Oct 24

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Week Seven Picks: How Did I Do?

Week 7 is in the hopper. How did I do? Scroll down to find out!

Redskins vs Panthers: Panthers 27, Redskins 17
Right. 30-20, Panthers.

Seahawks vs Browns: Browns 21, Seahawks 19
Right. 6-3 Browns. Something tells me this was a boring game to watch.

Falcons vs Lions: Lions 24, Falcons 20
Wrong. 23-16, Falcons. Well, the Lions’ magic is dead it appears. And Stafford has had his requisite injury for the season. MRI scheduled for Monday.

Broncos vs Dolphins: Broncos 20, Dolphins 9
Right. 18-15, Broncos, in a crazy Tebow-led comeback – 2 TDs, a 2 point conversion and a field goal in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter. Maybe he is the second comi…. No. He’s not. But that whole situation left me with a raised eyebrow.

Chargers vs Jets: Jets 27, Chargers 20
Right. 27-21, Jets. Oooo… I *almost* got the score right, too!

Bears vs Buccaneers: Buccaneers 31, Bears 21
Wrong. 24-18, Bears. Why must the Bears always disappoint me?

Texans vs Titans: Texans 24, Titans 17
Right. 41-7, Texans. Dare I say the Texans might make the playoffs this year?

Steelers vs Cardinals: Steelers 21, Cardinals 13
Right. 32-20, Steelers.

Chiefs vs Raiders: Raiders 28, Chiefs 10
Wrong. 28-0, Chiefs. Somehow I didn’t envision THAT much QB drama for the Raiders. Holy buckets!

Rams vs Cowboys: Cowpokies 24, Rams 10
Right. 34-7, Cowboys.

Packers vs Vikings: Pukers 27, Vikings 19
Right. 33-27, Pukers. Ponder was ok. Our defense…. well, read my post game recap.

Colts vs Saints: Saints 31, Colts 14
Right. 62-7, Saints. Yeah. 62. Points. The Saints treated this as a nationally televised practice session. And Chris Collingsworth kept blathering on about how much Forehead Manning means to the Colts. Well, Chris, Mr. NFL Color Commentator – here’s a clue: the Forehead doesn’t play DEFENSE. And I believe when a team scores 62 points on you (the pick-6 notwithstanding) it’s a DEFENSIVE breakdown. Can I please have Collingsworth’s job? I promise I’ll be better.

Ravens vs Jaguars: Ravens 28, Jaguars 7
Wrong. 12-7, Jaguars. This game made me feel better about the Vikings against the Bears in prime time. Talk about a meltdown. Wow, Ravens. Dirty birds, indeed.






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