Oct 18

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The Age Old Question: Will the Vikings Suck This Year?

I found this video a couple of years ago, and it’s been making me laugh ever since. Why can we laugh? Because we’re Vikings fans – and unlike those baby-barf colored opponents to the east, WE have a sense of humor. We’re not dyed-in-the-wool homers… we have brains and enjoy critical thought and critiquing our team’s performance!

For me, this video captures our spirit of fun and self-deprecation. On the other hand – when we’ve had enough, we’ve had enough – and we’ll hold up Fire Chilly signs, boo our QB when we’re up 28 points and stomp “FIRE DENNY” in the snow along 494 in front of Winter Park if we have to in order to express ourselves.

You’ll find a little nugget of truth & humor towards the end of the video. I had fun sending this to all of my Packer friends back in 2009.

Shout out to ZilchZone for the video.


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