Sep 10

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T-Jack: Captain Composure or Cap’n Crunch the Knee of Your Star RB?

T-Jack as a Seahawk

PFT is reporting that Tarvaris Jackson, former “work in progress” QB of the Vikings’ Chilly era, has been elected Offensive Captain for the Seattle Seahawks. Apparently the Seahawks.com website posted an announcement of Jackson’s captain status under the title “Captain Composure”.

We’ve seen the incredible support T-Jack has from head coach Pete Carroll during the off-season. It’s now coming from QB coach Carl Smith as well. The PFT article has some crazy quotes.

I am mystified as to how any of these gentlemen can think that Tarvaris Jackson is an NFL-caliber QB. Did they not see his stomach-turning collision with Adrian Peterson last season? Were there not plenty of opportunities to witness his jump ball technique? Well, all I can say is good luck, Seachickens!

What’s your take?

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