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Oct 31

Week 8 Picks: How Did I Do?

Well – I got the Vikings and Rams games wrong today. What else did I miss? Scroll down to find out.

Cardinals vs Ravens: Ravens 28, Cardinals 10
Right. 30-27, Ravens. Wow – the Ravens looked BAD.

Vikings vs Panthers: Panthers 27, Vikings 24
Wrong. 24-21, Vikings. I did get the spread and the Vikings’ point total right… but the actual pick was wrong. I’m sure I’ll be “pondering” my week 10 pick for the Vikings/Packers game for the next 10 days before posting it.

Jaguars vs Texans: Texans 31, Jaguars 17
Right. 24-14, Texans.

Dolphins vs Giants: Giants 27, Dolphins 13
Right. 20-17, Giants. Brandon Marshall was almost right in predicting a Dolphins win.

Saints vs Rams: Saints 42, Rams 7
Wrong. 31-21, Rams. Both teams deserved this outcome.

Colts vs Titans: Titans 21, Colts 13
Right. 27-10, Titans. Chris Johnson not a factor yet again.

Redskins vs Bills: Bills 31, Redskins 14
Right. 23-0, Bills.

Lions vs Broncos: Lions 24, Broncos 17
Right. 45-10, Lions. The Second Coming has come & gone at Mile High Stadium.

Patriots vs Steelers: Steelers 27, Patriots 24
Right. 25-17, Steelers. Awww yeah. People thought I was high with this one. I feel vindicated!

Bengals vs Seahawks: Bengals 17, Seahawks 13
Right. 27-12, Bengals.

Browns vs 49ers: 49ers 24, Browns 10
Right. 20-10, 49ers.

Cowboys vs Eagles: Eagles 28, Cowboys 21
Right. 34-7, Eagles. The Cowpokies were dominated from beginning to end.

Chargers vs Chiefs: Chiefs 24, Chargers 19
Right. 23-20, Chiefs in OT!






Running Total




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Oct 30

Week Eight Temperature Check

The Vikings won in Charlotte today, taking them to 2-6 for the season. The Vikings have won against 2 bad teams, but some argue, have been competitive in a lot of other games. I’ve even seen some hypothesize that had Ponder started since Game 1, we’d be undefeated. Personally, I think those folks are using hyperbole without realizing it – but that’s just me.

After today’s non-loss, how are you feeling about the season?

Next week is our bye. The Weekly Temperature Check will be back for week 10!


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Oct 30

Vikings vs Panthers: A Post Game Gawk

The Vikings Longboat docked in the Carolinas today.

I was given a lot of grief for picking the Panthers over the Vikings in today’s game. I didn’t do it because the Vikings have never won there (until today). Or because I thought Cam Newton would light up our secondary.

Well – maybe a little of each of those… but I picked the Panthers over the Vikings because the Vikings’ coaching staff is habitually terrible, as is our offensive line and our defensive secondary. A poor defensive secondary is a bad match with someone like Cam Newton. Our offensive line is a bad match with nearly every defense in the league.

But, thanks to the incredibly non-clutch place kicker of the Carolina Panthers, Olindo Mare, we have put our Panther Problems behind us.

As an added bonus, Chris Kluwe has unlocked his one week off reward for his Panther Pelt Quest completion.

I’m trying to be objective about today’s performance. Weirdly, I feel happy and optimistic, even though the brain part of me knows that we didn’t really “win” the game, but rather the Panthers lost it for themselves. We had issues. Lots and lots of issues. And those aren’t going to go away during the bye.

Without further ado, let’s break it down.

The Good

Christian Ponder: Affable, Unflappable Leader

Christian Ponder on 3rd down. 50% efficiency today, but when passing he converted 7 out of 10 attempts. This is such a huge improvement over our former QB, who shall remain nameless because his name is out in the media WAY too much right now.

Christian Ponder in the 4th Quarter. He does not give up. Not only does he not give up, he doesn’t let the offense give up. He’s leading them down the field, quietly but noticeably when compared to our first 5 games of the season.

Jared Allen. He is consistently performing week over week. He now has 10 consecutive games with a sack. Today, he also stripped the ball and recovered a fumble. He continues to impress.

Percy Harvin. A 10 yard rushing TD and 4 receptions for 58 yards – all while continuing to battle his rib injury. He’s a tough dude, no doubt, with lots of heart.

Peterson was in beast mode today. His rushing TD was a delight!

Adrian Peterson. He led the team today in both rushing AND receiving, combining for 162 of the 361 yards of total offense. What would we do without AD? I keep seeing Tweets from people about trading him for some first round picks. Those people need to have their heads examined. Adrian Peterson gives his heart & soul to the team every week. We could play the game of naming Vikings we CAN’T say that about… but let’s leave it at this: Adrian Peterson should spend his career as a Viking.

Chad Greenway led the team with 7 Tackles and 6 assists, beefing those stats up with a fumble recovery off Jared Allen’s strip to boot.  One disappointment was his miss on a blitz late in the 4th. But I believe Hussein Abdullah finished that one off.

The Vikings played 4 quarters of football today. I know, I was surprised, too. But they did it. They stayed engaged, they played hard and they kept fighting right until the end. I’m not saying they looked consistently great… but they played 60 minutes for a 2nd straight week.

The Bad

Ryan Longwell probably isn't celebrating being 1/2 on field goals today.

Percy was doing some great things on offense – until he was re-injured. He came back in – but I’m concerned that this is a long-term injury. The bye couldn’t come at a better time. Keep in mind that I’m putting Percy’s injury in “The Bad”, not Percy himself.

Ryan Longwell missing what should have been an automatic field goal. I was shocked that he kicked it wide left. The good news is that Longwell put some bad place kicking juju on the field that later impacted Mare and prevented the Vikings from losing another game.

Our woe-line issues continue to plague. Not only was Ponder sacked 4 times, but AD only put up 86 rushing yards on the defense ranked 29th against the run. Yes sir, ladies & gentlemen, that is what a bad o-line does to the number one rusher in the league. Even the threat of a passing game couldn’t fix that – and neither could a rookie QB with a passer rating over 102.

The Ugly

Hey Remi: Spend less time coiffing your hair and more time stopping the run!

Let’s start with Frazier’s challenges. His inability to coach never ceases to amaze me. He recently made some very nice personnel moves, filling me with a little optimism in his ability to improve… and then he makes 2 of the dumbest challenges I’ve seen lately. He was totally stoked in his presser after the game, but I hope he reflects on the poor choices for challenges and considers which team is up next on our schedule when the team gets back from the bye.

The Vikings run stopping. What ever happened to our impressive ability to stop the run? The Panthers were averaging 5.2 yards per rushing play against us today. Meanwhile, for comparison, we (with the best RB in the league) were averaging 4.0 yards per rushing play against the 29th ranked defense against the run. What is going on? Well, the fact that Remi Ayodele was credited with precisely 1 assist and 0 tackles today could have something to do with it. As a Nose Tackle that dude spends more time picking his nose than tackling.

The defensive secondary. Sweet baby Odin. Winfield out. Cook suspended (and hopefully cut, soon).  Cedric was moved to LCB… and we spent the day enjoying the coverage stylings of… Asher Allen. Everyone was getting burned back there. Sanford, Allen, Johnson when he was playing. What a nightmare. Just goes to show you that the Packers may not be as great as people think when ARodg couldn’t find a way to torch us. This, along with the o-line, should be the focus for the 2012 draft.

So next week is our bye. I bloody hate bye week. I love the Vikings and I love seeing them on my TV. Purple just makes me happy. Luckily, we go into the week with a W. Hopefully the team won’t let up on the focus for our week back. It’s time to hand those Pukers a loss. And I think we’re just the team that should do it.

Skol Vikings Nation!

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Oct 29

Leslie Frazier: Silent Waters Might Run Deeper Than We Think

Frazier's Head Coaching Approach... I'm Watching Him!

I’ve been critical of Leslie Frazier since he became the interim coach of the Vikings. I said repeatedly last year that he shouldn’t be offered the full-time head coaching position. I’ve not held back on my criticism of him this season, either.

I’m not reversing my opinion on Frazier. I think he’s over-matched by a head coaching gig. I think he was foolish to support McNabb as long as he did. Of course, I think he was foolish to lobby to bring McNabb onto the team in the first place (handing over draft picks for an obviously washed up QB?) – although I can partially understand the logic of doing so with the shortened off-season.

I think it was misguided to restructure Berrian’s contract in the off-season when clearly his attitude was bad and his production was worse as his tenure increased with the team. Frazier still has almost no perceptible ability to adjust during half-time. I could go on and on about the deficiencies we have in the head coaching position. However, what I want to do with this post is talk about how I see some changes in Frazier’s approach that I like. These recent decisions make sense to me:

Bernard Berrian. Former Viking.

1) Benching Berrian the first time. When Berrian couldn’t be bothered to show up to team meetings the night before a game, Frazier benched him. Absolutely the right decision. As a leader, you cannot allow people to usurp your authority. Frazier showing Berrian that he was going to be held accountable is exactly what needed to occur.

2) Benching McNabb in Chicago and staying the course. Frazier watched Donovan struggle week after week. Reports emerged that McNugget wasn’t putting in the time necessary to be successful. I believe we all saw evidence of that on the field, no matter how much McNabb and Frazier denied the stories. Frazier had finally seen enough as the Bears completely embarrassed the Vikings on national TV. After the game, Frazier, despite his loyalty to McNabb, stayed true to his decision and started Ponder against the Packers.

3) Benching Berrian a second time. I don’t believe any of us know what the last straw was right before the Green Bay game but surely that’s when “it” occurred. It was enough for Frazier to strike through Berrian’s name on the Active Roster and no one can say that Berrian was missed during the game.

Cook: Cut him loose, Frazier! (Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

4) Finally cutting Berrian last Tuesday. I’m not aware of anyone who thought this wasn’t a stupendous move. Well – probably Berrian doesn’t like the move, but who cares?

Berrian is still a “free agent”. It’s interesting to see that no other NFL teams are interested in the fashion guru and Tweeter extraordinaire. He made it right through waivers after the release. Well – good riddance to him!

5) Indefinitely suspending Chris Cook after he was arrested for felony assault by strangulation. The Vikings lead the league… in ARRESTS since 2000. That’s deplorable and I’m glad to see Frazier taking a hard line on this type of thing. The next decision I expect to see here is cutting Chris Cook from the squad, which will hopefully herald the demise of his career. Yeah – for you people who keep wanting to wait for Cook to make it through the criminal justice system – innocent until proven guilty, etc… let’s just admit that it’s highly unlikely that Cook’s girlfriend choked herself until she had petechiae (hemorrhaging) in her eye. I see no need to wait for the trial. He’s been formally charged and we’ve all read the police reports. He’s guilty and his side is indefensible.

All of the above has me watching Frazier carefully. I’m always willing to change my opinion if evidence is presented that supports a different conclusion. Certainly there is still the glaring 1-6 record we currently sit with that doesn’t do Frazier any favors. Right now what I see is that Frazier might make a heck of a GM dealing with personnel.

For me to completely reverse my opinion on Frazier, he needs to do the following things:

McNabb Can't Stop Talking. Time for him to go!

1) Start Winning!

2) Cut Chris Cook. Much sooner rather than later.

3) Bench Kevin Williams next time he makes noise in the media about Frazier & calling out the defense for lack of effort. Maybe Frazier addressed the first episode behind the scenes but I thought Williams should have been benched for his lack of class.

4) Cut McNabb. McNabb is all over the place right now, talking about how he should still be the starter. Well ya know what, McNugget: you suck. You’re done. Sit down and be quiet. Frazier needs to  cut him from  the team. He’s clearly becoming a cancer in the locker room.

4) Start showing some “go for the kill” attitude. Frazier is too cautious. Slow and steady rarely wins the race in the NFL.

Let’s watch the next 9 games and see what happens!

Vikings vs Panthers tomorrow, Purple Nation! Skol!


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Oct 29

Week Eight Picks

I’m late with my picks this week. I had a very busy week at work and little time to devote to this. Let’s jump right in.

Cardinals vs Ravens

The Ravens are coming off of an embarrassing offensive display on Monday Night Football that was the impetus to their loss against the Jaguars. The Cardinals, meanwhile, lost to the Steelers in their own house. Joe Flacco better get settled in and start performing. Let’s put his performance in context: he has a lower QB rating than Donovan McNabb. Clearly, though, the Cardinals are not a good team and I don’t see them winning on the road.  Ravens 28, Cardinals 10.

Vikings vs Panthers

Cam Newton is the rookie of the year at QB in passing yards (but Andy Dalton has a higher QB rating – and more wins). Christian Ponder has dimples and a cute laugh… but was a bit erratic in the passing game last week. First start notwithstanding, Ponder is likely to start getting in a groove during this game, but I don’t think it will be enough to give the Vikings their first win against the Panthers at home. Especially with a sulky Donovan McNabb running his mouth from the bench.  Panthers 27, Vikings 24.

Jaguars vs Texans

The Texans are really coming into their own this season. Of course a Peyton Manning-less Colts team doesn’t hurt in the division. The Jaguars crushed the Ravens under their collective paw in front of Odin & everyone on MNF. The Jags will be amped up after a big win, while the Texans are working towards their first play-off berth in franchise history. Texans with the edge in the Lone Star state. Texans 31, Jaguars 17.

Dolphins vs Giants

The Dolphins have a coach on the hot seat. Sparano also has his house on the market amid swirling rumors that the Dolphins have reached out to Bill Cowher. One has to think that Reggie Bush is wondering why the football gods have turned against him as Eli Manning is magically in the top 4 QBs when looking at QB ratings (he’s at 101.1 – right behind Drew Brees). Brandon Marshall is positive the Dolphins are going to win this one. I’m not. Giants 27, Dolphins 13.

Saints vs Rams

The Saints are coming off of a classless trouncing of the beleaguered Colts, while the Rams can’t catch a break, with Sam Bradford being ruled out again, leaving AJ Feeley with the start. The Rams have scored less than 60 points all season, while the Saints scored 62 last week. None of this bodes well for the Rams. Saints 42, Rams 7.

Colts vs Titans

The Titans are not looking like… well, Titans. The Colts are definitely looking like newborn foals trying to find their feet. I’m not saying that Matt Hasselbeck is going to have a monster game, but I am going to predict that Curtis Painter isn’t going to have one. I’m tired of the announcers talking about “how much Peyton Manning means to this team”. Dear announcers: Peyton Manning doesn’t play defense. Titans 21, Colts 13.

Redskins vs Bills

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a top 10 QB by rating this season. Rex Grossman (recuperating from pneumonia) is now occupying McNabb’s former seat on the bench, leaving John Beck to pick up the Redskins’ pieces. Santana Moss has a broken hand and I don’t think that’s the end of the bad news for the ‘Skins this weekend. Bills 31, Redskins 14.

Lions vs Broncos

The Motor City Kitties head to Mile High Stadium after 2 disappointing losses at home. The Broncos are coming off of a spectacularly bad performance – save the last 5 minutes of the game – against the Dolphins. Stafford suffered an injury but is expected to start, while Tebow will be attempting to deliver a Sermon on the Mount. I don’t think the Lions will be interested in what Tebow has to say. Lions 24, Broncos 17.

Patriots vs Steelers

Tom vs Ben. One of them has the 2nd highest QB rating. The other is Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers allowed a very bad Cardinals team to score 20 points on them last week. The Patriots have a QB that has passed for over 500 yards in one game this season. For some reason this feels like a trap game to me. Maybe it’s the Heinz Field location – or maybe it’s the Patriots’ history of occasionally falling down. I’m going with my instinct instead of my brain here. Steelers 27, Patriots 24.

Bengals vs Seahawks

Andy Dalton is quietly having an efficient first season as a rookie QB. Apparently Pete Carroll had considered drafting Dalton, but went with T-Jack instead. T-Jack won’t be playing again today and Charlie Whitehurst will be leading the Seahawks’ offense. What’s unclear is if T-Jack has been benched or if he’s still recovering from his pectoral injury. It doesn’t matter though. The Bengals have this one in the bag. Bengals 17, Seahawks 13.

Browns vs 49ers

The Browns are at .500 for the season, while the 49ers are at 5-1. Colt McCoy may want to change his first name since that name seems to have bad karma this season. Jim Harbaugh is likely to be cackling with glee again this week, but hopefully he’ll hide his mirth until he’s in the locker room. We don’t need to see another ugly coaching incident on the field this season. 49ers 24, Browns 10.

Cowboys vs Eagles

This is one of the vaunted rivalries in the NFL. Romo, who makes bad mistakes at bad times is facing a defense that is good at forcing turnovers. The Cowboys are prepping for Vick by having Dez Bryant “play” him as the 1st team takes their reps on defense. Given the home venue for the Eagles, and despite the Vikings rolling them there last season with rookie QB Joe Webb, I think they have the advantage. Eagles 28, Cowboys 21.

Chargers vs Chiefs

Last week, against the prevailing winds, I picked the Chargers to lose against the Jets. While Arrowhead Stadium is a difficult venue for anyone, I don’t know if it has enough magic to prevent the Chargers from electrocuting the Chiefs this week. Cassel and Rivers are surprisingly very close together in QB rating – but even more surprising than that is that they both have lower ratings than Donovan McNabb. I’m going to finish this week’s picks with a stunning defeat for the Bolts. Chiefs 24, Chargers 19.

Those are my picks this week. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment!


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Oct 24

Week 7 Temperature Check

It’s that time again, Vikings Nation. We’re 1-6. What will the final record be for the season? Vote!


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Oct 24

Week Seven Picks: How Did I Do?

Week 7 is in the hopper. How did I do? Scroll down to find out!

Redskins vs Panthers: Panthers 27, Redskins 17
Right. 30-20, Panthers.

Seahawks vs Browns: Browns 21, Seahawks 19
Right. 6-3 Browns. Something tells me this was a boring game to watch.

Falcons vs Lions: Lions 24, Falcons 20
Wrong. 23-16, Falcons. Well, the Lions’ magic is dead it appears. And Stafford has had his requisite injury for the season. MRI scheduled for Monday.

Broncos vs Dolphins: Broncos 20, Dolphins 9
Right. 18-15, Broncos, in a crazy Tebow-led comeback – 2 TDs, a 2 point conversion and a field goal in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter. Maybe he is the second comi…. No. He’s not. But that whole situation left me with a raised eyebrow.

Chargers vs Jets: Jets 27, Chargers 20
Right. 27-21, Jets. Oooo… I *almost* got the score right, too!

Bears vs Buccaneers: Buccaneers 31, Bears 21
Wrong. 24-18, Bears. Why must the Bears always disappoint me?

Texans vs Titans: Texans 24, Titans 17
Right. 41-7, Texans. Dare I say the Texans might make the playoffs this year?

Steelers vs Cardinals: Steelers 21, Cardinals 13
Right. 32-20, Steelers.

Chiefs vs Raiders: Raiders 28, Chiefs 10
Wrong. 28-0, Chiefs. Somehow I didn’t envision THAT much QB drama for the Raiders. Holy buckets!

Rams vs Cowboys: Cowpokies 24, Rams 10
Right. 34-7, Cowboys.

Packers vs Vikings: Pukers 27, Vikings 19
Right. 33-27, Pukers. Ponder was ok. Our defense…. well, read my post game recap.

Colts vs Saints: Saints 31, Colts 14
Right. 62-7, Saints. Yeah. 62. Points. The Saints treated this as a nationally televised practice session. And Chris Collingsworth kept blathering on about how much Forehead Manning means to the Colts. Well, Chris, Mr. NFL Color Commentator – here’s a clue: the Forehead doesn’t play DEFENSE. And I believe when a team scores 62 points on you (the pick-6 notwithstanding) it’s a DEFENSIVE breakdown. Can I please have Collingsworth’s job? I promise I’ll be better.

Ravens vs Jaguars: Ravens 28, Jaguars 7
Wrong. 12-7, Jaguars. This game made me feel better about the Vikings against the Bears in prime time. Talk about a meltdown. Wow, Ravens. Dirty birds, indeed.






Running Total




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Oct 24

Ponder vs McNabb: It’s the 3rd Down Conversions, Stupid!

Ponder's first TD Ball (McKenna Ewen - Star Tribune)

The last few Mondays I’ve been waking up feeling verklempt and vaguely pissed off. This morning, I woke before my alarm and feel rather… chipper. Because I like to analyze things, immediately I wondered why the difference. After reviewing the box scores from yesterday’s game, I now understand this feeling.

Look at Ponder’s 3rd down efficiency. You might recall that a few posts back, I talked about our inability to convert on 3rd down – averaging under 35% efficiency. At the time, I pointed to the Saints – the team with the highest average 3rd down efficiency at 59%.

Christian Ponder was at 56% yesterday against the Packers. McNabb, meanwhile, was at 28% against the Lions. I picked that game specifically because the Lions were undefeated, too, at the time, and we were fairly close to winning that game as well. I thought the situations were about as equal as I could get them without the QBs facing off against the same team.

Category Ponder (Vikings vs Packers) McNabb (Vikings vs Lions)
Total First Downs 22 16
… by rushing 9 5
… by passing 12 10
Third Down Efficiency 9/16 – 56% 4/14 – 28%
Total Offensive Plays 65 63
Ave Gain per Offensive Play 6.7 yards 5.1 yards
Net Yards Rushing 218 yards 132 yards
… by Peterson 175 yards 78 yards
Ave Gain per Rushing Play 7.0 yards 5.7 yards
Net Yards Passing 217 yards 189 yards
Red Zone Efficiency 2/2 – 100% 2/5 – 40%

I think the other startling statistic here is Adrian Peterson’s production. Nearly 100 more yards when the passing game was a real threat.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m looking forward to this week’s game for the first time all season. I’m interested to see what Ponder can do as he settles into the offense.


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Oct 23

Vikings vs Packers: A Post Game Hope

Jared Allen: 2 sacks today, 9 consecutive games with sacks!

Well, Vikings Nation, we lost again. We’re 1-6 and just lost to a division rival. One we all hate, mostly because of their completely obnoxious fan base. My mom passed a year ago today and the game just ended with another “L” so you’d think that I’d be down in the dumps, right?

While I miss my mom tremendously, I don’t feel too bad about the game. Except for our defense – but I’ll get to that. The vaunted Packers beat us by… 2 field goals. One of which was 58 yards so props to Crosby on that one. The undefeated Packers barely eked out a win against a 1-5 team. We should feel pretty good about that!

And how ’bout that Christian Ponder, hooking up with Michael Jenkins for 72 yards on the first play of the game? I’m sure I wasn’t alone when I stood up and yelled and clapped in my house, cackling with glee. Just to see that we had a QB that could throw down field… honestly, at that point, I couldn’t care less about what happened the rest of the game. I felt that glimmer of hope that perhaps we might actually have a franchise QB for the first time since… dinosaurs walked the earth?

The Good

Ponder made his first NFL start today and had 2 TDs! (Let's ignore the INTs...)

Gotta start with Christian Ponder in his first NFL start. Sure, he completed fewer than half of his passes. And he threw 2 TDs and also 2 INTs. But for the love of Pete! We have a QB that is pretty accurate and doesn’t force our receivers to Plank and Catch. Immediate upgrade in my opinion. Ponder hit 6 different receivers during today’s game. Way to spread it around, kid.

Bernard Berrian was benched again! And I saw on Twitter that the hot rumor is that his lazy butt is getting cut this week. Hey – Bernie! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way back to the west coast, dude! Thanks for nothing much during your time here. And Bernie’s benching led to…

Greg Camarillo resurfacing with his sure hands for 2 receptions for 35 yards on critical 3rd downs. Way to give Christian somewhere to go with the ball.

Heads up play by Toby Gerhart when Cobb muffed a punt. Too bad Toby couldn’t contribute much more during the game. But that one play led to a delicious rushing TD by…

175 rushing yards, a rushing TD and just generally BAD ASS!

Adrian Peterson! Who ran right over AJ Hawk. I flipped AJ Hawk off after that. Hopefully it wasn’t caught on camera. I’d hate for the Commish to fine me $10K like he did to Hawk this week. All-Day rushed for 175 yards against that “world champion” defense. This, folks, is what happens when you have a QB that can actually throw. Rock on!

Jared Allen with TWO delightful ARodg face plants, thereby setting a new team record for consecutive games with sacks at 9. Nothing makes this Vikings fan happier than seeing men in purple and gold uniforms smashing that smug QB to the turf. ARodg didn’t have to go to Jared. Jared came to him! Shout out to Marcus Sherels and Everson Griffen who both sacked ARodg today as well. 4 times we saw ARodg covered in purple – and 4 times I laughed maniacally.

Well – that’s the most “good” I’ve had to write about this entire season! Let’s continue…

The Bad

Our o-line remains a woe-line. They looked slightly better than other weeks, but Herrera had his knee hyper extended and you know things are weird when Letroy Guion, DT, is suddenly making appearances in the offense. Now that we seem to have a capable QB, let’s make sure the 2012 draft includes some aggressive offensive linemen.

Kluwe can kick - but he sure the hell can't tackle!

Percy Harvin reinjured his ribs and missed about half the game. We need to get him healthy and active in the offense. I think Ponder could do a lot with him and his amazing receiving abilities.

Chris Kluwe attempting to tackle. Seriously, Chris. I love you. I do. But a half hearted grab is NOT a tackle anywhere on this planet. You’re our last line of defense on those plays so if you can’t execute a decent punt, at LEAST tackle.

Ponder makes an appearance here, too, just as a caution. I saw a few accuracy issues and he still has a tendency to rabbit out of the pocket… but let’s just keep an eye on him and hopefully as he gains experience, both will fade.

The Ugly

Leslie... You don't impress me. C'mon man! 2nd half is STILL part of the game.

2nd half collapse is still an issue. Of course, I hadn’t expected that would change because we still have the same bloody coach we had last week. I’ve said it all season long – and I will say it again: Leslie Frazier needs to either go now or the Wilfs need to Steckel him. One and done. We need a coaching staff that can make second half adjustments. End of story.

Brian Robison. Not only did you get ZERO sacks on ARodg – but you kick a dude in the nether-region on America’s Game of the Week? And this, after Cook has his worthless butt in a jail cell for felony strangulation? If you cannot play CLEAN then get back on the bench. Honestly – B-Rob is one of my favorite guys and I was extremely disappointed in his lack of class. I understand that it’s hard to not hate the Packers to that level, but we all just need to keep our hands (and apparently FEET) to ourselves. 5 demerits to B-Rob. And this: 🙁

In case you’re wondering, I sent him a tweet stating my displeasure. I’m sure he’s feeling quite contrite now.

Cook: Cut him loose, Frazier! (Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

Chris Cook. He’s in a jail cell. 2 counts of assault – one of which is felony strangulation. If he’s not off this team by Tuesday, I’ll be calling the front office. And no, I’m not kidding. Vikings players have been arrested a total of 6 times in the last 9 months. This is the second time for Cook. He needs to be cut, if nothing else, then to send a message to the rest.

Well, that’s it for this week my faithful readers. I very much appreciate you coming back week after week to read my posts! It’s been a l-o-n-g stretch of tough games for us as a fan base, but we’ve all hung in here and I think we can all see some light at the end of the tunnel. So put on your purple & gold and hold your heads up high Vikings Nation!



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