Nov 14

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Week Ten Picks: How Did I Do?

Here are the results of my Week 10 Picks… The first full week of all 16 games was a bit of a disaster for me. Sigh.

Raiders vs Chargers: Chargers 21, Raiders 19
Wrong. 24-17, Raiders. It’s now officially been a while since the announcers have talked about the Chargers in the context of Super Bowl contenders. I find I don’t miss it.

Saints vs Falcons: Falcons 24, Saints 20
Wrong. 26-23. In OT, no less. The Saints Seaux Bleaux Theaux.

Titans vs Panthers:  Panthers 17, Titans 14
Wrong. 30-3, Titans. Not only was Cam not on his game, the defense fell down, too.

Steelers vs Bengals: Steelers 27, Bengals 20
Right. 24-17, Steelers.

Rams vs Browns: Rams 21, Browns 17
Right. 13-12, Rams. Wow – what a squeaker!

Bills vs Cowboys: Cowboys 24, Bills 19
Right. 44-7, Cowboys. They started out strong and the Bills never got a rhythm going.

Jaguars vs Colts: Jaguars 19, Colts 10
Right. 17-3, Jaguars.

Broncos vs Chiefs: Chiefs 28, Broncos 24
Wrong. 17-10, Broncos. All that despite the lack of a passing game. Or a real QB.

Redskins vs Dolphins: Dolphins 27, Redskins 17
Right. 20-9, Dolphins. Grossman played. Badly.

Cardinals vs Eagles: Eagles 31, Cardinals 17
Wrong. 21-17, Cardinals. What happened to the Dream Team? They show up every other week? Elite QB John Skelton led the Cardinals to a win on the road. Really???

Texans vs Buccaneers: Texans 34, Bucs 20
Right. 37-9, Texans. The Bucs couldn’t be bothered to show up.

Ravens vs Seahawks: Ravens 20, Seahawks 13
Wrong. 22-17, Seachickens. How the HELL could Flacco & team let T-Jack beat them? Unbelievable.

Lions vs Bears: Bears 28, Lions 24
Right. 37-13, Bears. Matt Stafford threw 2 pick-6s, a red zone/end zone INT, a couple of Lions’ fumbles (6 total turnovers), Hester had a punt return for a TD and a fight broke out, for which DJ Moore (Bears) was ejected. Awww ya – just another day in the NFC North. It’s not called the Black & Blue Division for nothin’.

Giants vs 49ers: Giants 23, 49ers 20
Wrong. 27-20, 49ers. Eli let me down and hopefully this will dispel rumors of his ascent to “elite” QB status.

Patriots vs Jets: Patriots 28, Jets 19
Right. 37-16, Patriots. Sanchez was an INT factory on the national stage. Again.

Vikings vs Packers: Vikings 28, Pukers 24
Wrong. 45-7, Pukers. I was under the mistaken impression that Frazier & Musgrave were working on a game plan during the bye and that the players cared. I won’t be fooled again.






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