Dec 10

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Week 14 Picks

I’ve been really busy so I did my Thursday pick via Twitter. No commentary again this week – just picks.

Steelers vs Browns
24-10, Steelers via Twitter

Colts vs Ravens
Ravens by 14. Flacco should manage to look good from start to finish.

Falcons vs Panthers
Panthers by 7.

Texans vs Bengals
Texans by 3.

Vikings vs Lions
Lions by 10. Ponder may not start. We may get the Joe, Percy, AD show this weekend.

Buccaneers vs Jaguars
Bucs by 7.

Eagles vs Dolphins
Dolphins by 3. Sparano is fighting for his job… and his team is helping him turn things around.

Chiefs vs Jets
Jets by 10. Despite Mark Sanchez.

Saints vs Titans
Saints by 7. Will Chris Johnson post some decent yards? Maybe. But he likely won’t do enough to swing the game in the Titans’ favor.

Patriots vs Redskins
Patriots by 14.

49ers vs Cardinals
49ers by 10.

Bears vs Broncos
Broncos by 3. And no. It’s not because Tebow’s magical sky friend favors his team. It’s because Forte is out for the year and Hanie is no Cutler. Who could have anticipated that Cutler would become a “standard” for this team?

Raiders vs Packers
Packers by 10. Even though I hope they totally fail. Their defense sucks against the pass. Maybe the Raiders can exploit that. If nothing else, I hope to see ARodg with his face in the turf numerous times.

Bills vs Chargers
Remember when it looked like the Bills were going to do something this year? Chargers by 7.

Giants vs Cowboys
Cowboys by 3 at home. If this were in NYC, I’d be tempted to choose the Giants – who disappointed me GREATLY last week.

Rams vs Seahawks
What is THIS game doing on MNF??? Couldn’t someone flex it back to noon where it belongs? Seahawks by 7.

These are my picks this week. Sorry for not having enough time to do a snarky commentary. Game day tomorrow! Skol!


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