Sep 16

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Week Two Picks

Ok. So I could have come up with last week’s results by flipping a quarter. Let’s put that aside and jump into the week 2 match ups!

Raiders vs Bills

The Raiders have a second away game, heading to Buffalo for this week’s match up. They are coming off another trouncing of their divisional rival, the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium, where Kyle Orton just looked like he was playing high. The Bills also won their away game against the Chiefs, with Ryan Fitzpatrick making Matt Cassel look overrated. Or, maybe Cassel did that to himself. Bills 27, Raiders 20.

Packers vs Panthers

Cam Newton lit it up in his NFL debut, leaving Jimmy Clausen with a quizzical look as he thought about the whimsy of fate. The Packers displayed a complete lack of defense against the Saints at Lameblow in the season opener. And ol’ Aaron Rodgers got sacked, which, as we all know, is the highlight of any Packer game for me. Given Newton’s performance last week, and the Packers’ questionable defense, I’m going with the predatory cats for this one instead of people who pack crap. Also, I always choose against the Packers. Panthers 24, Pukers 21.

Chiefs vs Lions

The Chiefs laid down on the job at Arrowhead Stadium last week, allowing the once hapless Bills to decimate them offensively. The Lions started slow, and Matt Stafford had his obligatory once-a-game injury scare, but the Motor City Kitties eventually found their roar against the Bucs. This is Detroit’s home opener and they’re coming off a win. I say they’re going 2-0. Lions 24, Chiefs 10.

Browns vs Colts

The Browns looked like they belonged in their own dawg pound against a Bengals team led by rookie Andy Dalton. Peyton Manning’s consecutive start streak ended at 208. I still say his career ended, too. But that’s just me. The Colts demonstrated that they couldn’t persevere in his absence… and he’s not back this week. Browns 19, Colts 7.

Buccaneers vs Vikings

It’s the Vikings’ home opener weekend and they’ve got a lot to prove to themselves and all of the purple faithful. Last week they were like a sparkler… they started out bright and shiny, filling us with hope and then they fizzled out. McNabb was thoroughly embarrassed by his 39 total passing yards and Leslie Frazier was about to have an aneurysm. The Bucs lost to the Lions. In the same way I never pick the Packers, I always pick the Vikings. Vikings 21, Bucs 14.

Bears vs Saints

The Bears looked fairly decent last week against the Falcons. Or maybe the Falcons just looked terrible. Cutler, as per the usual, looked confused and like he might quit at any time. Urlacher had a great game – but his mother passed this week, so that might affect his play. The Saints also displayed a tremendous lack of defensive cohesion against the Packers, leaving the door open for a conscious Culter to light up the field. Given the hostile environment of the Less-Than-Super Dome, I’m picking the team I hate second most. Saints 28, Bears 21.

Jaguars vs Jets

The Jaguars squeaked out a win against a Titans team where Chris Johnson was nearly invisible. The Jets made plenty of mistakes against the Cowpokies, but Romo made one too many and the Jets pulled out the win. They seem to win in spite of themselves at times and the Jaguars are known for handing games over to the other team. Given the NY home venue for this match up, I believe Sanchez will turn in a GQ-worthy performance. Jets 21, Jaguars 13.

Seahawks vs Steelers

The big question here is whether or not T-Jack can play well enough to outlast a Steelers team that had 7 turnovers last week against the Ravens. Sidney Rice was inactive due to a mystery shoulder injury last week, and isn’t expected to play this week, so T-Jack isn’t getting any assistance with those jump balls. As the Steelers must be thoroughly embarrassed by their performance last week and T-Jack is T-Jack, I don’t see the Seachickens pulling this one out – dropping them to 0-2. One wonders how long it will take for Pete Carroll to realize his mistake at QB. Steelers 20, Seahawks 7.

Ravens vs Titans

The Titans struggled against the Jaguars, who started a new QB after the Garrard drama. Chris Johnson got a big pay day but didn’t have a big play day. The Ravens have a Non-Slacco Flacco, who tore through that Steelers defense last week like they were made of tissue paper. I don’t see how Matt Hasselbeck stands a chance here. Titans will fall to 0-2. Ravens 34, Titans 10.

Cardinals vs Redskins

Rex Grossman is showing why current MN Vikings QB Donovan McNabb was benched last season. Gentle reminder: In January, I said we should avoid McNabb. The Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald (who would look way better in purple) signed to a long-term deal and despite Cam Newton’s dominance, were able to pull out a win last week.  Even though the Redskins only beat Sad Eli and the Giants is their season opener, I think they’ve got momentum. Redskins 19, Cardinals 17.

Cowboys vs 49ers

Tony Romo choked on SNF while the 49ers showed that team filled with former Vikings who the cooler kid at school was. Take that T-Jack! So the question here is whether or not the 49ers can win at home against a Cowboys team stinging from a nationally televised mistake-laden debacle. I think Romo is going to take out his anger in Candlestick Park. Cowboys 24, 49ers 19.

Bengals vs Broncos

Andy Dalton suffered a wrist injury against the Browns last week, while Kyle Orton threw like he had one up at Mile High Stadium against the Raiders. PFT is reporting that the Bronco fans are going to start putting up billboards around Denver calling for Tebow to get the start. And that, my friends, is when Jesus wept… tears of laughter. Assuming Dalton’s not suffering any lingering effects, I think he outperforms Orton. Bengals 17, Broncos 14.

Texans vs Dolphins

With the demise of the Peyton Manning show, the Texans are coming off of a game that has to have pumped them up. The Dolphins allowed Tom Brady to pass over 500 yards against them during MNF Game 1 on the national stage. Fans are so disinterested, the game was at risk of being blacked out until some corporate sponsors stepped in. I think the Texans aren’t as good as the score against the Colts indicates and the Dolphins may be looking to redeem themselves. Dolphins 21, Texans 20.

Chargers vs Patriots

With the Vikings going flat faster than a Diet Pepsi left open for an hour, the Chargers started their season with a win. Suddenly, they are Super Bowl contenders. The Patriots are looking like a well-calibrated machine despite the shortened off-season. Had the Vikings been able to generate offense (Yeah, McNabb… I’m talking to YOU!), the Chargers would have started out like usual and we wouldn’t be reading all the hype they’re getting now. Patriots 28, Chargers 21.

Eagles vs Falcons

War of the Birds in Hotlanta coming soon to a stadium near the Convention Center. The Eagles took a talon to the Rams last week, leaving Sam Bradford wondering where the glimpse of magic from 2010 had gone. Dog murderering Vick was able to post points while the Matty Ryan aerial show failed to materialize at Soldier Field. The Falcons were not in-sync against those Bears, even though they were freshly out of hibernation. I don’t think they’re going to get it together, even on their home turf. Eagles 20, Falcons 14.

Rams vs Giants

The only Manning left at QB will be leading the Giants at home, coming off a loss last week. The Rams also lost last week, so one of these teams will be dropping to 0-2. Given the home venue for the Giants, and the Bradford’s 2nd year status, I don’t see the Giants giving this one up – especially on MNF. The difference maker here could well be how many times will we see the Sad Eli face after he throws an INT? Giants 27, Rams 19.

Those are my picks this week. Agree with me or think I’m way off base? Leave me a comment!

Skol Vikings Nation!


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  1. We disagree on Packers, Colts, Buccs, 40ers, Texans, and Falcons. It is going to be interesting!


  2. VikesPrincess

    🙂 Well, good luck to you KJo. Hey – do you want to compete with me for the season? You could be a guest writer and we could go head to head in picks. What do you think?

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