Oct 30

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Week Eight Temperature Check

The Vikings won in Charlotte today, taking them to 2-6 for the season. The Vikings have won against 2 bad teams, but some argue, have been competitive in a lot of other games. I’ve even seen some hypothesize that had Ponder started since Game 1, we’d be undefeated. Personally, I think those folks are using hyperbole without realizing it – but that’s just me.

After today’s non-loss, how are you feeling about the season?

Next week is our bye. The Weekly Temperature Check will be back for week 10!


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  1. After GB our schedule is pretty soft which favors another 6-10 season which is good for fans watching Ponder progress but hurts next draft. If we can upset GB @ Lambeau I can see us going on a tear & ending up 8-8 but again while it shows improvement it will insure Frasier’s status as HC & hurt us in the draft 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other

  2. VikesPrincess

    All good points. It’s a double edged sword. Fans feel better if ya win – the more you win, the lower your pick. Sigh…

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