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Week Three Picks

It’s Week 3 already. Time sure flies during football season. I’ve decided to stop choosing against the Packers and for the Vikings every week since it’s messing up my stats. It pains me to do it, but I will get a lot of picks purposely wrong me thinks this season. All that being said, let’s get into my picks for this week.

Jaguars vs Panthers

Cat fight! Both of these teams are coming off a loss. The difference between them is that Cam Newton is the starting QB for the Panthers while Jack Del Rio (former Viking as you all might recall), is refusing to name a starter for this Sunday. One has to wonder if he’s regretting the whole Garrard drama right before the start of the season. With Cam Newton lighting up the field through the air and the Panthers playing at home, the Jaguars will roll over and show their belly by the half. Panthers 34, Jaguars 3.

Texans vs Saints

The Texans have a better record than the Saints at 2-0, but Schaub is no Brees, and with Arian Foster’s quad injury flaring up, the Texans are likely to have one fewer tool on offense. And I mean “tool” in the nicest possible way. The Saints had a complete defensive meltdown against the Pukers in week one, but rebounded against the Bears. Given that they’re playing at home, I think they’ll hand the Texans their first loss of the season. Don’t worry, Texans… the Peyton-less Colts will be back again soon. Saints 30, Texans 19.

Giants vs Eagles

We saw the Sad Eli face tonight when he threw an INT early in the first quarter. The nice thing for Eli is that Bernard Berrian isn’t his “deep threat” and he has lots of receivers that actually try. Vick suffered a concussion during the Eagles/Falcons game but still had the presence of mind to gesture at the scoreboard to taunt the fans that booed him as he left the field. Mike Kafka came in as the back up and I was left wondering why we didn’t draft him. I’m going to work under the assumption that Vick sits this week and assume Eli can outmaneuver the back up. Giants 24, Eagles 17.

Dolphins vs Browns

The Dolphins never cease to surprise me – and never in a good way. Cleveland is coming off a win against the Colts, who seemed to be a bit more together for game 2 without Peyton. This match up will pit the aerial stylings of Chad Henne against those of 2nd year man Colt McCoy, the Browns’ much-hyped QB selection in the 2010 draft. Henne has more experience but the Browns have home-field advantage with their Dawg Pound. Cleveland 21, Dolphins 17.

Patriots vs Bills

Tom Brady is on track to throw over 7,000 yards this season if he keeps up his current pace. Ryan Fitzpatrick proved to be clutch against the Raiders on Sunday, ensuring a 2-0 Bills’ start. While Fitzpatrick is making his case for a long-term deal, Tom Brady is making a case for MVP. Well – kinda. As much as you can over 2 games. I think the Patriots hand the Bills their first lost this season. Feels weird saying that about the Bills. Patriots 35, Bills 21.

49ers vs Bengals

What can you say about a 49ers team that lost at home to a Tony Romo playing with a cracked rib and a collapsed lung? Andy Dalton is expected to start for the Bengals. You might recall he had a wrist injury in week 1 that is on the mend. These two teams will go at each other on the banks of the Ohio River in a stadium in which I watched the Ravens take it to the Bengals back in 2003, when I lived there. It’ll be a close game but I think the Bengals will prevail. Bengals 19, 49ers 17.

Broncos vs Titans

The Titans beat a Ravens team that had trounced the Steelers in week 1. The Broncos barely squeaked by the Bengals at Mile High after losing to the Raiders in the same locale the week before. In the Titans’ home venue, I think Hasselbeck has the edge over Orton… although, honestly, can anyone believe these guys are starting QBs? Titans 28, Broncos 19.

Lions vs Vikings

The Lions are 2-0. Yes, the Lions that hail from Detroit. The 18 time division champion Minnesota Vikings are 0-2. Just like we started last year. One of these teams is winning and as much as it pains me to say it, I’m fairly certain it will not be the Vikings. This is a terrible match-up for us all around. Stafford, who remains uninjured (surprisingly) through 2 games has a hell of an arm. He also has Calvin Johnson and Nate Burleson. Those guys will be covered (and I use the term loosely) by the likes of Asher Allen (in the event Chris Cook can’t start) and Tyrell Johnson – because Pagac insists on spelling Sanford. On our side, Donovan McNabb and Bernard Berrian are still on the team. I don’t think we’ll get blown out but we sure the heck aren’t winning. Lions 24, Vikings 14. (NOTE: All 14 points are likely to be scored in the first half)

Jets vs Raiders

The Raiders have to be stinging after their loss to the Bills in Buffalo in Week 2. The Jets won their last game, but let’s face it – it was against the Jaguars. As the Jets are heading to the west coast for this match up, I think it’s not inconceivable that with the home crowd providing a distraction, the Black Hole in Oakland will give those Raiders the advantage. Raiders 21, Jets 19.

Ravens vs Rams

The Ravens used up enough energy in their week 1 game against the Steerlers, they had precious little left for week 2. Even though they’re coming off a loss… they’re playing the Rams this week, which theoretically should be a gimme for them. Sam Bradford had moments of brilliance against the Giants and then he had regular Sam Bradford moments. Of course, he wasn’t getting a lot of help from his receivers in the 4th quarter. Even so, I don’t think Joe Flacco is going to mess this one up. Ravens 24, Rams 14.

Chiefs vs Chargers

Now here’s a team that makes it less painful to be a Vikings fan. The Chiefs are having a terrible start to the 2011 season. And by “terrible” I mean they are getting their collective butt served up a like a turkey on Thanksgiving, gutted and stuffed and cooked until golden brown. To make matters worse, Jamaal Charles is out for the season with a torn ACL after this weekend’s play. The Chargers couldn’t beat the Patriots, but they’re going to hand the Chiefs their 3rd straight loss without even trying. Chargers 42, Chiefs 6.

Falcons vs Buccaneers

The Falcons looked terrible against the Bears but managed to eke out a win against the Eagles in the Georgia Dome. The Buccaneers recovered from a football coma at half-time to beat a Vikings team that could use some ExtenZe (if ya know what I mean – someone get Jimmy Johnson on the phone!). This will be another close match up, but I think the Falcons are going to let a little wind out of the Bucs’ sails. Falcons 28, Bucs 24.

Cardinals vs Seahawks

The Cardinals lost a close one to the Redskins while the Seahawks couldn’t post a point against an angry Steelers team at Heinz Field. Sidney Rice appears to have a torn labrum in his shoulder and will likely need surgery. I believe Squid will spend the season on IR. With no real answer at the WR position to catch those T-Jack jump balls, the Former Vikings aren’t going to get this done, even though they’re at home. Cardinals 21, Seahawks 7.

Packers vs Bears

Ask any Packer fan and they’ll tell you that this is their biggest rivalry. It probably is, given that since the Vikings hit the scene in 1961, these 2 teams have to add ALL of their division titles together since then to beat our total division wins. In the QB department, any yayhoo off the street would rather have testosterone-challenged Rodgers over a discombobulated Cutler. But the Packers’ defense has been shaky, which will be compounded by the neck injury to Nick Collins this weekend that will certainly end his season, and possibly his career by some accounts. The Bears have an Urlacher that likely isn’t happy with their loss to the Saints. How does this translate on Soldier Field? Bears 24, Packers 20.

Steelers vs Colts

Jeff George offered to learn the Colts’ offense in a “matter of days” according to PFT today. At the age of 44, he sees himself as an upgrade to Kerry Collins. The Steelers rebounded off a loss to the Ravens in week 1. Of course, they rebounded against T-Jack and the Seachickens at Heinz Field – so honestly, who didn’t see that coming? Even with the home field advantage, I don’t think the Colts have enough to beat the Steelers. But they are looking slightly better than week 1. Steelers 27, Colts 14.

Redskins vs Cowboys

The Redskins are 2-0, but that won’t stick. The big question here is whether or not Romo is going to play after suffering a cracked rib and a collapsed lung during the 49ers’ game this weekend. I feel pretty confident that a healthy Tony Romo could hold his own against this Redskins’ team. But I’m not sure Jon Kitna could do the same. Unless Rex Grossman returns to form, as he started to in week 2. I’m going to assume that if Romo could play while his lung was collapsed, now that it’s reinflated, he’ll be good to go. Cowboys 20, Redskins 17.

Those are my picks this week. What’s your take? Leave me a comment!

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