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Dec 26

Week 16 Picks: How Did I Do?

Colts vs Texans: Texans by 10 via Twitter
Wrong. 19-16, Colts.

Ravens vs Browns: Ravens by 10
Right. 20-14, Ravens.

Broncos vs Bills: Broncos by 3
Wrong. 40-13, Bills.

Buccaneers vs Panthers: Panthers by 7
Right. 48-16, Panthers.

Cardinals vs Bengals: Bengals by 7
Right. 23-16, Bengals.

Raiders vs Chiefs: Chiefs by 3
Wrong. 16-13, Raiders.

Dolphins vs Patriots: Patriots by 3
Right. 27-24, Patriots.

Giants vs Jets: Giants by 7
Right. 29-14, Giants.

Rams vs Steelers: Steelers by 10
Right. 27-0, Steelers.

Jaguars vs Titans: Titans by 7
Right. 23-17, Titans.

Vikings vs Redskins: Redskins by 3
Wrong. 33-26, Vikings. Had I known Webb would play most of the game, I would have picked the Vikings.

Chargers vs Lions: Chargers by 7
Wrong. 38-10, Lions.

Eagles vs Cowboys: Eagles by 3
Right. 20-7, Eagles.

49ers vs Seahawks: 49ers by 7
Right. 19-17, 49ers.

Bears vs Packers: Packers by 7
Right. 35-21, Packers.

Falcons vs Saints: Saints by 10
Right. 45-16, Saints.






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Dec 24

Week 16 Picks

Colts vs Texans
Texans by 10 via Twitter

Ravens vs Browns
Ravens by 10

Broncos vs Bills
Broncos by 3

Buccaneers vs Panthers
Panthers by 7

Cardinals vs Bengals
Bengals by 7

Raiders vs Chiefs
Chiefs by 3

Dolphins vs Patriots
Patriots by 3

Giants vs Jets
Giants by 7

Rams vs Steelers
Steelers by 10

Jaguars vs Titans
Titans by 7

Vikings vs Redskins
Redskins by 3

Chargers vs Lions
Chargers by 7

Eagles vs Cowboys
Eagles by 3

49ers vs Seahawks
49ers by 7

Bears vs Packers
Packers by 7

Falcons vs Saints
Saints by 10

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Dec 22

Week 15 Picks: How Did I Do?

Jaguars vs Falcons: Falcons by 10 via Twitter.
Right. 41-14, Falcons.

Cowboys vs Buccaneers: Cowboys by 7 via Twitter.
Right. 31-15, Cowboys.

Dolphins vs Bills: Bills by 7.
Wrong. 30-23, Dolphins. The “No Fun League” strikes again with a flag in the end zone when 2 Dolphins slid in the falling snow. Idiotic!

Seahawks vs Bears: Bears by 7
Wrong. 38-14, Seachickens. Hope Johnny Knox will be okay after a very scary hit that injured his back. Reports indicate he has movement in his arms and legs – but it was scary.

Panthers vs Texans: Texans by 10.
Wrong. 28-13, Panthers. Maybe those Texans don’t want to go far in the play-offs after all?

Titans vs Colts: Titans by 14.
Wrong. 27-13, Colts. The Colts go 1-13… chasing the Vikings at 2-12. They get their first win while….

Packers vs Chiefs: Pukers by 17.
Wrong! 19-14, Chiefs. I asked “Would someone PLEASE beat these jackalopes?” and the Chiefs said “YES WE WILL!” Hahahahahahaha! Packers lose. Pursuit of Perfection, derailed. I couldn’t be happier to be wrong.

Saints vs Vikings: Aints by 10.
Right. 42-20, Saints. Vikings looked absolutely terrible. The entire coaching staff & half the players need to go. I’m not even kidding.

Redskins vs Giants: Giants by 10.
Wrong. 23-10, Redskins. I told Percy: “Don’t piss me off, again, Eli!” Well, Eli… you’ve pissed me off yet again. I hate you.

Bengals vs Rams: Bengals by 13.
Right. 20-13, Bengals.

Lions vs Raiders: Lions by 3
Right. 28-27, Lions.

Browns vs Cardinals: Cardinals by 7.
Right. 20-17, Cardinals.

Patriots vs Broncos: Patriots by 10.
Right. 41-23, Patriots.

Jets vs Eagles: Eagles by 3
Right. 45-19, Eagles.

Ravens vs Chargers: Ravens by 7.
Wrong. 34-14, Chargers.

Steelers vs 49ers: 49ers  by 3.
Right. 20-3, 49ers.






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Dec 18

Week 15 Picks

Another busy week saw me in Chicago for a couple of days. Picks will again be minus my usual snarkiness. Mostly.

Jaguars vs Falcons
Falcons by 10 via Twitter.

Cowboys vs Buccaneers
Cowboys by 7 via Twitter.

Dolphins vs Bills
Bills by 7.

Seahawks vs Bears
Bears by 7 because there’s no way T-Jack & Co. can beat them at home… right?

Panthers vs Texans
Texans by 10.

Titans vs Colts
Titans by 14.

Packers vs Chiefs
Pukers by 17. Would someone PLEASE beat these jackalopes?

Saints vs Vikings
Aints by 10. I thought we might play spoiler here – until I read that half the defense has been absolutely ignoring Fred Pagac’s defensive calls ALL season. Again – Leslie Frazier should be fired for not sitting those jerks who were disregarding the play calls. Their insubordination is likely going to cost Pagac his job.

Redskins vs Giants
Giants by 10. Don’t piss me off, again, Eli!

Bengals vs Rams
Bengals by 13.

Lions vs Raiders
Lions by 3. This is a tough call – could definitely go either way.

Browns vs Cardinals
Cardinals by 7.

Patriots vs Broncos
Patriots by 10. The non-religious north east will squash the religiosity of Tebow. Go Pats!

Jets vs Eagles
Eagles by 3. Another one that could go either way. I’m counting on Sanchez to melt down a bit.

Ravens vs Chargers
Ravens by 7. Chargers haven’t been mentioned as a Super Bowl contender for a while. Not shocking.

Steelers vs 49ers
49ers  by 3. Big Ben may not play and Candlestick Park is a tough venue.

Those are my picks this week!

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Dec 18

Week 14 Picks: How Did I Do?

Steelers vs Browns: 24-10, Steelers
Right. 14-3, Steelers.

Colts vs Ravens: Ravens by 14.
Right, including spread. 24-10, Ravens.

Falcons vs Panthers: Panthers by 7.
Wrong. 31-23, Falcons. Panthers imploded at the end.

Texans vs Bengals: Texans by 3.
Right. 20-19, Tex

Vikings vs Lions: Lions by 10.
Right. 34-28, Lions. Ponder benched & Webb nearly led us to a 3rd win.

Buccaneers vs Jaguars: Bucs by 7.
Wrong. Way wrong. 41-14, Jaguars.

Eagles vs Dolphins: Dolphins by 3.
Wrong. 26-10, Eagles.

Chiefs vs Jets: Jets by 10.
Right. 37-10, Jets.

Saints vs Titans: Saints by 7.
Right. 22-17, Saints.

Patriots vs Redskins: Patriots by 14.
Right. 34-27, Patriots.

49ers vs Cardinals: 49ers by 10.
Wrong. 21-19, Cardinals. Really? John Skelton? Maybe so.

Bears vs Broncos: Broncos by 3. 
Right. 13-10, Broncos. 58 yard field goal by Prater took the game to OT. A 51 yard field goal by Prater sealed the deal. Ridiculous.

Raiders vs Packers: Packers by 10. 
Right. 46-16, Pukers.

Bills vs Chargers: Chargers by 7.
Right. 37-10 Chargers. Not quite as close as I had anticipated.

Giants vs Cowboys: Cowboys by 3
Wrong. 37-34, Giants. Damn you,Eli!

Rams vs Seahawks: Seahawks by 7.
Right. 30-13, Seahawks.






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Dec 10

Week 14 Picks

I’ve been really busy so I did my Thursday pick via Twitter. No commentary again this week – just picks.

Steelers vs Browns
24-10, Steelers via Twitter

Colts vs Ravens
Ravens by 14. Flacco should manage to look good from start to finish.

Falcons vs Panthers
Panthers by 7.

Texans vs Bengals
Texans by 3.

Vikings vs Lions
Lions by 10. Ponder may not start. We may get the Joe, Percy, AD show this weekend.

Buccaneers vs Jaguars
Bucs by 7.

Eagles vs Dolphins
Dolphins by 3. Sparano is fighting for his job… and his team is helping him turn things around.

Chiefs vs Jets
Jets by 10. Despite Mark Sanchez.

Saints vs Titans
Saints by 7. Will Chris Johnson post some decent yards? Maybe. But he likely won’t do enough to swing the game in the Titans’ favor.

Patriots vs Redskins
Patriots by 14.

49ers vs Cardinals
49ers by 10.

Bears vs Broncos
Broncos by 3. And no. It’s not because Tebow’s magical sky friend favors his team. It’s because Forte is out for the year and Hanie is no Cutler. Who could have anticipated that Cutler would become a “standard” for this team?

Raiders vs Packers
Packers by 10. Even though I hope they totally fail. Their defense sucks against the pass. Maybe the Raiders can exploit that. If nothing else, I hope to see ARodg with his face in the turf numerous times.

Bills vs Chargers
Remember when it looked like the Bills were going to do something this year? Chargers by 7.

Giants vs Cowboys
Cowboys by 3 at home. If this were in NYC, I’d be tempted to choose the Giants – who disappointed me GREATLY last week.

Rams vs Seahawks
What is THIS game doing on MNF??? Couldn’t someone flex it back to noon where it belongs? Seahawks by 7.

These are my picks this week. Sorry for not having enough time to do a snarky commentary. Game day tomorrow! Skol!


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Dec 10

Week Thirteen Picks: How Did I Do?

Eagles vs Seahawks: Eagles 24, Seahawks 20
Wrong. 31-14, Seahawks.

Titans vs Bills: Titans by 10.
Right. 23-17, Titans.

Chiefs vs Bears: Bears by 7.
Wrong. Who could predict that Forte would go down and that the Chiefs’ third-string QB would be an upgrade?

Falcons vs Texans: Falcons by 3.
Wrong. 17-10, Texans. Should have gone with my first instinct on this one, even though it seemed illogical at the time.

Raiders vs Dolphins: Raiders by 7.
Wrong. 34-14, Dolphins. I thought hard about this one and used my head & logic. I should stop that.

Broncos vs Vikings: Broncos by 10.
Right. 35-32, Broncos. Oh, the hilarity.

Colts vs Patriots: Patriots by 982… or by 30. One of those.
Right. 31-24, Patriots.

Bengals vs Steelers: Steelers by 3.
Right. 35-7, Steelers. Guess the Bengals aren’t the real deal. Too bad.

Panthers vs Buccaneers: Buccaneers by 13.
Wrong. 38-19, Panthers.

Jets vs Redskins: Jets by 7.
Right. 34-19, Jets.

Ravens vs Browns: Ravens by 14.
Right. 24-10, Ravens. Note I got the spread right!

Cowboys vs Cardinals: Cowboys by 10.
Wrong. 19-13, Cardinals.

Packers vs Giants: Giants by 7. 
Wrong. 38-35 Packers. Giants almost did it.

Rams vs 49ers: 49ers by 10.
Right 26-0, 49ers.

Lions vs Saints: Saints by 13.
Right. 31-17, Saints.

Chargers vs Jaguars: Chargers by 7.
Right. 38-14, Chargers.






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Dec 03

Week Thirteen Picks

I went 12-4 last week, but already have 1 wrong this week. How will I fare with the rest? I’m foregoing commentary this week as I’m short on time due to work & a party.

Eagles vs Seahawks

Eagles 24, Seahawks 20 via Twitter.

Titans vs Bills

Titans by 10.

Chiefs vs Bears

Bears by 7.

Falcons vs Texans

Falcons by 3.

Raiders vs Dolphins

Raiders by 7.

Broncos vs Vikings

Broncos by 10. But not because Tim Tebow is a good QB or favored by a magical sky friend. Because the Vikings are decimated in the secondary and Jenkins is out on IR, further depleting the mediocre receiving corps.

Colts vs Patriots

Patriots by 982… or by 30. One of those.

Bengals vs Steelers

Steelers by 3.

Panthers vs Buccaneers

Buccaneers by 13.

Jets vs Redskins

Jets by 7.

Ravens vs Browns

Ravens by 14.

Cowboys vs Cardinals

Cowboys by 10.

Packers vs Giants

Giants by 7. C’mon Eli – have one of your elite weeks and destroy the Packers’ “perfect” season. They deserve it.

Rams vs 49ers

49ers by 10.

Lions vs Saints

Saints by 13. No one will miss that dirty Suh during the game. Including his own team.

Chargers vs Jaguars

Chargers by 7. This looks like a “gimme” for the Chargers. Maybe that will set them on a winning streak. Or not.

Those are my picks this week. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment.

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Dec 03

Week Twelve Picks: How Did I Do?

Packers vs Lions: Pukers 31, Lions 24
Right. 27-15, Pukers.

Dolphins vs Cowboys: Cowboys 28, Dolphins 20
Right. 20-19, Cowboys.

49ers vs Ravens: 49ers 27, Ravens 21
Wrong. 16-6, Ravens. John Harbaugh 1, Jim Harbaugh 0.

Vikings vs Falcons: Falcons 34, Vikings 13
Right. 24-14, Falcons.

Browns vs Bengals: Bengals 24, Browns 17
Right. 23-20, Bengals.

Bills vs Jets: Jets 19, Bills 13
Right. 28-24, Jets.

Buccaneers vs Titans: Buccaneers 20, Titans 17
Wrong. 23-17, Titans. Chris Johnson makes an appearance.

Cardinals vs Rams: Rams 21, Cardinals 19
Wrong. 23-20, Cardinals.

Texans vs Jaguars: Texans 17, Jaguars 13
Right. 20-13, Texans.

Panthers vs Colts: Panthers 19, Colts 3
Right. 27-19, Panthers. Cam Newton gets his 3rd win for the season.

Redskins vs Seahawks: Seahawks 21, Redskins 9
Wrong. 23-17, Redskins. Who knew they’d wake up?

Bears vs Raiders: Raiders 27, Bears 10
Right. 25-20, Raiders.

Patriots vs Eagles: Patriots 34, Eagles 21
Right. 38-13, Patriots.

Broncos vs Chargers: Broncos 19, Chargers 17
Right! 16-13, Broncos. In OT.

Steelers vs Chiefs: Steelers 28, Chiefs 7
Right. 13-9, Steelers.

Giants vs Saints: Saints 27, Giants 14






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