Sep 20

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Week Two Picks: How Did I Do?

Ok. So I could have come up with last week’s results by flipping a quarter. Let’s put that aside and jump into the week 2 match ups!

Raiders vs Bills:  Bills 27, Raiders 20.
RIGHT. I was almost wrong, but Ryan Fitzpatrick proved he was clutch. 38-35, Bills.

Packers vs Panthers: Panthers 24, Pukers 21.
WRONG. Secretly I expected the baby-poo colored Packers to win, but the Panthers gave them a run for their money. Hope no serious injury to Nick Collins’ neck. 30-23, Pukers.

Chiefs vs Lions: Lions 24, Chiefs 10.
RIGHT. Detroit took it to the Chiefs today. Hope Jamaal Charles will be ok. 48-3, Lions.

Browns vs Colts: Browns 19, Colts 7.
RIGHT. The game was closer than I thought it would be. 27-19, Browns.

Buccaneers vs Vikings: Vikings 21, Bucs 14.
WRONG. The problem is I actually thought the Vikings WOULD win this one. 24-20, Bucs.

Bears vs Saints: Saints 28, Bears 21.
RIGHT. At least 1 other NFC North team lost today. Pretty substantially, too. 30-13, Saints.

Jaguars vs Jets: Jets 21, Jaguars 13.
RIGHT. The Jets took off while the Jaguars watched. 32-3, Jets.

Seahawks vs Steelers: Steelers 20, Seahawks 7.
RIGHT. Silly me, thinking T-Jack could score against the Steelers. 24-0, Steelers.

Ravens vs Titans: Ravens 34, Titans 10.
WRONG. Didn’t see this one coming. One of these teams is not who we thought they were. 26-13, Titans.

Cardinals vs Redskins: Redskins 19, Cardinals 17.
RIGHT. Redskins managed to secure a win. Wasn’t looking good there for a while. 22-21, Redskins.

Cowboys vs 49ers: Cowboys 24, 49ers 19.
RIGHT. Romo went out for a while with a cracked rib and came back grumpy. 27-24, Cowboys.

Bengals vs Broncos: Bengals 17, Broncos 14.
WRONG.  Denver lined Tebow up at WR and pulled out a squeaker. 24-22, Broncos

Texans vs Dolphins: Dolphins 21, Texans 20.
WRONG. I figured this would be a close game, as my predicted score indicated… but I was wrong about that, too. 23-13, Texans.

Chargers vs Patriots: Patriots 28, Chargers 21.
RIGHT. The Chargers looked pretty good and pretty bad. 35-21, Patriots.

Eagles vs Falcons: Eagles 20, Falcons 14.
WRONG. Demerits to Dunta Robinson for another helmet to helmet. Vick went out injured and I was left wondering why we didn’t draft that Kafka guy. 35-31, Falcons.

Rams vs Giants: Giants 27, Rams 19.
RIGHT. Too many mistakes by Bradford tonight. But Eli wasn’t looking too hot at times, either.

So for my picks this week, I’m thinking I’m going to change how I deal with the Vikings and Packers and pick for real. I hate predicting a win for the Packers (and a loss for the Vikings), but my usual schtick is throwing off my own stats!






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