Oct 18

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While Moving On, Let’s Look Back

NFL Networks reported today that Leslie Frazier is benching Donovan McNabb and starting Christian Ponder this Sunday against the team that pairs the WRONG color with gold (all hail to the PURPLE!). I missed this big announcement, but a hearty shout out to Jim Anderson for texting me with the news while I was doing an interview. If you’re wondering if the interviewee knew that I was getting good news, the answer is yes. I helpfully informed her as well.

If you’re like me, you’re hoping for a fresh start and some high-energy performance out of our Purple & Gold. In the spirit of that, I’m posting the following video for your viewing enjoyment to see if we can’t capture some of that unwavering belief we had in our team back in 2009.

Credit goes to EasternVike for compiling this video.

Skol Vikings Nation!


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