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Nov 27

Vikings vs Falcons: A Post Game Chuckle

This is what a person looks like when they shouldn't be a head coach in the NFL. Confused & over-matched.

Every time I think the Vikings couldn’t disappoint me more if they tried… they disappoint me more, primarily without trying. Or, because they’re NOT trying.

This team sucks. The coaching staff sucks. The personnel decisions of the last 5 years have come home to roost. This team is going to be bad until 2015, at least. Mark my words. I know none of us likes to hear it – but it’s all right there over the last 2 seasons.

Between poor drafting decisions, poor coaching decisions and bad personnel management when it comes to free agency (wide receiver, anyone?), this team has a steep drop off from star talent to the rest of the guys. Toby Gerhart is a prime example of talent drop-off from Adrian Peterson. And worse, there are very few roles with star talent.

Who qualifies as “star” talent? Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Jared Allen… and that about wraps it up, doesn’t it? We don’t yet know if Ponder is going to be a star. We have no stand-outs on the offensive line. Our Tight Ends are average as a unit. Our defensive secondary sucks. I could go on, but we all know the state of the team.

The highlight of the game today was watching Jared Allen long-snapping after Cullen Loeffler was injured early in the 2nd quarter. And that was more from an overall interest perspective than anything else. Although, because our special teams’ performance has declined since we booted our previous special teams coach, Brian Murphy, not only did Jared Allen long-snap but he also had to bring down the punt returner after 6 to 7 missed tackles.

The announcers couldn’t shut up about Jared Allen long-snapping, but any good Vikings fan knew that a) Allen was drafted for his long-snapping skills and b) he’s listed as the #2 long-snapper in the depth chart. Duh.


Ponder made some nice throws today.

The Decent

Ponder to Percy and then a 1 yard carry by Gerhart for a TD in the 3rd quarter. Ponder took a huge risk throwing into double coverage, but Percy was able to win that contest, no problem. They should trust Percy more in those situations. Favre did.

Lucky break at the start of the 4th quarter, with a punt hitting a Falcon and subsequently being recovered by D’Imperio. Great field position & an unexpected possession. What did we do with it? Get a TD, of course, off 4th and 13. Just like I expected. Not! Ponder to Percy. Hey Musgrave: pay attention you dodo! Percy deep = magic.


This is what the WORST Offensive Coordinator in the NFL looks like.

The Terrible

Bill Musgrave’s play calling. The bubble screen to Percy didn’t work the first time? Let’s run that play 2 more times at least for negative yards! Yeah!

Percy’s 104 yard kick return… that wasn’t a TD. Crappy Bill Musgrave play-calling doomed the 3 subsequent downs. Dear Bill: GERHART is NOT the answer when you need to get 2 feet. He’s proved it time & time again. Do you, Bill, NOT watch film?

Special teams tackling. Or, the lack thereof. Our special teams coverage has significantly declined, where it used to be a strong point of ours. Priefer should be canned. Bring back Brian Murphy.

Defensive secondary. The worst in the league in my opinion. Especially now with Antoine Winfield out for the year with his broken clavicle. Cedric Griffin is terrified of contact – and I don’t blame him for that but I do think he needs to be released in the off-season.


Can someone explain to me why Webb isn't being used as a wide receiver or punt/kick returner? He has tremendous talent and does nothing but sit there week after week.

The Ridiculous

30% efficiency in 3rd down conversions. 64 net yards in rushing. Time of possession: 25:12. 6 penalties for 49 yards – undisciplined.

Frazier told some token blonde woman reporting from the sidelines after half time that he was hoping to use the run game to open up the passing game. Yes – Frazier is so stupid, he believes that we still can have a premier running game with Adrian Peterson sitting at home in Minnesota while the team plays in the Georgia Dome.

The performance of the o-line. Ponder had zero time back in the pocket. No protection the vast majority of the game. The entire line – including Phil Loadholt – needs an upgrade.

HOW did Frazier not challenge the 2nd effort Percy TD? Huge failure in the booth on the part of the Vikings. And it’s not the first time the people in the booth have failed the team. Perhaps those folks should be upgraded as well.

The Broncos are up next. Won’t it be fun to watch some talentless hack like Tim Tebow send the Purple & Gold to 2-10? No, it won’t be fun. But it will happen and those die-hard fans like myself will stoically watch the travesty of a game as it transpires.

Skol Vikings Nation. Make sure you have libations on hand to reduce the pain.


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Nov 24

Week Twelve Picks

Well – I did pretty well last week. There are a lot of tough match ups this week though. I’m going to hope for the best! But before I jump into my picks, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. And yes, I wish this even for you Puker fans that find your way to my blog and leave me nasty comments and all you irritating Sconnie infiltrators that refuse to go back to your native state because you know how much cooler Minneapolis is. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Packers vs Lions

Oh how I wish the Lions could bring this one home for their fans and non-Puker fans everywhere. The Pack needs to lose. I have been forced to watch them 4-5 times this year and every single time they’ve looked beatable. I cannot understand why no one has done so to date. If this had been earlier in the season, I would have taken the Lions over the Pukers. But the Lions have lost their magic and some key players. Pukers 31, Lions 24.

Dolphins vs Cowboys

Both of these teams enter the game on a streak of 3 consecutive wins. This is more shocking for the Dolphins than the Cowboys, although the Cowboys have been known to lose when people least expect it. Tony Romo has the penchant for making huge mistakes when he can least afford them while Matt Moore has been performing consistently. I think the Cowboys will endeavor to keep their streak alive today. Cowboys 28, Dolphins 20.

49ers vs Ravens

The Ravens have not lived up to the hype this season, although they managed to win last week. The 49ers are 9-1 and are looking like the real deal. Joe Flacco has been wholly inconsistent in his performance this season while Alex Smith has flourished under Jim Harbaugh, showing exactly what a good coach can do with a team. Even though this game is being played in Baltimore, I think the 49ers will be playing as though they’re in Candlestick Park. 49ers 27, Ravens 21.

Vikings vs Falcons

Adrian Peterson is probably not playing with a high ankle sprain. Percy’s ribs are acting up. Ponder, Shiancoe and Erin Henderson have been limited in practice… oh why am I even detailing this? Falcons 34, Vikings 13.

Browns vs Bengals

One of these teams is at the bottom of the AFC North. The other is the Bengals – who blew a great opportunity last week to improve their divisional standings. In this Ohio match up, Andy Dalton will take on the less-than-inspiring Colt McCoy in Paul Brown Stadium. While the Bengals have a 2 game losing streak following them into this game, I think they’ll use that as motivation to beat the Browns. Bengals 24, Browns 17.

Bills vs Jets

The Bills started out strong and have been steadily failing. Will this be their 4th consecutive loss? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s not forget that the woeful Jets just lost to the pathetic Broncos, led by non-passing QB Tim Tebow. There’s a lot of criticism out there aimed at both Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan for the struggles the Jets have been facing. I think their win here will allow them to keep that at bay – at least for another week. Jets 19, Bills 13.

Buccaneers vs Titans

The Bucs couldn’t beat the Packers, but the team they’re playing this weekend isn’t sporting puke green & gold. The Titans are not having a stellar season and their star RB is having the least productive season of his career. Josh Freeman will need to keep his wits about him, though, because Matt Hasselbeck is playing much better than anticipated. Buccaneers 20, Titans 17

Cardinals vs Rams

In this divisional match up, the 3-7 Cardinals take on the 2-8 Rams in St. Louis. A few weeks back, the Rams beat the Saints in the same stadium. The Cardinals aren’t the Saints – but these Rams can pull out a surprise when they need to – especially at home. If the Cardinals lose, they’ll be in last place in the NFC West – and I believe that will happen. Rams 21, Cardinals 19.

Texans vs Jaguars

The Jaguars don’t have much of an offense with Gabbert at the helm. Matching that up with the Texans’ stout defense doesn’t bode well for the big cats in their own house. Even without Schaub at the helm, I think that the Texans can win this one, even though Matt Leinart will be the starting QB. Texans 17, Jaguars 13.

Panthers vs Colts

Well. The Panthers aren’t having the season they envisioned when Cam Newton began the season throwing 400+ yards per game. Lucky for them, though, they have the Colts on their regular season schedule. This win will take them to 3-8… because, let’s face it – the Colts aren’t beating anyone this season. Panthers 19, Colts 3.

Redskins vs Seahawks

Rex Grossman is back from the bench while T-Jack has managed to not only avoid the bench – but has managed to secure a better record than his former team. Seattle is a tough place to play and the Redskins are on a 6 game losing streak, while the Seahawks have won their last 2. They’ll get a third. Seahawks 21, Redskins 9.

Bears vs Raiders

Jay Cutler has a broken thumb and is out for 4-6 weeks. Carson Palmer is settling in to the Raiders’ starting QB position – aided by the Vikings this last weekend, to be sure. Hanie is a steep drop off from Cutler and I don’t see him being able to lead the Bears to a win on the road. Raiders 27, Bears 10.

Patriots vs Eagles

Vince Young will be leading the Eagles’ offense against the Patriots this weekend. It looks like Nnamdi Asomugha and Jeremy Maclin are likely to be out for the Eagles (along with Vick & his broken ribs), setting up what should be a cake-walk for the boys from Boston. Patriots 34, Eagles 21.

Broncos vs Chargers

Christmas came early for Charger fans. Miraculously, QualComm Stadium has actually sold out this weekend, so there will be no black out in San Diego when Tebow comes to town. Philip Rivers has done nothing but melt down lately while the untalented hack of a QB, Tim Tebow, somehow manages to win 3 in a row. Broncos 19, Chargers 17.

Steelers vs Chiefs

The Chiefs picked up Kyle Orton off waivers this week, but he won’t be playing Sunday. He’ll need more than a couple of days to learn that offense. With Matt Cassel out, Tyler Palko will be the starting QB. Something tells me that the Steelers could start their 2nd string defense and still win this game. Steelers 28, Chiefs 7.

Giants vs Saints

Let’s all say it together: Eli Manning isn’t an elite QB. The pundits keep saying he is one week and then they go after him the next. If there’s that much back & forth, just give it up. As much as I dislike the Saints, I don’t see them allowing an erratic offense beat them at home. Saints 27, Giants 14.

Those are my picks this week.


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Nov 22

Week Eleven Picks: How Did I Do?

Did I do better than last week? Scroll down to find out!

Jets vs Broncos: Jets 21, Broncos 17
Wrong. 17-13, Broncos. Ridiculous. Jets need to start rethinking the whole Mark Sanchez thing, in my opinion.

Bengals vs Ravens: Bengals 20, Ravens 13
Wrong. 31-24 Ravens. Cincinnati was in the red zone for the last minute of the game but couldn’t close the deal.

Jaguars vs Browns: Browns 24, Jaguars 13
Right. 14-10, Browns.

Panthers vs Lions: Lions 28, Panthers 19
Right. 49-35, Lions. Another epic defensive failure for both teams.

Buccaneers vs Packers: Pukers 38, Bucs 17
Right. 35-26, Pukers. God I hate that team.

Bills vs Dolphins: Dolphins 19, Bills 14
Right. 35-8, Dolphins.

Raiders vs Vikings: Raiders 28, Vikings 14
Right. 27-21, Raiders. Another pathetic appearance by the boys in purple.

Cowboys vs Redskins: Cowboys 24, Redskins 13
Right. 27-24, Dallas. In OT.

Cardinals vs 49ers: 49ers 31, Cardinals 17
Right. 23-7, 49ers.

Seahawks vs Rams: Seahawks 17, Rams13
Right. 24-7, Seahawks. T-Jack threw a couple of INTs but ultimately triumphed.

Titans vs Falcons: Falcons 24, Titans 14
Right. 23-17, Falcons.

Chargers vs Bears: Bears 28, Chargers 19
Right. 31-20, Bears.

Eagles vs Giants: Giants 20, Eagles 13
Wrong. 17-10, Eagles. Eli meltdown. Again.

Chiefs vs Patriots: Patriots 34, Chiefs 7
Right. 34-3, Patriots. Pretty close on the score even!






Running Total





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Nov 20

Vikings vs Raiders: A Post Game Shake of the Head

The Vikings' season has gone down in flames.

What a ridiculous game. The Vikings looked disinterested, disheveled, disheartened and disengaged… until the last quarter, when they apparently found a little bit of pride left in the bottom of the barrel. It was too little, too late.

If this doesn’t prove to all of you people out there still defending Leslie Frazier that HE CANNOT coach or motivate this team, I don’t know what more it will take. 2 games this week and both times this team was not prepared and completely lacked any semblance of professionalism.

On the first play of the game, Charlie Johnson was called for a false start. And it was all downhill from there. Horrible tackling, lack of care with the ball and uninspiring performances by nearly every member of the squad. I think that Adrian Peterson would have had a very good day, but unfortunately, he was lost to us early in the second quarter.

Toby Gerhart is no Adrian Peterson. I think we can all agree on that.

The Good

Chad Greenway got Frazier's challenge. The rest of the defense took a nap.

Chad Greenway actually had a sack today, his first of the season and his first tackle for a loss of the season. He ended the day with 7 solo tackles, 8 assists and a sack.

3 personal fouls on the Raiders in the first quarter. That’s not really “good” but it kept our drive going.

Adrian Peterson got rushing TD #11, but didn’t make much headway in his quest to be the Vikings’ all-time leading rusher. He had 26 yards on the day, leaving him with 165 yards I believe before he breaks the record.

We actually blocked a field goal attempt for the first time since 2007! What kind of sad stat is that? We just aren’t very good at blocking punts or field goals – although the reverse happens to us fairly frequently.

Percy Harvin being used as a running back in the absence of Adrian Peterson. Perhaps he should be used more there. He had 5 carries for 21 yards rushing and 6 receptions for 76 yards. It was good to have him fully in the game.

The Bad

He can run. And has to a lot because our woe-line brings sadness & defeat.

Christian Ponder throwing an INT into double coverage in the red zone, setting up a TD scoring drive for the Raiders in the 1st quarter. Christian Ponder throwing another INT in 3rd quarter… setting up yet another Raiders TD. Christian Ponder throwing another red-zone INT that, due to a Michael Bush fumble, resulted in a Brian Robison recovery instead of another 7 points for the Raiders.

For the game, he went 19/33 for 211 yards with 2 TDs… and 3 INTs. Ponder made poor decisions out there today. I was hoping to see better decisions – not worse – with increased game time. The good news is that he takes full responsibility in his pressers.

The o-line had some of its worst play since the start of the season – and that’s saying a LOT given how crappy that line is to begin with. We need some serious upgrades along that o-line in the off-season. Since we’ll have high picks and all that – based on our travesty of a season.

Jared Allen’s 11 game streak with a sack was broken today. In his defense, he was held frequently and the Raiders were working the soft side with Robison quite a bit, taking the field of play away from him. Surprisingly, he ended the day with 0 solo tackles and just 2 assists.

Booker: Sometimes good. Usually not.

Lorenzo Booker fumbling on the 17 yard line when returning a kick and the Raiders recovering with less than 2 minutes in the 1st half, leading to another Raiders TD. Booker seems to have issues with holding onto the ball.

Penalties. 9 penalties for 50 yards. This team remains undisciplined. Of course, it could have been worse… we could be the Raiders with 12 for 117 yards. And if you’re thinking about that stat… that’s more than the length of the field, which theoretically would have led to some kind of advantage for us. But no, because it’s the Vikings and the team isn’t able to capitalize on those kind of mistakes. Much.


Leslie... Your coaching leaves me grimacing. And you can't motivate.

The Ugly

The FANS during the injury time out when Darrius Heyward-Bey was being strapped to a gurney with a potentially serious neck injury. You stupid people decided to do the WAVE???? This isn’t Chicago people. We’re not a bunch of classless ruffians. What is WRONG with you people attending that game? The team is embarrassing enough and now those of you doing the wave made the whole fan base look like a bunch of asses. Way to go.

Adrian Peterson’s ankle injury. It was ugly and he was carted off. He came back later in the game to hobble around on the sidelines, but he didn’t take the field again. Which was good – he needs to give that ankle some time.

The officiating! Phantom holding calls, miscalling of downs… what the heck was going on with them today? They were amateur at best.

Run stopping. Or rather, the lack thereof. Invisible pass defense. The defense looked anemic at nearly every position today. There was a Kevin Williams sighting. One. His first sack since 2009.

Special teams. All areas… kicking, punting, special teams coverage… Kick returns of 20, 36 and 46 yards allowed. Kluwe mishandling a snap on a field goal attempt. Sweet baby Odin… not good all around.

This was an incredibly painful game to watch across the board. These kinds of games suck the life right out of you. Or at least they suck the life right out of me. Leslie Frazier obviously can’t motivate this team. He & Musgrave cannot adjust and the whole team is flat.

I’ll end with this: I hope that Adrian Peterson & Darrius Heyward-Bey have speedy recoveries.

Skol Vikings Nation.


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Nov 17

For Vikings Fans, the Heart-Break Starts Early

If you’ve been a Vikings fan for longer than 10 minutes, there’s no way you aren’t going to empathize with this little girl. I started watching the Vikings when I was around her age and when I think about all the heartache she has in front of her, it almost makes me want to tell her to save herself and choose another team before it’s too late. And then I remember how awesome purple and gold look together and how cool all the Vikings paraphernalia is and I think, “Hell, it’s not so bad…”

I think, in just 49 seconds, this little girl outwardly shows what every Vikings fan has been doing inside for the last 2 seasons.


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Nov 16

Week Eleven Picks

Wow. I can’t believe it’s week 11 already. Heading into the last part of the season always makes me sad, because it’s all going to end soon. Of course, there are those that would say that will put the Vikings fans out of their misery… but we’re all thinking about the possibility that our team may leave so that adds some extra angst.

All that aside, let’s get to my picks. Hopefully I will do better than breaking even like last week!

Jets vs Broncos

For Thursday Night Football, this is an interesting match up. The Jets are 5-4 and are coming off a loss, while the Broncos at 4-5 are on a 2 game winning streak… with fewer passing yards than you can shake a stick at. If you were to shake sticks at small numbers of passing yards. Mark Sanchez’s performance this season still can be best described as erratic while Tim Tebow… Sweet baby Odin… what is that dude even doing out there? No one knows… but he’s inspired a nation of ironic tebowers, and that makes me laugh. The Jets are better against the pass than they are against the rush. That might make this a close one since Tebow can’t throw. Jets 21, Broncos 17.

Bengals vs Ravens

Last time I watched the Bengals play the Ravens in Paul Brown Stadium, they lost. I’m not so sure that’ll be the case this week. The Bengals and the Ravens are both 6-3 in this divisional match up and the Ravens have not been living up to the expectations they set in week 1. The Bengals have been a constant surprise. Baltimore is 4-0 at home which seems to indicate that they’ve got a distinct advantage… but not so fast… the Bengals are 4-1 on the road. Andy Dalton has a rating of 82.6, ranking him at 17 in the league. Joe Flacco, who many assumed would turn out to be tremendous is ranked 26th. I believe the steady performance of Andy Dalton will give the Bengals the edge in an upset. Bengals 20, Ravens 13.

Jaguars vs Browns

The Jaguars are headed to the shores of Lake Erie from their Floridian shores on the Atlantic. Both these teams are 3-6 and the Jaguars haven’t done well on the road, while the Browns haven’t been too stellar at home. Colt McCoy is ranked 22nd by QB Passing Rating at 78.2. Meanwhile, Blaine Gabbert is ranked 33rd with a 63.6 rating… indicating that the Jag’s passing game isn’t going to be too hard to defend for the team with the best ranked defense against the pass. Surely I’m not the only one surprised by that particular stat! Browns 24, Jaguars 13.

Panthers vs Lions

The Lions are 6-3 and are coming off a loss to the Bears. The Panthers are 2-7 and have managed to string together a 2 game losing streak without exerting too much effort. Matt Stafford is proving to be a solid choice at QB for the Lions, but the team’s early magic seems to have dissipated. The Panthers, on the other hand, play hard but shoot themselves in the foot, preventing them from securing the win. Since actual crowd noise is a factor at Ford Field these days, I think the Panthers will continue to struggle. Lions 28, Panthers 19.

Buccaneers vs Packers

I’m not going to say too much about this game, other than I hope the Bucs have been purposely underperforming in order to spring a surprise trouncing during this game. I think we all know what’s going to happen here. More’s the pity. Pukers 38, Bucs 17.

Bills vs Dolphins

The Bills are sitting at 5-4 while the Dolphins are at 2-7, anchoring the bottom of the AFC East. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been adding 1 INT to his running total over the last 3 games, throwing 3 picks last week, while Matt Moore has taken better care of the ball in recent weeks. Both teams are near the bottom of the pack when it comes to defending the pass, which could throw this game wide open on the field. The Bills have a 2 game losing streak while the Dolphins have surprised everyone by winning their last 2 games. Can they add to the W column this week? I think they can. Dolphins 19, Bills 14.

Raiders vs Vikings

Well, the Vikings are back home after a horrendous showing at Lameblow on MNF. The Raiders continue to roll, even with the loss of their starting QB. Carson Palmer to the rescue. Hopefully Vikings fans are headed to the game to watch Christian Ponder continue to learn… because I don’t see the team actually managing to win. Raiders 28, Vikings 14.

Cowboys vs Redskins

The Redskins are at the bottom of the NFC East, with a 3-6 record and have now tallied up a 5 game losing streak. The Cowboys are still in the running to win the division after posting 2 wins in a row. The difference between the teams is really at the QB position. Romo makes mistakes but is a constant driving force behind the offense. The Redskins started Grossman, benched him and then restarted him last week. And they still don’t have a good option. Cowboys 24, Redskins 13.

Cardinals vs 49ers

The Cardinals are heading to Candlestick Park this week after beating the Eagles in Week 10. The 49ers are finally being recognized as a legitimate team with their 8-1 record for the season. While the Cardinals may have won against the Eagles, I don’t think they have a shot here. Why? Because Kevin Kolb didn’t spend 4 years with the 49ers and surely, if he had, Harbaugh would be smart enough to change the offensive play calling signals so Kolb couldn’t call out the plays before they occurred on the field to help the Cardinals’ defense. And yes – that actually happened last week. Andy Reid. SMH. 49ers 31, Cardinals 17.

Seahawks vs Rams

So. The Seahawks won last week. Yep – Tavaris Jackson led that team to victory against the Ravens. I know – I was shocked, too. The Rams moved to 2-7 with their 1 point victory. Let’s face it – neither of these teams is very good but one of them is going to win this thing. While the Rams took down the Saints at home in a real stunner, the Seahawks are bringing the surprising momentum they gathered with their win last week. I think that gives them the advantage. Seahawks 17, Rams13.

Titans vs Falcons

The Falcons lost to the Saints last week in OT while the Titans put up a win against the Panthers. I got both of those picks wrong. I’m hoping to do better this week with this match up. Chris Johnson has been a non-factor this season. Let’s put it in perspective: James Starks has put up more yards in the barely-there Puker running game. Wonder how the Titans are feeling about that big payout now. Meanwhile, Michael Turner is ranked #9 in total rushing yards. With both QBs for these teams posting a QB rating in the 80’s… something tells me that the running game is going to be the difference. I believe that “something” is called statistics. Falcons 24, Titans 14.

Chargers vs Bears

The Chargers started out strong. Something tells me that they’re wishing they’d started out slow like usual now that they’ve managed to log 4 losses in a row. The Bears looked like they were going to fight the Vikings for last place in the NFC North at the start of the season… but are now riding a wave of 4 straight wins as they host the beleaguered Bolts at Soldier Field. Based on recent performances, I think the Bears have this one in the bag. Bears 28, Chargers 19.

Eagles vs Giants

Both of these teams lost last week. Another 2 games I picked incorrectly, I might add. The Giants are sitting at 6-3 while the Eagles have managed to achieve the exact opposite at 3-6. Mike Vick may or may not be injured, depending on who you ask, while Eli Manning is now being referred to as “elite” by some commentators. There’s some weirdness & dysfunction occurring with the team that was supposed to have been a “dream”. The Giants have just been quietly amassing enough wins to lead the NFC East. I believe they’ll be adding one more win to that lead at MetLife Stadium this weekend. Giants 20, Eagles 13.

Chiefs vs Patriots

The KC Chiefs head to Boston this weekend to take on the current AFC East leader on Monday Night Football. I’m sure the country is hoping for a closer match than last week’s travesty that involved our favorite team. With the Chiefs on a current 2-game losing streak, and Matt Cassel’s ability to play very much in question, given his hand surgery on Monday, I believe that this will be an E-Z PASS for the Patriots (much in the way the Twins were an E-Z PASS for the Yankees in 2010). Patriots 34, Chiefs 7.

Those are my picks this week. Agree? Disagree? Leave me a comment!


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Nov 14

Vikings vs Packers (Game 2): A Post Game Rant

Jared only managed to do this once tonight.

Wow. This team totally sucks. The coaching staff is pathetic. I’m so angry you may have noticed I jumped right into my commentary. Yeah. I’m that mad.

For the last 2 weeks I have been looking forward to this game. The Packers have the 31st worst defense against the pass. We had started to have a passing game. The Packers do not look invincible. They have gaps. I thought that Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave were spending the last 2 weeks planning for this game. I assumed they were watching film and putting together a comprehensive plan based on 8 games of Packers film. If I were on the coaching staff in either of their positions, that is what I would be doing.

I thought that the Vikings players would take a break and come back focused and ready to play one of the Vikings’ divisional rivals on Monday Night Football. I assumed that those players had pride in their craft and that they would not want to be embarrassed yet again on the national stage.

Well, I was wrong. About all of it.

You can see more of this on my blog than on the actual field.

The Good

The post game pressers were brief. Not much to say when your team was handed their collective ascot on a platter by some crappy small town team from the frozen tundra sporting the most god-awful combination of colors known to mankind.

ARodg was face planted twice. And frankly, with that Puker o-line of extra fat Michelin Men, that’s really not that good. Hi, Brian Robison – where have you been?

And that’s the end of the good. Note that I was generous to even put anything under “good” after this travesty. Especially with just 2 sacks on ARodg. Pathetic!

Note again that I had to dig deep into the pressers to even come up with a enough words to border the picture of ARodg getting sacked there to the right.

Yeah - we're not masters of any half anymore. (Photo: Brian Peterson, Star Tribune)

The Bad

Being a Vikings fan. This team makes it hard to have any sense of excitement or optimism year after year. The team has been woefully mismanaged and poorly coached since Bud Grant retired. It’s a miracle that the team has gotten to the NFC Championship Game at all since Bud left. Please note that if these players actually TRIED week in and week out, it wouldn’t be so hard to support them. But when you look at tonight’s game with Cedric Griffin whiffing on tackles because he’s mentally done with this game and Asher Allen getting burned… and Chad Greenway missing tackles… these mistakes are 100% effort and focus related.

Fred Evans. Every time he’s on the field he draws a penalty. Typically for being offsides. Guess what Fred: I want you off my team. Forever. Get the hell out of dodge dude.

Ponder’s 3rd down conversion rate. For those of you who, on Twitter, praised Ponder’s performance… his 3rd down conversion rate equaled Donovan McNabb’s average. His completion rate was under 50%.

Chris Kluwe’s punting. Yeah – he was out-performed by Masthay.  Ryan Longwell’s place kicking. I’m starting to think his leg is too old and he needs to retire. He’s been missing a lot of field goals lately.

Can't get your players motivated? Hey, ho, time to go!

The Ugly

10 penalties for 80 yards! The mental errors of amateurs.

Pretty much everything else. This team was so pathetic that Rodgers (in 50% of the last 4 games with these dodos) sat to watch Matt Flynn (who’s a hell of a QB in his own right) finish us off. Well isn’t that just grand. Nothing like going to work tomorrow to look the two Packer fans that work for me in the eye as we say good morning and they smirk. I can’t wait. Thanks a lot Vikings!

Let’s be clear on one thing: Leslie Frazier needs to be Les Steckeled. One and done. And he never should have had one year as head coach. He could have fixed this team. Back in September I wrote this post where I delineated what needed to be done. I hypothesized that Frazier didn’t have the guts to do it. And I was right.

The question is now: Will the Wilfs have the guts to do what needs to be done with Frazier & the rest of the offensive coaching staff? They all need to be fired and replaced with a new regime. And I wouldn’t wait either. Start making calls Zygi & Mark. Line up a replacement coach and bring him (or her, if they want to hire me!) in and let him establish the new offensive coaching staff and take the rest of the year to get some chemistry going. Bring in a general manager – hell, move Leslie Frazier to personnel if you want to keep him involved as I do think he has talent there – and let that person manage and let the coaches coach.

I watched this whole game from painful start to pathetic finish. I will watch the rest of the games this year and think about what might have been if Ponder had started from week one and if the Wilfs had hired a proven coach last season. Not that considering those possibilities will change anything… but I can pretend we had a totally different season in my head.

I am angry as hell at the entire team, the coaches & the owners right now, but I will never cheer for another team.

Skol Vikings Nation. I’m going to bed.


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Nov 14

Week Ten Picks: How Did I Do?

Here are the results of my Week 10 Picks… The first full week of all 16 games was a bit of a disaster for me. Sigh.

Raiders vs Chargers: Chargers 21, Raiders 19
Wrong. 24-17, Raiders. It’s now officially been a while since the announcers have talked about the Chargers in the context of Super Bowl contenders. I find I don’t miss it.

Saints vs Falcons: Falcons 24, Saints 20
Wrong. 26-23. In OT, no less. The Saints Seaux Bleaux Theaux.

Titans vs Panthers:  Panthers 17, Titans 14
Wrong. 30-3, Titans. Not only was Cam not on his game, the defense fell down, too.

Steelers vs Bengals: Steelers 27, Bengals 20
Right. 24-17, Steelers.

Rams vs Browns: Rams 21, Browns 17
Right. 13-12, Rams. Wow – what a squeaker!

Bills vs Cowboys: Cowboys 24, Bills 19
Right. 44-7, Cowboys. They started out strong and the Bills never got a rhythm going.

Jaguars vs Colts: Jaguars 19, Colts 10
Right. 17-3, Jaguars.

Broncos vs Chiefs: Chiefs 28, Broncos 24
Wrong. 17-10, Broncos. All that despite the lack of a passing game. Or a real QB.

Redskins vs Dolphins: Dolphins 27, Redskins 17
Right. 20-9, Dolphins. Grossman played. Badly.

Cardinals vs Eagles: Eagles 31, Cardinals 17
Wrong. 21-17, Cardinals. What happened to the Dream Team? They show up every other week? Elite QB John Skelton led the Cardinals to a win on the road. Really???

Texans vs Buccaneers: Texans 34, Bucs 20
Right. 37-9, Texans. The Bucs couldn’t be bothered to show up.

Ravens vs Seahawks: Ravens 20, Seahawks 13
Wrong. 22-17, Seachickens. How the HELL could Flacco & team let T-Jack beat them? Unbelievable.

Lions vs Bears: Bears 28, Lions 24
Right. 37-13, Bears. Matt Stafford threw 2 pick-6s, a red zone/end zone INT, a couple of Lions’ fumbles (6 total turnovers), Hester had a punt return for a TD and a fight broke out, for which DJ Moore (Bears) was ejected. Awww ya – just another day in the NFC North. It’s not called the Black & Blue Division for nothin’.

Giants vs 49ers: Giants 23, 49ers 20
Wrong. 27-20, 49ers. Eli let me down and hopefully this will dispel rumors of his ascent to “elite” QB status.

Patriots vs Jets: Patriots 28, Jets 19
Right. 37-16, Patriots. Sanchez was an INT factory on the national stage. Again.

Vikings vs Packers: Vikings 28, Pukers 24
Wrong. 45-7, Pukers. I was under the mistaken impression that Frazier & Musgrave were working on a game plan during the bye and that the players cared. I won’t be fooled again.






Running Total





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Nov 12

Week Ten Picks

Well, I didn’t get my picks up in time for the Thursday night game as I was having a busy week, but I did tweet my pick. Unfortunately, I was just plain wrong.

Raiders vs Chargers

I assumed that the Chargers were good enough to beat a team that brought a QB out of purgatory a couple of weeks ago. I was wrong. Chargers 21, Raiders 19.

Saints vs Falcons

The Saints have had an interesting season between running the score up on the Colts and having their ascots handed to them by the Rams. For this match up in the Georgia Dome, anything could happen between these two teams. The Falcons haven’t necessarily had the season they were expecting either, with the dominant Matty Ryan aerial show never really materializing. Given the inconsistencies in the Saints’ performance, and the home-field location, I’m going with the Dirty Birds. Falcons 24, Saints 20.

Titans vs Panthers

Chris Johnson raised the bar for Adrian Peterson’s contract, but that was the only bar he’s been able to raise this season. Matt Hasselbeck has been performing better than anticipated, but Cam Newton is being hailed as the rookie of the year – his losing record notwithstanding. Given the Titans’ inability to generate much offense, and having a defense in the middle of the pack against the pass, I believe the Panthers will manage a win here, so Cam doesn’t have to throw his kicker under the bus in the post-game presser. But… Newton has been added to the injury report, putting the passing game into question, causing me to think this will be a closer game than it otherwise would be.   Panthers 17, Titans 14.

Steelers vs Bengals

The Bengals have been a revelation to many this season, and Andy Dalton is a big part of the team’s resurgence. The Steelers, meanwhile, have been both surprising and shocking at times. Having lived in Cincinnati, I can tell you that the Steelers are not welcome on the banks of the Ohio River. Of course, the Bengals haven’t always been welcome, either, if their inability to sell out games is any indication. I think Big Ben’s veteran status and Polamalu’s presence on defense will give the Bengals a home loss. Steelers 27, Bengals 20.

Rams vs Browns

The Dawg Pound will be out in full force in Cleveland on Sunday. The Rams will have Sam Bradford behind center – but not their starting center as Jason Brown has been benched. Cleveland hasn’t managed any impressive wins this season, while the Rams took those Aints down a few pegs. With Colt McCoy still a question mark for the Browns’ management team, it’s not inconceivable that the Rams pull out a win in the Forest City on the shores of Lake Erie. Rams 21, Browns 17.

Bills vs Cowboys

The Bills let me down last week. Their fans probably cared, too. Romo alternately inspires and revolts the Cowboys’ fans. To add insult to injury for the Cowboys, Miles Austin is expected to miss 2-4 weeks with a hamstring injury. Will that slow the Cowboys down against the Bills? Probably. But will the Bills have a way to not only hold back the Cowboys’ offense but also take care of the ball? If last week is any indication, likely not. Cowboys 24, Bills 19.

Jaguars vs Colts

Blaine Gabbert and Curtis Painter will be facing off this week in the Circle City. Indianapolis is probably reeling from the terrible season their perennial play-off favorite team is having. You can’t say that Painter isn’t giving it his all, however. Last week he managed to complete a pass to himself and try again – with an incompletion to an actual receiver. The Jaguars are 7th against the pass, so the Colts will likely need to rely on their running game. Personally, I don’t think the Jags have much to worry about here. Jaguars 19, Colts 10.

Broncos vs Chiefs

The Chiefs are suddenly hot (or rather, were, until that embarrassing loss against the Dolphins), while the Broncos are coming off a win against the Raiders – their first in a couple of seasons. One of two things will happen here. The key is to know which for those of us picking this week. Will the Broncos carry the momentum of their win against the Raiders to KC, or will the Chiefs be looking for redemption at home? I believe it’ll be more of the latter and less of the former. Chiefs 28, Broncos 24.

Redskins vs Dolphins

Neither of these teams is starting the QB they had at #1 on the roster in week 1. The Redskins benched Grossman while the Dolphins lost Henne to injury. Matt Moore is looking like the right ingredient to pump up the Dolphins’ offense while John Beck continues to deteriorate. So much so that Grossman & Beck split the first team reps this week, indicating that Beck better perform or he’ll be pulled. Given the Miami location for this match up, and the fact that the game sold out (with considerable help from local TV stations and sponsors), Matt Moore could be in a position to get another AFC Offensive Player of the week award. Dolphins 27, Redskins 17.

Cardinals vs Eagles

The Cardinals beat the Rams last week, while the Eagles lost to the Bears. Yeah – these were 2 of the games I chose incorrectly last week. I hopefully won’t make the same mistake twice! Kevin Kolb is listed as questionable this weekend, which is for the best as he probably doesn’t want to face off against Vick after the whole debacle last season in Philly. That means John Skelton will likely get the start. While he was able to lead the Cards to victory last weekend, I don’t see that happening this weekend. In the City of Brotherly Love, there’s not a lot of love for teams that aren’t the Eagles. Eagles 31, Cardinals 17.

Texans vs Buccaneers

The Texans are building up to their first play-off berth while the Bucs are playing erratically from week to week. Matt Schaub has a Passer Rating of 92.6 while Josh Freeman is at 76.8, illustrating the difference in these offenses and their ability to put up points. Add the Texans’ #1 ranked defense and it’s not hard to imagine that the Bucs would have a tough time winning this game, even at home. Texans 34, Bucs 20.

Ravens vs Seahawks

The Ravens have been perplexing at times this season. Example: losing to the Titans. The Seahawks are just fairly bad. Pete Carroll’s experiment with former Vikings doesn’t seem to be paying dividends. Meanwhile Joe Flacco is alternating between terrible and elite – and you never know which version of him is going to show up on the field. Seattle is typically a tough place to play, but I think the Ravens will rely more on their running game and run right out of The Emerald City with a victory. Ravens 20, Seahawks 13.

Lions vs Bears

Soldier Field is hosting the Lions with their Roar restored this weekend. However, the Lions look like they’ve been suffering from some laryngitis as of late and that roar is a little raspy.  Mike Martz, Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler have arrived at a consensus about using more max-protect schemes to ensure that Cutler isn’t subjected to hit after and hit and that’s led to the Bears steadily improving and Matt Forte making a case for a hefty contract at the end of the season. The Lions won’t be embarrassing the Bears in this go-around. Bears 28, Lions 24.

Giants vs 49ers

The 49ers are having a solid season and the Giants have been amassing a few wins as of late. Analysts are starting to infer that Eli is “elite”, while Alex Smith’s star continues to rise. Eli & Alex are #5 and #6 respectively when ranked by QB passer rating, so they’re both having a good year. Some might say that the Candlestick Park locale of this match up will ensure that the 49ers secure a win. I’m not convinced. Giants 23, 49ers 20.

Patriots vs Jets

The Jets and the Patriots don’t have a very friendly rivalry. And Mark Sanchez is no Tom Brady – if you know what I mean. The Patriots occasionally fall down and the Jets sometimes surprise. Sanchez is too erratic in his performance to ensure a win at home. And I think the Patriots have no intention of suffering another loss, which would take their losing streak to 3. Patriots 28, Jets 19.

Vikings vs Packers

Well. I haven’t picked the Vikings for real at all this season. Is this the time to start? After watching the Packers last week, I was left with the impression that they are not invincible. The fact that they are worse than the Vikings against the pass should tell the world that they are not going to end the season at 19-0 – no matter how much those stupid homers across the border think they might. And that goes for those Sconnie infiltrators that realize the MN quality of life is far superior to that in WI and sneak through the Cheddar Curtain. The Packers are going to lose and I don’t see why it shouldn’t (or wouldn’t) be the Vikings that break their winning streak. Vikings 28, Pukers 24.

Those are my picks for week 10. Skol Vikings Nation! Let’s look forward to ARodg getting his face stuffed into that Odin-forsaken frozen tundra repeatedly on MNF!


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