Sep 13

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Week One Picks: How Did I Do?

Last week I posted my picks. Let’s see how I did.

Saints vs Packers: Saints 21, Packers 17
WRONG. I hadn’t anticipated a complete and utter defensive break down on the part of both teams. Actual score: 42-34, Green Bay. Yuck. Boo. And hiss.

Steelers vs Ravens: Steelers 24, Ravens 20.
WRONG. I don’t believe that I was the only one caught off-guard here. You can’t have 7 turnovers and win. 35-7, Ravens. My co-worker Kenn must be ecstatic.

Falcons vs Bears: Falcons 27, Bears 14.
WRONG. Falcons couldn’t be bothered to show up and the Bears looked depressingly decent. 30-12, Bears. My boss’ husband will be beside himself with glee, while my friends from my time in Atlanta will be filled with chagrin.

Bengals vs BrownsBrowns 24, Bengals 10.
WRONG. Andy Dalton goes out with a wrist injury and I still couldn’t get this one right. 27-17, Bengals. My friends in Cincinnati will be excited… except for the one who is a Colts fan. Speaking of which…

Colts vs Texans: Texans 20, Colts 7.
RIGHT. I even got the Colt part of the score right! Although with Manning out, that’s not much of a victory. 34-7, Texans.

Titans vs Jaguars: Titans 17, Jaguars 7.
WRONG. Chris Johnson was a non-factor today. 16-14, Jaguars. A former co-worker of mine in Florida will be very happy about this.

Bills vs Chiefs: Chiefs 27, Bills 17.
WRONG. According to my friend Karen in KC, Cassel is overrated. Seems to be. 41-7, Bills.

Eagles vs Rams: Eagles 28, Rams 14.
RIGHT. My friend John, who passed earlier this year, would have been pleased with this result. 31-13, Eagles.

Lions vs Buccaneers: Lions 24, Bucs 13.
RIGHT: Stafford gave Lions fans everywhere a scare with cramps, but was good to go. 27-20, Lions. Hats off to my friend Dale who celebrated this victory Sunday.

Panthers vs Cardinals: Cardinals 21, Panthers 10.
RIGHT: Cam Newton had a stellar day, but it wasn’t enough. 28-21, Cardinals. Shout out to my Phoenix friends who are celebrating this victory.

Vikings vs Chargers: Vikings 24, Chargers 21.
WRONG. The Vikings started like I’d hope they would but momentum soon evaporated. 24-17, Chargers. My friend Meredith got what she wished for. Unfortunately.

Seahawks vs 49ers: 49ers 28, Seahawks 10.
RIGHT. While my Vikings let me down, our former Vikings performed as expected. 33-17, 49ers.

Giants vs Redskins: Redskins 21, Giants 17.
RIGHT. The Redskins were none the worse for wear with McNabb moving on. 28-14, Redskins.

Cowboys vs Jets: Jets 19, Cowboys 14.
RIGHT. Romo chokes again – but actually owns it this time. 27-24, Jets.

Patriots vs Dolphins: Patriots 24, Dolphins 13.
RIGHT. Brady throws for 511 yards (99 on one throw ending in a TD) but Henne kept fighting. Pats look good. 38-24, Patriots.

Raiders vs Broncos: Broncos 28, Raiders 10.
WRONG. Seabass ties the record for longest field goal (and therein lies the 63-yard difference) and Orton threw like he’d been on a bender last night (or like he had Bernard Berrian as his #1 WR). Something weirdly frenetic about the Broncos’ receivers… and here I thought the Broncos would be in the mood to redeem themselves after last year’s performance against the Raiders. Well, I was wrong. 23-20, Raiders. Game ball to Sebastian Janikowski.






Not an auspicious start to the 2011 season for me. Or my team. Hopefully I can improve on this rather anemic result next week!


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