrincess : And here comes the shitty tackling.
VikesPrincess : God damn it. Where the hell is the defense????
VikesPrincess : Who’s this Berrian that just caught a ball? I don’t believe I know him.
VikesPrincess : Hello Vikings…. where is the run stopping? And tackling???
VikesPrincess : Goddamn it.
VikesPrincess : JESUS CHRIST you idiots
VikesPrincess : I want to slap that secondary so hard.
VikesPrincess : Gee – another second half with ZERO points on our part. What a shocker.
VikesPrincess : @VikingsFanPage #1 receiver is the GRASS – McNabb targets it constantly. #2 Harvin, #3 Jenkins, #4 Shank… so we have others?
VikesPrincess : Way to pick up that blitz, boys! #sarcasm
VikesPrincess : Christ – TACKLE him you idiots.
VikesPrincess : Jesus Christ. Someone punch me in the head so I don’t have to watch this crap anymore.
VikesPrincess : The crowd boos – as well they should. Donovan McNabb, Bernard Berrian, Bill Musgrave and Vikings secondary: YOU ALL SUCK
VikesPrincess : Is it too soon to start calling for Frazier’s head?
VikesPrincess : I never expected to be jealous of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Post Game…
VikesPrincess : Did anyone watch Frazier’s presser and want to yell at him “Stop saying you need to figure it out and DO IT.” or is that just me?


Funny Tweets from Others:

If you’re not following these folks on Twitter, I recommend you do as soon as you can!

NoraTeele : Did God tell you to fumble too, Cobb?!?! #packers
VikingAgeDan : McNabb over 39 yards. #vikings
APkrawczynski : McNabb has thrown for 55 yards in the 1st quarter to set a season high for him.
VikingAgeDan : Chuck Foreman and Adrian Peterson can never be in the same room together. Their combined awesomeness would make the universe explode.
VikingAgeDan : Safeties are playing really well today. Tyrell Johnson not in the game. I suspect a correlation. #vikings
karlasand : RT @PerkatPlay Bernard Berrian is to the Vikings what Kurt Cobain is to Christmas songs– that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!
VikeBike : We are the best 0-2 team out there, half the time.
VikingsFanPage : wasted INT…..no offense and blowing tackles….this sucks
VikingsRealist : “Miss me, don’t ya?” – Bud Grant #vikings
VikingsNow : Hearing Vikings have inquired about former Minn CB Benny Sapp, nothing imminent though. Teams probably need another week of game evaluation
evansilva : Bernard Berrian has topped 30 receiving yards once in his last 13 games. #Vikings need to move on from him right now. bit.ly/nYCY4U

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