Dec 22

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Week 15 Picks: How Did I Do?

Jaguars vs Falcons: Falcons by 10 via Twitter.
Right. 41-14, Falcons.

Cowboys vs Buccaneers: Cowboys by 7 via Twitter.
Right. 31-15, Cowboys.

Dolphins vs Bills: Bills by 7.
Wrong. 30-23, Dolphins. The “No Fun League” strikes again with a flag in the end zone when 2 Dolphins slid in the falling snow. Idiotic!

Seahawks vs Bears: Bears by 7
Wrong. 38-14, Seachickens. Hope Johnny Knox will be okay after a very scary hit that injured his back. Reports indicate he has movement in his arms and legs – but it was scary.

Panthers vs Texans: Texans by 10.
Wrong. 28-13, Panthers. Maybe those Texans don’t want to go far in the play-offs after all?

Titans vs Colts: Titans by 14.
Wrong. 27-13, Colts. The Colts go 1-13… chasing the Vikings at 2-12. They get their first win while….

Packers vs Chiefs: Pukers by 17.
Wrong! 19-14, Chiefs. I asked “Would someone PLEASE beat these jackalopes?” and the Chiefs said “YES WE WILL!” Hahahahahahaha! Packers lose. Pursuit of Perfection, derailed. I couldn’t be happier to be wrong.

Saints vs Vikings: Aints by 10.
Right. 42-20, Saints. Vikings looked absolutely terrible. The entire coaching staff & half the players need to go. I’m not even kidding.

Redskins vs Giants: Giants by 10.
Wrong. 23-10, Redskins. I told Percy: “Don’t piss me off, again, Eli!” Well, Eli… you’ve pissed me off yet again. I hate you.

Bengals vs Rams: Bengals by 13.
Right. 20-13, Bengals.

Lions vs Raiders: Lions by 3
Right. 28-27, Lions.

Browns vs Cardinals: Cardinals by 7.
Right. 20-17, Cardinals.

Patriots vs Broncos: Patriots by 10.
Right. 41-23, Patriots.

Jets vs Eagles: Eagles by 3
Right. 45-19, Eagles.

Ravens vs Chargers: Ravens by 7.
Wrong. 34-14, Chargers.

Steelers vs 49ers: 49ers  by 3.
Right. 20-3, 49ers.






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