Nov 22

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Week Eleven Picks: How Did I Do?

Did I do better than last week? Scroll down to find out!

Jets vs Broncos: Jets 21, Broncos 17
Wrong. 17-13, Broncos. Ridiculous. Jets need to start rethinking the whole Mark Sanchez thing, in my opinion.

Bengals vs Ravens: Bengals 20, Ravens 13
Wrong. 31-24 Ravens. Cincinnati was in the red zone for the last minute of the game but couldn’t close the deal.

Jaguars vs Browns: Browns 24, Jaguars 13
Right. 14-10, Browns.

Panthers vs Lions: Lions 28, Panthers 19
Right. 49-35, Lions. Another epic defensive failure for both teams.

Buccaneers vs Packers: Pukers 38, Bucs 17
Right. 35-26, Pukers. God I hate that team.

Bills vs Dolphins: Dolphins 19, Bills 14
Right. 35-8, Dolphins.

Raiders vs Vikings: Raiders 28, Vikings 14
Right. 27-21, Raiders. Another pathetic appearance by the boys in purple.

Cowboys vs Redskins: Cowboys 24, Redskins 13
Right. 27-24, Dallas. In OT.

Cardinals vs 49ers: 49ers 31, Cardinals 17
Right. 23-7, 49ers.

Seahawks vs Rams: Seahawks 17, Rams13
Right. 24-7, Seahawks. T-Jack threw a couple of INTs but ultimately triumphed.

Titans vs Falcons: Falcons 24, Titans 14
Right. 23-17, Falcons.

Chargers vs Bears: Bears 28, Chargers 19
Right. 31-20, Bears.

Eagles vs Giants: Giants 20, Eagles 13
Wrong. 17-10, Eagles. Eli meltdown. Again.

Chiefs vs Patriots: Patriots 34, Chiefs 7
Right. 34-3, Patriots. Pretty close on the score even!






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