Sep 20

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The Williams Demi-Wall is Back… and Other Stuff

Will half a wall be better than no wall?

Today marked the return of previously-suspended Kevin Williams, one half of the Williams Wall. As everyone knows, Williams fought the suspension since the ruling in 2008 and finally had to serve his suspension – albeit a reduced one at that. In order to make room on the 53-man roster, the Vikings released DE Adrian Awasom.

From a personal perspective, I was hoping the Vikings would do the right thing and cut Berrian – it’s not like he’s doing anything for us anyway. One game in the last 13 with receiving yards over 30? Is that guy seriously collecting a pay check?

So Kevin is back. He’s eager to join his team mates and start contributing. He can start by not allowing hard counts to trip him up. That would be an immediate improvement over Guion and Evans. And yeah – I am holding a grudge! Those two guys were ridiculous against the Chargers.

Welcome back Kevin. Please encourage your friends on the defense to play a whole game… starting this weekend. Thanks.

In other Williams Wall news, Pat Williams is also “back”. According to PFT, Pat is available for signing, in the event anyone wants him. I’ve seen no rumors or snippets of information indicating that there is any interest in Pat for the 2011 season. Ah Pat. You were a big part of our defense for a long time… we wish you well.

And in other news…

Tyrell Johnson is not just a bad strong safety… he’s a bad citizen, too. Johnson was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated very early this morning on the west side of downtown. Apparently his BAC was 0.12%. What I appreciate is that our fine officers in blue don’t give a crap that he’s a Viking and they ticketed him anyway. This a tremendous improvement over the Bloomington police officers back in the days of Tommy Kramer. I’m sure we all know what I’m talking about. The only good thing I can say about this is that apparently Tyrell had the presence of mind to be cooperative.

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on in the second half of games this season, Coach Frazier gives us a detailed response in this week’s release in preparation for hosting the Lions.

Q: From the first half to the second half, is it a matter of not making the right adjustments or players not executing?

A: It’s not so much strategy. I’ve been on both sides of it where we’ve been down at the half in my career, and we’ve been able to come back on teams. Been in  situations we’re in right now where we struggle coming out of the half. We’ve just got to mature as a football team. We’re going through some things that some teams go through and we’ll get through it. We’ve just got to continue to play and continue to play as well as we are in the first half and we’ll get that second half completed. Get a sense of urgency about getting that done. I don’t think you can ever discount how well they’re playing in the first half. Now to be able to put that together is the next part of it for us. You don’t want to come out flat and, you know, playing uphill all day long. That’s a tough thing. We’ve got to maintain what we’re doing right now from a preparation standpoint and the way we’re starting, and learn how to come out of the half and the importance of what happens in that third quarter, in particular. And I think we can get that done, but time will tell.

I don’t know about you, but I love the end of that answer. “…but time will tell.” Thanks, Coach Frazier! I feel way better now. And here I thought you were going to take a relaxed “let’s wait and see” approach.


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