Oct 09

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Week 5 Picks: How Did I Do?

Eagles vs Bills: Bills 28, Eagles 21
Right. 31-24, Bills. The Eagles aren’t going anywhere this year.

Saints vs Panthers: Saints 34, Panthers 21
Right. 30-27, Saints. Saints played dirty in the end zone and Cam Newton held his own.

Raiders vs Texans: Texans 28, Raiders 24
Wrong. 25-20, Raiders win in a tribute to Al Davis in a game that went down to the last play.

Chiefs vs Colts: Colts 24, Chiefs 21
Wrong.  28-24, Colts. Another game that went right down to the wire.

Bengals vs Jaguars: Bengals 24, Jaguars 13
Right. 30-20, Bengals.

Cardinals vs Vikings: Cardinals 28, Vikings 24
Wrong. 34-10, Vikings. Same team, nothing’s changed other than the Cardinals sucked way more and had no fight in them.

Seahawks vs Giants: Giants 24, Seahawks 17
Wrong. 36-25, Seahawks. Seachickens got an upgrade at QB when T-Jack went out with a boob injury. Eli wore the “I just got intercepted.” Sad Eli face today.

Titans vs Steelers: Titans 27, Steelers 20
Wrong. 38-17, Steelers. Even though Big Ben limped into the locker-room prior to the game – but wasn’t hobbled enough to fail.

Buccaneers vs 49ers: 49ers 24, Bucs 20
Right. 48-3. The Bucs never showed.

Chargers vs Broncos: Chargers 31, Broncos 19
Right. 29-24, Chargers. Even the second coming of Jesus couldn’t propel the Broncos to victory.

Jets vs Patriots: Patriots 34, Jets 24
Right. 30-21, Patriots.

Packers vs Falcons: Pukers 28, Falcons 20
Right. 25-14, Pukers. Stupid Falcons. Not the first time they’ve let us down.

Bears vs Lions: Lions 31, Bears 21
Right! 24-13, Lions.






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