Nov 27

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Vikings vs Falcons: A Post Game Chuckle

This is what a person looks like when they shouldn't be a head coach in the NFL. Confused & over-matched.

Every time I think the Vikings couldn’t disappoint me more if they tried… they disappoint me more, primarily without trying. Or, because they’re NOT trying.

This team sucks. The coaching staff sucks. The personnel decisions of the last 5 years have come home to roost. This team is going to be bad until 2015, at least. Mark my words. I know none of us likes to hear it – but it’s all right there over the last 2 seasons.

Between poor drafting decisions, poor coaching decisions and bad personnel management when it comes to free agency (wide receiver, anyone?), this team has a steep drop off from star talent to the rest of the guys. Toby Gerhart is a prime example of talent drop-off from Adrian Peterson. And worse, there are very few roles with star talent.

Who qualifies as “star” talent? Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Jared Allen… and that about wraps it up, doesn’t it? We don’t yet know if Ponder is going to be a star. We have no stand-outs on the offensive line. Our Tight Ends are average as a unit. Our defensive secondary sucks. I could go on, but we all know the state of the team.

The highlight of the game today was watching Jared Allen long-snapping after Cullen Loeffler was injured early in the 2nd quarter. And that was more from an overall interest perspective than anything else. Although, because our special teams’ performance has declined since we booted our previous special teams coach, Brian Murphy, not only did Jared Allen long-snap but he also had to bring down the punt returner after 6 to 7 missed tackles.

The announcers couldn’t shut up about Jared Allen long-snapping, but any good Vikings fan knew that a) Allen was drafted for his long-snapping skills and b) he’s listed as the #2 long-snapper in the depth chart. Duh.


Ponder made some nice throws today.

The Decent

Ponder to Percy and then a 1 yard carry by Gerhart for a TD in the 3rd quarter. Ponder took a huge risk throwing into double coverage, but Percy was able to win that contest, no problem. They should trust Percy more in those situations. Favre did.

Lucky break at the start of the 4th quarter, with a punt hitting a Falcon and subsequently being recovered by D’Imperio. Great field position & an unexpected possession. What did we do with it? Get a TD, of course, off 4th and 13. Just like I expected. Not! Ponder to Percy. Hey Musgrave: pay attention you dodo! Percy deep = magic.


This is what the WORST Offensive Coordinator in the NFL looks like.

The Terrible

Bill Musgrave’s play calling. The bubble screen to Percy didn’t work the first time? Let’s run that play 2 more times at least for negative yards! Yeah!

Percy’s 104 yard kick return… that wasn’t a TD. Crappy Bill Musgrave play-calling doomed the 3 subsequent downs. Dear Bill: GERHART is NOT the answer when you need to get 2 feet. He’s proved it time & time again. Do you, Bill, NOT watch film?

Special teams tackling. Or, the lack thereof. Our special teams coverage has significantly declined, where it used to be a strong point of ours. Priefer should be canned. Bring back Brian Murphy.

Defensive secondary. The worst in the league in my opinion. Especially now with Antoine Winfield out for the year with his broken clavicle. Cedric Griffin is terrified of contact – and I don’t blame him for that but I do think he needs to be released in the off-season.


Can someone explain to me why Webb isn't being used as a wide receiver or punt/kick returner? He has tremendous talent and does nothing but sit there week after week.

The Ridiculous

30% efficiency in 3rd down conversions. 64 net yards in rushing. Time of possession: 25:12. 6 penalties for 49 yards – undisciplined.

Frazier told some token blonde woman reporting from the sidelines after half time that he was hoping to use the run game to open up the passing game. Yes – Frazier is so stupid, he believes that we still can have a premier running game with Adrian Peterson sitting at home in Minnesota while the team plays in the Georgia Dome.

The performance of the o-line. Ponder had zero time back in the pocket. No protection the vast majority of the game. The entire line – including Phil Loadholt – needs an upgrade.

HOW did Frazier not challenge the 2nd effort Percy TD? Huge failure in the booth on the part of the Vikings. And it’s not the first time the people in the booth have failed the team. Perhaps those folks should be upgraded as well.

The Broncos are up next. Won’t it be fun to watch some talentless hack like Tim Tebow send the Purple & Gold to 2-10? No, it won’t be fun. But it will happen and those die-hard fans like myself will stoically watch the travesty of a game as it transpires.

Skol Vikings Nation. Make sure you have libations on hand to reduce the pain.


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  1. You are so brutal! I love it!

    I thought we had the worst OC the last few years…now we have a new one…but he’s still the worst? lol

    I actually supported Childress…and NOW I KNOW WHY!

    Frazier and company need to go…like 6 weeks ago!

    I’ve been so mad this year, I would have fired him at halftime…like 4 or 5 times lol…and that’s saying a lot since our first few weeks we were GOOD the first half…

    After all of the drama last year…I thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Vikings and the fans…I think I was wrong…this feels worse…or at least equal..and we have a few weeks left…ugh

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