Oct 05

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So – I’m Momentarily Famous

Imagine my surprise this evening. Ok – wait. I was surprised twice, actually. First I was surprised – and saddened – to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Like any good dooby of the technology age, I immediately sent a RIP Steve Jobs into cyberspace on Twitter and Facebook, and texted a couple of my friends that were likely not paying attention to the news to ensure they knew about the loss of Apple’s visionary CEO (both having iPhones…).

The second time I was surprised was when I read Michael Oher’s tweet regarding Steve Jobs. Apparently he was blindsided by the news (yes – pun totally intended) of Steve Jobs’ passing – but not because Steve Jobs was no longer on the planet, but rather because he couldn’t understand why people were making a big deal about it because he literally didn’t know who Steve Jobs was.

Naturally I retweeted his Tweet – because, frankly, the fact that he was tweeting from a Twitter application for the iPhone (yes, friends, I do not lie) was too ironic to pass up. What I got for my troubles was the following image on DeadSpin. Thanks to @theVikingPig for pointing this out to me!

VikesPrinces: Oh yeah - famous for 10 maybe 15 seconds!

You know what really gets me about this? Michael Oher wasn’t the only football player who sent a tweet saying he didn’t know who Steve Jobs was. Our own Jamarca Sanford was equally as clueless.

I’m here to tell these football players that nothing they will ever do in their careers will ever match the launch of the iPod, let alone the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad. They will never change the world and they will never impact as many people as he did. How can they possibly be so unaware of American culture & life that they would not know who Steve Jobs is? And yes, that’s meant to be a rhetorical question.

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