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Week Five Picks

It’s week 5 of the 2011 NFL season. The Norsemen, having had an apparent apocalypse (versus being the Norsemen of the Apocalypse) are 0-4. Will they go 0-5? Read on and see if I think they will or not.

Eagles vs Bills

The Eagles are 1-3 while the Bills are 3-1. Who could have seen that coming? Mike Vick doesn’t want to talk about the “Dream Team” anymore while Ryan Fitzpatrick is quietly building a case for a media upgrade for his QB abilities. Given that the Eagles can’t seem to get it together (or protect Vick) and the Bills are still in possession of Arthur Moats, who famously ended Brett Favre’s consecutive start streak last season (on my birthday, no less!), I think the Bills go to 4-1 while Andy Reid continues to bemoan his fate to the football gods. Bills 28, Eagles 21.

Saints vs Panthers

Cam Newton is having what some pundits are calling the “best rookie season ever”. Drew Brees’ shiny face still graces NFL marketing 2 years after the Saints late-hit their way into the Super Bowl. This match up takes place near the Atlantic Ocean, not the Gulf of Mexico, but I don’t think the Carolina location is going to be enough to propel the Panthers over the Saints. Saints 34, Panthers 21.

Raiders vs Texans

The Texans are coming off a win against the Steelers while the Raiders lost to the Patriots – and pretty badly at that given that the Patriots had lost to the Bills the previous week. The Texans didn’t disappoint me last week, but the Raiders may be looking to get right back on that winning train. Road games don’t seem to phase the Raiders too much so that might negate the home-field advantage usually cited by the “experts”. At the end of the day, I think Schaub takes better care of the ball than Campbell. Texans 28, Raiders 24.

Chiefs vs Colts

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a brilliant win against 2011’s first-half powerhouse, the Minnesota Vikings. The Colts are debating whether Kerry Collins (2nd string QB) or Curtis Painter (3rd string QB) is going to get the start. And the Colts just lost to the Buccaneers, who had gotten off to a slow start (again). This will be a close match up as both teams are missing star players. The good news for the Colts is that Manning has been cleared… to stand on the sideline. Colts 24, Chiefs 21.

Bengals vs Jaguars

The big cats go at it in Jacksonville. It will be interesting to see if the Jags have sold out this game or not. They have troubles with that, you know. The Bengals are showing some pretty good defense and Andy Dalton isn’t half bad. The Jags have rolled the dice with the QB position, landing on Blaine Gabbert. I don’t think Blaine and the Jaguars’ offense will be able to fend off Cinci’s defense, even at home. Bengals 24, Jaguars 13.

Cardinals vs Vikings

The Vikings’ consecutive sell-out streak continues… thanks to some corporate sponsors I’d guess – complete with Chris Kluwe handing out tickets at MOA week after week. That’s good news since I’d hate to not be able to watch the Vikings lose the game in the comfort of my own home. If either of these teams were good, a McNabb/Kolb duel might garner some interest. Things being what they are, I imagine we’ll get the FOX F-Squad again this week. Given that Leslie Frazier’s head is still firmly planted where Chilly left it last year and McNabb is starting yet again… Cardinals 28, Vikings 24.

Seahawks vs Giants

Eli Manning and T-Jack have met before. At the end of the 2008 season, T-Jack kinda led the Vikings to a victory over the play-off bound Giants. T-Jack traded Purple & Gold for silvery blue and some other shiny colors – and snow for rain. But even a change of scenery isn’t going to be enough to give T-Jack QB skills that will allow him to lead the Seachickens past the Giants who are hosting the squawkers in NYC. Giants 24, Seahawks 17.

Titans vs Steelers

Matt Hasselbeck has been the surprise of the season so far – at least to me. One wonders if Pete Carroll rues swapping out his QBs. The Steelers are fresh off a loss to the Texans and perhaps won’t be the powerhouse they were last season when they made Vikings fans everywhere weep in February. Theoretically, the Steelers have home field advantage at Heinz field, but I think the Titans may not care. Titans 27, Steelers 20.

Buccaneers vs 49ers

Candlestick Park could be hosting one of the closest games of Week 5. These teams are both 3-1 and both have struggled to get those wins. I’m not sure this one comes down to offense – the key may lie in the defense. The question is whether or not Josh Freeman or Alex Smith will be less effected by the pressure. I predict that, for this game, home is where the heart is. 49ers 24, Bucs 20.

Chargers vs Broncos

The Broncos have won just 5 of their last 20 games. That’s right – they’ve won one fewer game than the Vikings. The Chargers, by all accounts, have started str0nger than in previous seasons, but I don’t believe that’s because they’ve played any better. Nevertheless, most people would side with me on this: Philip Rivers can out play Kyle Orton – at sea level or a Mile High in the air. Chargers 31, Broncos 19.

Jets vs Patriots

The Patriots just smacked down the Raiders while the Jets lost to the Ravens – in a tremendously non-spectacular offensive display. Tom Brady cut off his hair, according to reports, but I don’t believe that will impact his ability to sling the football down field. Sanchez, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same finesse. Patriots 34, Jets 24.

Packers vs Falcons

We’ve all seen the “bad blood” ads for this match up. It’s not like these teams face off on an annual basis so, aside from a disappointing Falcons performance last post-season, how “bad” is this match up going to be? Apparently Ryan Grant will be back for the Pukers, perhaps causing them to focus on their run game… meaning we won’t have to watch ARodg throw to imaginary receivers… but will still get to see him be face planted in the astroturf at the Georgia Dome. Pukers 28, Falcons 20.

Bears vs Lions

Cutler, Urlacher. Stafford, Suh. Roy Williams, Johnny Knox. Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson. Not too much more to say here, other than these are not the Lions I used to pity and Jay Cutler is still irritating. Lions 31, Bears 21.

These are my picks this week. Agree? Disagree? Leave me a comment here or on the Purple Princess Perspective fan page on Facebook.

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