Oct 17

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Vikings vs Bears (Game 1): A Post Game Reaction

McNabb got benched, praise Odin. But for how long?

Well, Vikings fans, it’s game 6 of the 2011 season. Or 2010 Redux as I like to think of it. Only we won’t win as many games this year.

We just had our ascot handed to us on a platter by the woeful Bears. That’s right, we made the Bears’ offensive line look stout. We made Cutler look like Brady – or at least capable. And our entire team looked utterly and completely inept.

We can feel the Puker Nation cackling with glee at our misfortune… all while insisting the Bears are their biggest rival. And guess what Purple People – those Pukers are up next on our schedule! Oh yeah. Can’t wait for that game!

If you’re reading this, you’re at least hanging around like me, watching travesty after travesty, week after week. We’re not band wagon fans, are we Vikings Nation? Did you know that there are repulsive Puker fans out there saying that we’re probably down to 200 fans now that Favre is gone? Well, we will continue to be here and the Puker fans will continue to be as classless as their team, flipping off their own players on TV (Yeah, AJ Hawk – I’m talking to you Mr. Non-Role Model).

Gee - Frazier actually made a decision tonight.

I thought a lot about what I would say about this game. After considering my options, I’ve decided that the Good/Bad/Ugly format isn’t going to work because, aside from Frazier FINALLY acting like a coach and benching McNabb, there was nothing good about this game. Not one thing.

After the game, in his presser, Frazier wouldn’t commit to Ponder or McNabb. The coaching staff is going to “discuss” it tomorrow. Frazier finally displays some coaching gravitas by benching McNugget and then he ruins it in the post-game presser because he’s too McChicken to make difficult decisions by himself. Terrific. I’m sure that Tony Dungy would do things exactly the same way. Hopefully my sarcasm comes through.

The Vikings have a big decision to make. They could assume that continued losses might jeopardize the stadium approval and actually try to win (operative word: TRY), they could keep things status quo and join the Dolphins and the Colts in the “Suck for Luck” bowl, or they could make radical changes and try to determine their talent needs for the next draft – and stop worrying about the division standings.

The Bears sacked McNabb 5 times. This isn't McNabb. So what?

Maybe you’re wondering what I would do. Or, you might not care. If you don’t care, you can stop reading here. If you’re interested, continue reading.

I’d go for option 3. Radical change. Starting at QB. Frazier shouldn’t have quibbled during the post-game presser. He should have stated specifically that a) this season is going nowhere, b) he was wrong to bring McNabb in and c) Ponder and Webb will be taking the QB position for the rest of the season. But honesty and decisiveness are not Frazier’s strong suit.

I’m not going to rehash my “What I Would Do If I Were Leslie Frazier” post. What we need right now is for Leslie to make the tough decisions. If he can’t, he should be relieved of his duties and the Wilfs should use their connections to hook us up with an interim coach that has the guts to do what needs to be done.

Stopping at a QB change will buy us very little, save the NFL experience either Ponder or Webb – or both – would gain. I don’t mean to diminish that, but we need to evaluate all of the talent on this team, which means sitting starters and looking deep into the line up. This is a lost season. We’re going nowhere and if we do not take stock in what we currently have on the roster, we will have no direction as to which way to go, heading into the 2012 draft, in order to secure what we need from a talent perspective to be competitive again quickly.

Personally, I thought Webb should replace McNabb. He's got better wheels.

I’m not talking obvious things – like our Woe-Line issues and our sieve-like secondary. Those are easy targets. But who is sucking up valuable roster space? I’m sure there are 10 people we could cycle off easily – but which ones should go? We should take the rest of the season to find out.

Putting Webb and Ponder in the game would generate excitement in the fan base. If we’re going to lose, let’s watch these kids grow.

As much as it pains me to say it, I’m not looking forward to next week’s game at all. And if Frazier comes out on Wednesday and says either a) he hasn’t made a QB decision or b) he says he’s starting McNabb, I will likely attempt to boycott the viewing of the game. Of course, by Sunday, my resolve would crumble and I’d end up watching anyway, so I’m just going to admit I’ll be watching and hoping for as many AR face plants as possible.

I expect to see this next week.

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  1. I think 6 games in is too soon for the “radical option,” but that’ll come. We need to figure out who’s doing what well and who’s not. Our secondary proved it was the worst in the league last night and our O Line looked worse than Chicago’s. What worries me even *more*, honestly, is that our front 4 wasn’t getting any push against Chicago’s horrible offensive line.

    1. VikesPrincess

      Yep – our defensive front 4 run hot & cold. I don’t get it.

  2. I totally agree with you regarding it’s time to evaluate what we will have going forward and cutting the dead weight come 01-15-12. We are officially at the bottom of the division and we need to fix things sooner rather than later. GB will have rich talent for years to come and the same can be said for Detroit and Chicago at many respective positions. The Vikings have a RB, a wide receiver, 2 DE’s, 2 TE’s, and nothing after that… But now you factor in 2 young QB’s which I think will be great assets to build around.. Let us take our lumps now and next season as well but in the process we are developing a very good young QB in #7 and get the talent to surround him at WR and Offensive Line and we will be ok.. We are not a Super Bowl team right now…..We don’t even look like a 5 win team

    1. VikesPrincess

      Yeah – I have a hard time seeing us get more than 3 wins this season – and that might be pushing it. Thanks for commenting & reading!

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