Nov 14

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Vikings vs Packers (Game 2): A Post Game Rant

Jared only managed to do this once tonight.

Wow. This team totally sucks. The coaching staff is pathetic. I’m so angry you may have noticed I jumped right into my commentary. Yeah. I’m that mad.

For the last 2 weeks I have been looking forward to this game. The Packers have the 31st worst defense against the pass. We had started to have a passing game. The Packers do not look invincible. They have gaps. I thought that Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave were spending the last 2 weeks planning for this game. I assumed they were watching film and putting together a comprehensive plan based on 8 games of Packers film. If I were on the coaching staff in either of their positions, that is what I would be doing.

I thought that the Vikings players would take a break and come back focused and ready to play one of the Vikings’ divisional rivals on Monday Night Football. I assumed that those players had pride in their craft and that they would not want to be embarrassed yet again on the national stage.

Well, I was wrong. About all of it.

You can see more of this on my blog than on the actual field.

The Good

The post game pressers were brief. Not much to say when your team was handed their collective ascot on a platter by some crappy small town team from the frozen tundra sporting the most god-awful combination of colors known to mankind.

ARodg was face planted twice. And frankly, with that Puker o-line of extra fat Michelin Men, that’s really not that good. Hi, Brian Robison – where have you been?

And that’s the end of the good. Note that I was generous to even put anything under “good” after this travesty. Especially with just 2 sacks on ARodg. Pathetic!

Note again that I had to dig deep into the pressers to even come up with a enough words to border the picture of ARodg getting sacked there to the right.

Yeah - we're not masters of any half anymore. (Photo: Brian Peterson, Star Tribune)

The Bad

Being a Vikings fan. This team makes it hard to have any sense of excitement or optimism year after year. The team has been woefully mismanaged and poorly coached since Bud Grant retired. It’s a miracle that the team has gotten to the NFC Championship Game at all since Bud left. Please note that if these players actually TRIED week in and week out, it wouldn’t be so hard to support them. But when you look at tonight’s game with Cedric Griffin whiffing on tackles because he’s mentally done with this game and Asher Allen getting burned… and Chad Greenway missing tackles… these mistakes are 100% effort and focus related.

Fred Evans. Every time he’s on the field he draws a penalty. Typically for being offsides. Guess what Fred: I want you off my team. Forever. Get the hell out of dodge dude.

Ponder’s 3rd down conversion rate. For those of you who, on Twitter, praised Ponder’s performance… his 3rd down conversion rate equaled Donovan McNabb’s average. His completion rate was under 50%.

Chris Kluwe’s punting. Yeah – he was out-performed by Masthay.  Ryan Longwell’s place kicking. I’m starting to think his leg is too old and he needs to retire. He’s been missing a lot of field goals lately.

Can't get your players motivated? Hey, ho, time to go!

The Ugly

10 penalties for 80 yards! The mental errors of amateurs.

Pretty much everything else. This team was so pathetic that Rodgers (in 50% of the last 4 games with these dodos) sat to watch Matt Flynn (who’s a hell of a QB in his own right) finish us off. Well isn’t that just grand. Nothing like going to work tomorrow to look the two Packer fans that work for me in the eye as we say good morning and they smirk. I can’t wait. Thanks a lot Vikings!

Let’s be clear on one thing: Leslie Frazier needs to be Les Steckeled. One and done. And he never should have had one year as head coach. He could have fixed this team. Back in September I wrote this post where I delineated what needed to be done. I hypothesized that Frazier didn’t have the guts to do it. And I was right.

The question is now: Will the Wilfs have the guts to do what needs to be done with Frazier & the rest of the offensive coaching staff? They all need to be fired and replaced with a new regime. And I wouldn’t wait either. Start making calls Zygi & Mark. Line up a replacement coach and bring him (or her, if they want to hire me!) in and let him establish the new offensive coaching staff and take the rest of the year to get some chemistry going. Bring in a general manager – hell, move Leslie Frazier to personnel if you want to keep him involved as I do think he has talent there – and let that person manage and let the coaches coach.

I watched this whole game from painful start to pathetic finish. I will watch the rest of the games this year and think about what might have been if Ponder had started from week one and if the Wilfs had hired a proven coach last season. Not that considering those possibilities will change anything… but I can pretend we had a totally different season in my head.

I am angry as hell at the entire team, the coaches & the owners right now, but I will never cheer for another team.

Skol Vikings Nation. I’m going to bed.


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  1. I was searching for something else about the game the other night and I came across this page…and this rant…I just wanted to say that you. are. amazing! And I don’t know you…buuuuuut I love you lol….no really, I love what you have to say…Absolutely love it!

    1. VikesPrincess

      Well – thank you very much! I hope you come back again soon! 🙂

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