Dec 18

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Week 15 Picks

Another busy week saw me in Chicago for a couple of days. Picks will again be minus my usual snarkiness. Mostly.

Jaguars vs Falcons
Falcons by 10 via Twitter.

Cowboys vs Buccaneers
Cowboys by 7 via Twitter.

Dolphins vs Bills
Bills by 7.

Seahawks vs Bears
Bears by 7 because there’s no way T-Jack & Co. can beat them at home… right?

Panthers vs Texans
Texans by 10.

Titans vs Colts
Titans by 14.

Packers vs Chiefs
Pukers by 17. Would someone PLEASE beat these jackalopes?

Saints vs Vikings
Aints by 10. I thought we might play spoiler here – until I read that half the defense has been absolutely ignoring Fred Pagac’s defensive calls ALL season. Again – Leslie Frazier should be fired for not sitting those jerks who were disregarding the play calls. Their insubordination is likely going to cost Pagac his job.

Redskins vs Giants
Giants by 10. Don’t piss me off, again, Eli!

Bengals vs Rams
Bengals by 13.

Lions vs Raiders
Lions by 3. This is a tough call – could definitely go either way.

Browns vs Cardinals
Cardinals by 7.

Patriots vs Broncos
Patriots by 10. The non-religious north east will squash the religiosity of Tebow. Go Pats!

Jets vs Eagles
Eagles by 3. Another one that could go either way. I’m counting on Sanchez to melt down a bit.

Ravens vs Chargers
Ravens by 7. Chargers haven’t been mentioned as a Super Bowl contender for a while. Not shocking.

Steelers vs 49ers
49ers  by 3. Big Ben may not play and Candlestick Park is a tough venue.

Those are my picks this week!

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