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Week Eleven Picks

Wow. I can’t believe it’s week 11 already. Heading into the last part of the season always makes me sad, because it’s all going to end soon. Of course, there are those that would say that will put the Vikings fans out of their misery… but we’re all thinking about the possibility that our team may leave so that adds some extra angst.

All that aside, let’s get to my picks. Hopefully I will do better than breaking even like last week!

Jets vs Broncos

For Thursday Night Football, this is an interesting match up. The Jets are 5-4 and are coming off a loss, while the Broncos at 4-5 are on a 2 game winning streak… with fewer passing yards than you can shake a stick at. If you were to shake sticks at small numbers of passing yards. Mark Sanchez’s performance this season still can be best described as erratic while Tim Tebow… Sweet baby Odin… what is that dude even doing out there? No one knows… but he’s inspired a nation of ironic tebowers, and that makes me laugh. The Jets are better against the pass than they are against the rush. That might make this a close one since Tebow can’t throw. Jets 21, Broncos 17.

Bengals vs Ravens

Last time I watched the Bengals play the Ravens in Paul Brown Stadium, they lost. I’m not so sure that’ll be the case this week. The Bengals and the Ravens are both 6-3 in this divisional match up and the Ravens have not been living up to the expectations they set in week 1. The Bengals have been a constant surprise. Baltimore is 4-0 at home which seems to indicate that they’ve got a distinct advantage… but not so fast… the Bengals are 4-1 on the road. Andy Dalton has a rating of 82.6, ranking him at 17 in the league. Joe Flacco, who many assumed would turn out to be tremendous is ranked 26th. I believe the steady performance of Andy Dalton will give the Bengals the edge in an upset. Bengals 20, Ravens 13.

Jaguars vs Browns

The Jaguars are headed to the shores of Lake Erie from their Floridian shores on the Atlantic. Both these teams are 3-6 and the Jaguars haven’t done well on the road, while the Browns haven’t been too stellar at home. Colt McCoy is ranked 22nd by QB Passing Rating at 78.2. Meanwhile, Blaine Gabbert is ranked 33rd with a 63.6 rating… indicating that the Jag’s passing game isn’t going to be too hard to defend for the team with the best ranked defense against the pass. Surely I’m not the only one surprised by that particular stat! Browns 24, Jaguars 13.

Panthers vs Lions

The Lions are 6-3 and are coming off a loss to the Bears. The Panthers are 2-7 and have managed to string together a 2 game losing streak without exerting too much effort. Matt Stafford is proving to be a solid choice at QB for the Lions, but the team’s early magic seems to have dissipated. The Panthers, on the other hand, play hard but shoot themselves in the foot, preventing them from securing the win. Since actual crowd noise is a factor at Ford Field these days, I think the Panthers will continue to struggle. Lions 28, Panthers 19.

Buccaneers vs Packers

I’m not going to say too much about this game, other than I hope the Bucs have been purposely underperforming in order to spring a surprise trouncing during this game. I think we all know what’s going to happen here. More’s the pity. Pukers 38, Bucs 17.

Bills vs Dolphins

The Bills are sitting at 5-4 while the Dolphins are at 2-7, anchoring the bottom of the AFC East. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been adding 1 INT to his running total over the last 3 games, throwing 3 picks last week, while Matt Moore has taken better care of the ball in recent weeks. Both teams are near the bottom of the pack when it comes to defending the pass, which could throw this game wide open on the field. The Bills have a 2 game losing streak while the Dolphins have surprised everyone by winning their last 2 games. Can they add to the W column this week? I think they can. Dolphins 19, Bills 14.

Raiders vs Vikings

Well, the Vikings are back home after a horrendous showing at Lameblow on MNF. The Raiders continue to roll, even with the loss of their starting QB. Carson Palmer to the rescue. Hopefully Vikings fans are headed to the game to watch Christian Ponder continue to learn… because I don’t see the team actually managing to win. Raiders 28, Vikings 14.

Cowboys vs Redskins

The Redskins are at the bottom of the NFC East, with a 3-6 record and have now tallied up a 5 game losing streak. The Cowboys are still in the running to win the division after posting 2 wins in a row. The difference between the teams is really at the QB position. Romo makes mistakes but is a constant driving force behind the offense. The Redskins started Grossman, benched him and then restarted him last week. And they still don’t have a good option. Cowboys 24, Redskins 13.

Cardinals vs 49ers

The Cardinals are heading to Candlestick Park this week after beating the Eagles in Week 10. The 49ers are finally being recognized as a legitimate team with their 8-1 record for the season. While the Cardinals may have won against the Eagles, I don’t think they have a shot here. Why? Because Kevin Kolb didn’t spend 4 years with the 49ers and surely, if he had, Harbaugh would be smart enough to change the offensive play calling signals so Kolb couldn’t call out the plays before they occurred on the field to help the Cardinals’ defense. And yes – that actually happened last week. Andy Reid. SMH. 49ers 31, Cardinals 17.

Seahawks vs Rams

So. The Seahawks won last week. Yep – Tavaris Jackson led that team to victory against the Ravens. I know – I was shocked, too. The Rams moved to 2-7 with their 1 point victory. Let’s face it – neither of these teams is very good but one of them is going to win this thing. While the Rams took down the Saints at home in a real stunner, the Seahawks are bringing the surprising momentum they gathered with their win last week. I think that gives them the advantage. Seahawks 17, Rams13.

Titans vs Falcons

The Falcons lost to the Saints last week in OT while the Titans put up a win against the Panthers. I got both of those picks wrong. I’m hoping to do better this week with this match up. Chris Johnson has been a non-factor this season. Let’s put it in perspective: James Starks has put up more yards in the barely-there Puker running game. Wonder how the Titans are feeling about that big payout now. Meanwhile, Michael Turner is ranked #9 in total rushing yards. With both QBs for these teams posting a QB rating in the 80’s… something tells me that the running game is going to be the difference. I believe that “something” is called statistics. Falcons 24, Titans 14.

Chargers vs Bears

The Chargers started out strong. Something tells me that they’re wishing they’d started out slow like usual now that they’ve managed to log 4 losses in a row. The Bears looked like they were going to fight the Vikings for last place in the NFC North at the start of the season… but are now riding a wave of 4 straight wins as they host the beleaguered Bolts at Soldier Field. Based on recent performances, I think the Bears have this one in the bag. Bears 28, Chargers 19.

Eagles vs Giants

Both of these teams lost last week. Another 2 games I picked incorrectly, I might add. The Giants are sitting at 6-3 while the Eagles have managed to achieve the exact opposite at 3-6. Mike Vick may or may not be injured, depending on who you ask, while Eli Manning is now being referred to as “elite” by some commentators. There’s some weirdness & dysfunction occurring with the team that was supposed to have been a “dream”. The Giants have just been quietly amassing enough wins to lead the NFC East. I believe they’ll be adding one more win to that lead at MetLife Stadium this weekend. Giants 20, Eagles 13.

Chiefs vs Patriots

The KC Chiefs head to Boston this weekend to take on the current AFC East leader on Monday Night Football. I’m sure the country is hoping for a closer match than last week’s travesty that involved our favorite team. With the Chiefs on a current 2-game losing streak, and Matt Cassel’s ability to play very much in question, given his hand surgery on Monday, I believe that this will be an E-Z PASS for the Patriots (much in the way the Twins were an E-Z PASS for the Yankees in 2010). Patriots 34, Chiefs 7.

Those are my picks this week. Agree? Disagree? Leave me a comment!


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