Oct 17

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Week Six Picks: How Did I Do?

Panthers vs Falcons: Falcons 28, Panthers 19
Right. 31-17, Falcons. Cam Newton was picked off 3 times, including the last play of the game.

Colts vs Bengals: Bengals 20, Colts 14
Right. 27-17, Bengals.

49ers vs Lions: Lions 28, 49ers 24
Wrong. 25-19, 49ers. Damn you, Lions. I wanted you to remain undefeated.

Rams vs Packers: Pukers 42, Rams 7
Right. 24-3, Pukers. Al Harris against his former team, Ben Leber inactive but not injured… and atrocious Puker throw-backs. Blech.

Bills vs Giants: Bills 27, Giants 20
Wrong, 27-24 Giants.

Jaguars vs Steelers: Steelers 31, Jaguars 10
Right. 17-13, Steelers. Didn’t expect that close of a game. Have the Steelers lost their edge?

Eagles vs Redskins: Redskins 24, Eagles 21
Wrong. 20-13 Eagles. I didn’t know Rex Grossman was planning to throw 4 INTs, resulting in his benching in favor of Beck. Dear Vikings: do not queue up Grossman for a purple and gold Vikings uniform next year.

Texans vs Ravens: Ravens 24, Texans 20
Right. 29-14, Ravens.

Browns vs Raiders: Raiders 28, Browns 17
Right. 24-17, Raiders. Despite losing Campbell for the season with a broken collar bone, the Raiders won this one at home.

Cowboys vs Patriots: Patriots 34, Cowboys 20
Right. 20-16, Patriots. Tom Brady had a 2 minute offensive drive that led to the win.

Saints vs Buccaneers: Saints 27, Bucs 13
Wrong. 26-20, Bucs. Drew Brees intercepted in the end zone, giving up what would have been the game winning TD. Where was that Drew Brees during the 2009 NFCCG?

Vikings vs Chicago: Bears 21, Vikings 17
Right. 39-10, Bears. Yeah – I didn’t get the spread right at all. The Vikings looked terrible in all phases and McNugget got benched. Embarrassing.

Dolphins vs Jets: Jets 24, Dolphins 13
Right. 24-6, Jets. The Dolphins couldn’t have done more to give this one away.






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