Sep 26

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If I Were Leslie Frazier…

Righting the Vikings' Longboat

After yesterday’s game, I thought a lot about what needs to happen to right the Vikings’ longboat. I wondered what I would do if I were Leslie Frazier, leading a team that was 0-3 after systematically handing over half-time leads in a town where the team was trying to make a case for a stadium – all while my job was literally on the line.

This post is where I netted out.

Offense – By Position

QB: Bench Donovan McNabb, run both Ponder and Webb packages – mix it up, keep opposing defenses off balance.

C: No change.

RB: No change – other than I would stop the predictability of run-run-oh-no-we-need-to-pass-on-third-down to something less predictable. In yesterday’s game, AD had 35% of the touches in the 1st half and a little over 30% of the touches during the second half. Frazier should level load that after reducing the predictability.

TE: Increase utilization of Shiancoe with Rudolph as back up.

LT: Make Demarcus Love and Charlie Johnson compete for the LT job – meanwhile, look for other options.

RT: Put Phil Loadholt on notice that he’ll need to compete for his position if he doesn’t start solving for being run over in inopportune moments.

OGs: No change – but these gentlemen (Hutchinson, Herrera) have no one listed on the depth chart as a 2nd string. Given that both of these players have had injuries in the last few years, is anyone else concerned besides me? Chris DeGeare is on the practice squad – but what if one of these guys goes down during a game?

WRs: Cut Bernard Berrian. Today. Do not engage Randy Moss. Do not engage Terrell Owens. Put Devin Aromashodu in the WR2 spot, promote Emmanuel Arceneaux from the practice squad (despite his annoying Tweets) and let ‘er ride. ANYTHING is better than watching Berrian drop ball after ball. Allowing that level of mediocrity to continue to get the start sends the wrong message to the team. USE Percy Harvin. Buy the kjd some Pepto Bismol and get him on the field. He’s the starting WR1. Let’s start acting like it, Musgrave.

Defense – By Position

Jared and B-Rob take down Stafford.

DE:   :: blowing kisses :: (see – I can get away with this where men cannot). NO change to our delicious defensive ends. Jared and Brian are fantastic.

DT: Minimize play time for Letroy Guion and Fred Evans. Any pro that can be duped 3 times in a row on a hard count belongs on the practice squad. Christian Ballard is the better option.

Will/Mike/Sam: Chad Greenway isn’t leading the team in tackles – yet – but he’ll get there. The Henderson brothers are holding their own. EJ seems to tire in the 2nd half if they’re on the field too long. I’m wondering if there are lingering effects of his broken leg. No change.

CBs: Cut Asher Allen. Promote Marcus Sherels from 3rd string to 2nd string. Find a CB as insurance since Cook seems injury prone – and we know Cedric has knees that have been surgically repaired. If Cook or Griffin miss tackles/coverage – bench them and put in Sherels and Burton. They might not be better – but you know Sherels will play his heart out and those veterans will soon know that blown coverage and missed tackles will not be tolerated.

SS: Cut Tyrell Johnson. Look for a secondary journeyman that can play safety or CB to give us additional depth. Let Frampton earn additional field time outside of special teams.


Will Frazier do what needs to be done?


1. Put Musgrave on notice. Give him 2 games to prove the Vikings can successfully score in the 2nd half. Interview new OC people while Musgrave proves he can do it. If he can’t, fire him.

2. Stop talking about “figuring things out” and actually do it. Along these lines – stop talking about “finding a sense of urgency” – give people one. Make the hard decisions, bench non-producers. Cut those players who consistently under perform and show no concern about having done so. Yeah – BERNARD – I have YOU in mind right there.

3. Stop feeding the fanbase a load of crap during pressers. Your team sucks. SAY IT. Your coaching has been pathetic. SAY IT. Follow up those acknowledgments with your plans to mitigate that.

4. Go big or go home. Greatness never triumphs when someone is taking baby steps. That only ever worked in the movie “What About Bob?”

That’s what I would do to right the Vikings’ 2011 season. Agree with me? Disagree? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.


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