Dec 10

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Week Thirteen Picks: How Did I Do?

Eagles vs Seahawks: Eagles 24, Seahawks 20
Wrong. 31-14, Seahawks.

Titans vs Bills: Titans by 10.
Right. 23-17, Titans.

Chiefs vs Bears: Bears by 7.
Wrong. Who could predict that Forte would go down and that the Chiefs’ third-string QB would be an upgrade?

Falcons vs Texans: Falcons by 3.
Wrong. 17-10, Texans. Should have gone with my first instinct on this one, even though it seemed illogical at the time.

Raiders vs Dolphins: Raiders by 7.
Wrong. 34-14, Dolphins. I thought hard about this one and used my head & logic. I should stop that.

Broncos vs Vikings: Broncos by 10.
Right. 35-32, Broncos. Oh, the hilarity.

Colts vs Patriots: Patriots by 982… or by 30. One of those.
Right. 31-24, Patriots.

Bengals vs Steelers: Steelers by 3.
Right. 35-7, Steelers. Guess the Bengals aren’t the real deal. Too bad.

Panthers vs Buccaneers: Buccaneers by 13.
Wrong. 38-19, Panthers.

Jets vs Redskins: Jets by 7.
Right. 34-19, Jets.

Ravens vs Browns: Ravens by 14.
Right. 24-10, Ravens. Note I got the spread right!

Cowboys vs Cardinals: Cowboys by 10.
Wrong. 19-13, Cardinals.

Packers vs Giants: Giants by 7. 
Wrong. 38-35 Packers. Giants almost did it.

Rams vs 49ers: 49ers by 10.
Right 26-0, 49ers.

Lions vs Saints: Saints by 13.
Right. 31-17, Saints.

Chargers vs Jaguars: Chargers by 7.
Right. 38-14, Chargers.






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