Oct 02

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Vikings vs Chiefs: A Post-Game Sigh

Yes - it's come to this. (Photo: Brian Peterson, Star Tribune)

New in Vikings’ wear this season, cardboard boxes with snappy slogans like “1st half masters, 2nd half disasters”. That’s right – paper bags are not sturdy enough for Vikings fans. We need cardboard to ensure that our identities are well concealed.

Ok Vikings brethren. I’m done with McNabb. And I’ll be done with Frazier (ok – I already am…), too, if he doesn’t bench McNabb for the rest of the season. We’re 25% of the way through the season and this team cannot beat a team that was manhandled by every opponent to date. The good news is that we didn’t blow a big lead after the half. Mostly because we weren’t leading at the half. In real, non-sarcastic good news, we actually managed to score during the second half – but it wasn’t enough to win the game.

The Vikings are 0-4. The McNabb experiment is a complete and utter flop. It’s time for Ponder and Webb to get a shot at leading this team. But they won’t get it.

Leslie Frazier said during his post game presser, “We’re not in a situation where I don’t think we’re going to make a quarterback change. We’ll go back and look at this tape and look at every position and try to see what we can do to help every position do better than we played today.” Despite the double negative, Leslie Frazier refuses to make a change at QB.

Frazier: Looking for answers while ignoring what's right in front of him.

I don’t care how nice Leslie Frazier is. Leaders need to lead – not worry about offending someone. Tough decisions need to be made, and Leslie Frazier doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do it. He doesn’t have the go-for-the-kill instinct that is necessary to turn this team around.

Lest we forget, this team has the 2008 and 2009 Offensive Rookies of the year on it. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. We have Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin – but cannot win a game. We have Chad Greenway – one of the premier strong-side outside linebackers in the NFL. We have Jared Allen, Brian Robison and Kevin Williams. We have Visanthe Shiancoe. My point here is that we do have talent on this team but it’s not coalescing. Which leads me right back to my point from last week: this team is failing because of coaching.

I’m not going to rehash what I’ve stated in the past. I think everyone knows that I want Bill Musgrave fired and I wouldn’t mind seeing Frazier go as well. Including his stint as Interim Head Coach, he’s now 3-7… a wholly uninspiring performance – especially given his long tenure with this team.

McNabb. Yeah dude - we're perplexed, too.

If Frazier isn’t able to make the decisions that need to be made to allow this team to build for the future then someone in the Vikings organization needs to make the tough choices.

McNabb has no business being on the field. I don’t care how nice his throw to Devin Aromashodu was – any QB in the league could have made that throw.  Of course, I was just surprised that it was high enough to catch.

If Frazier won’t bench him, then the Wilfs should. It would be too much to expect McNabb to bench himself. He doesn’t even think he’s part of the problem!

The Vikings’ season is over.  At this point it’s not inconceivable that we might go 0-16. I thought KC was one of 3 games we might win this season, but the Vikings couldn’t get it together. The offensive line play sucked, McNabb was grass-skipping balls right and left, Peterson couldn’t break out a huge run the way we needed him to, and the defensive effort was rather drab. None of this bodes well for our match up with the Cardinals.

I will end this post-game sigh with this: there are 13 weeks of regular season play left. Much like last year, the  every day Viking fan will spend those 13 weeks holding on to the 2009 performance of the majority of this team and wonder where the magic went. Like the rest of you, I have no answers. Neither does the team, the coaching staff or the owners. That’s why it’s time for a shake up.


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