Nov 24

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Week Twelve Picks

Well – I did pretty well last week. There are a lot of tough match ups this week though. I’m going to hope for the best! But before I jump into my picks, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. And yes, I wish this even for you Puker fans that find your way to my blog and leave me nasty comments and all you irritating Sconnie infiltrators that refuse to go back to your native state because you know how much cooler Minneapolis is. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Packers vs Lions

Oh how I wish the Lions could bring this one home for their fans and non-Puker fans everywhere. The Pack needs to lose. I have been forced to watch them 4-5 times this year and every single time they’ve looked beatable. I cannot understand why no one has done so to date. If this had been earlier in the season, I would have taken the Lions over the Pukers. But the Lions have lost their magic and some key players. Pukers 31, Lions 24.

Dolphins vs Cowboys

Both of these teams enter the game on a streak of 3 consecutive wins. This is more shocking for the Dolphins than the Cowboys, although the Cowboys have been known to lose when people least expect it. Tony Romo has the penchant for making huge mistakes when he can least afford them while Matt Moore has been performing consistently. I think the Cowboys will endeavor to keep their streak alive today. Cowboys 28, Dolphins 20.

49ers vs Ravens

The Ravens have not lived up to the hype this season, although they managed to win last week. The 49ers are 9-1 and are looking like the real deal. Joe Flacco has been wholly inconsistent in his performance this season while Alex Smith has flourished under Jim Harbaugh, showing exactly what a good coach can do with a team. Even though this game is being played in Baltimore, I think the 49ers will be playing as though they’re in Candlestick Park. 49ers 27, Ravens 21.

Vikings vs Falcons

Adrian Peterson is probably not playing with a high ankle sprain. Percy’s ribs are acting up. Ponder, Shiancoe and Erin Henderson have been limited in practice… oh why am I even detailing this? Falcons 34, Vikings 13.

Browns vs Bengals

One of these teams is at the bottom of the AFC North. The other is the Bengals – who blew a great opportunity last week to improve their divisional standings. In this Ohio match up, Andy Dalton will take on the less-than-inspiring Colt McCoy in Paul Brown Stadium. While the Bengals have a 2 game losing streak following them into this game, I think they’ll use that as motivation to beat the Browns. Bengals 24, Browns 17.

Bills vs Jets

The Bills started out strong and have been steadily failing. Will this be their 4th consecutive loss? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s not forget that the woeful Jets just lost to the pathetic Broncos, led by non-passing QB Tim Tebow. There’s a lot of criticism out there aimed at both Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan for the struggles the Jets have been facing. I think their win here will allow them to keep that at bay – at least for another week. Jets 19, Bills 13.

Buccaneers vs Titans

The Bucs couldn’t beat the Packers, but the team they’re playing this weekend isn’t sporting puke green & gold. The Titans are not having a stellar season and their star RB is having the least productive season of his career. Josh Freeman will need to keep his wits about him, though, because Matt Hasselbeck is playing much better than anticipated. Buccaneers 20, Titans 17

Cardinals vs Rams

In this divisional match up, the 3-7 Cardinals take on the 2-8 Rams in St. Louis. A few weeks back, the Rams beat the Saints in the same stadium. The Cardinals aren’t the Saints – but these Rams can pull out a surprise when they need to – especially at home. If the Cardinals lose, they’ll be in last place in the NFC West – and I believe that will happen. Rams 21, Cardinals 19.

Texans vs Jaguars

The Jaguars don’t have much of an offense with Gabbert at the helm. Matching that up with the Texans’ stout defense doesn’t bode well for the big cats in their own house. Even without Schaub at the helm, I think that the Texans can win this one, even though Matt Leinart will be the starting QB. Texans 17, Jaguars 13.

Panthers vs Colts

Well. The Panthers aren’t having the season they envisioned when Cam Newton began the season throwing 400+ yards per game. Lucky for them, though, they have the Colts on their regular season schedule. This win will take them to 3-8… because, let’s face it – the Colts aren’t beating anyone this season. Panthers 19, Colts 3.

Redskins vs Seahawks

Rex Grossman is back from the bench while T-Jack has managed to not only avoid the bench – but has managed to secure a better record than his former team. Seattle is a tough place to play and the Redskins are on a 6 game losing streak, while the Seahawks have won their last 2. They’ll get a third. Seahawks 21, Redskins 9.

Bears vs Raiders

Jay Cutler has a broken thumb and is out for 4-6 weeks. Carson Palmer is settling in to the Raiders’ starting QB position – aided by the Vikings this last weekend, to be sure. Hanie is a steep drop off from Cutler and I don’t see him being able to lead the Bears to a win on the road. Raiders 27, Bears 10.

Patriots vs Eagles

Vince Young will be leading the Eagles’ offense against the Patriots this weekend. It looks like Nnamdi Asomugha and Jeremy Maclin are likely to be out for the Eagles (along with Vick & his broken ribs), setting up what should be a cake-walk for the boys from Boston. Patriots 34, Eagles 21.

Broncos vs Chargers

Christmas came early for Charger fans. Miraculously, QualComm Stadium has actually sold out this weekend, so there will be no black out in San Diego when Tebow comes to town. Philip Rivers has done nothing but melt down lately while the untalented hack of a QB, Tim Tebow, somehow manages to win 3 in a row. Broncos 19, Chargers 17.

Steelers vs Chiefs

The Chiefs picked up Kyle Orton off waivers this week, but he won’t be playing Sunday. He’ll need more than a couple of days to learn that offense. With Matt Cassel out, Tyler Palko will be the starting QB. Something tells me that the Steelers could start their 2nd string defense and still win this game. Steelers 28, Chiefs 7.

Giants vs Saints

Let’s all say it together: Eli Manning isn’t an elite QB. The pundits keep saying he is one week and then they go after him the next. If there’s that much back & forth, just give it up. As much as I dislike the Saints, I don’t see them allowing an erratic offense beat them at home. Saints 27, Giants 14.

Those are my picks this week.


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