Sep 30

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Week Four Picks

My picks this year are not nearly as good as my picks last year. I’m hoping to turn that around this week. I’m 25-23 in my picks… so here goes (potentially) nuthin’!

Browns vs Ravens: The Ravens are on a roll and the Browns have been inconsistent. Flacco looks like he might finally reach the expectations placed upon him when he was drafted, while Brandon Weeden has managed to improve his 5.1 QB rating. I’m going with the Ravens in this match up. Ravens 24, Browns 14.

Panthers vs Falcons: The 1-2 Panthers are taking on the 3-0 Falcons in this divisional match-up. Cam Newton has had his struggles while Matty Ice continues to duke it out with his draft-class colleague Flacco. I don’t see Cam having a banner day at the Georgia Dome. Falcons move to 4-0. Falcons 28, Panthers 19.

Patriots vs Bills: It’s like Bizarro World in the AFC East right now. The Patriots are saved from last place in the division due to the Dolphins losing 2 conference match ups. At 1-2, I’m sure Tom Brady is wondering what is going on. Meanwhile, Ryan Fitzpatrick may have fewer weapons on offense with CJ Spiller’s status being unknown at this point. I believe the Patriots will rally. Or, Belichick may be in for another fine for going after the officials. At $50K a pop, Brady needs to have a good game. Patriots 27, Bills 13.

Vikings vs Lions: At the start of the season, I would have predicted a loss for the Vikings in this match up, but our QB is the highest rated QB in the NFC North, the Vikings are coming off a big win and Stafford may not take the field due to a hip injury (although he is practicing on Thursday). With the Vikings on a roll and the Lions coming off a tough loss against the Titans, momentum is with the boys in purple. As long as Frazier bothers to prepare the team. Vikings 21, Lions 19.

Titans vs Texans: Now that the 49ers have lost a game (to our favorite team!), the Texans are regarded as the #1 team in the league. The Titans were able to beat the Lions – but some say that’s because Jim Schwartz suffered from an episode of Chillyism. Regardless, I don’t see the Texans giving this one up at home. Texans 24, Titans 14.

Chargers vs Chiefs: The Chiefs are looking like a real team while the Chargers still have Philip Rivers, who some say is past his prime. The Chiefs are tough to beat at home and the Chargers have lost in Kansas City before. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Chiefs’ newly established running game is going to bring this one home for them. Chiefs 19, Chargers 17.

49ers vs Jets: The Jets have lost Revis Island and the 49ers are probably 9 different shades of red from embarrassment after losing to what the league considers the “lowly” Vikings. I think the Jets are going to pay the price. 49ers 27, Jets 13.

Seahawks vs Rams: The Seahawks’ defense dominated the Packers’ offense. Like all Vikings fans, I celebrated each and every sack on ARodg during the MNF game that brought an end to the Officials’ strike. The Packers fan base – and the team – could not have been whinier after that game. The Seahawks defense will go after Sam Bradford in much the same way and we can look forward to the Rams fan base handling their loss with class. Seahawks 21, Rams 17.

Dolphins vs Cardinals: The Cardinals have shocked everyone with their 3-0 start on the season. The Dolphins could have a better record had Philbin not attempted to ice the Jets’ kicker last Sunday. The Cardinals are taking on the last-place Dolphins at home and Larry Fitzgerald will have a big day, I expect. Cardinals 24, Dolphins 10.

Raiders vs Broncos: This is always a tough game to predict. I’ve gotten this one wrong more times than I’ve gotten it right. Manning’s arm isn’t looking like the Manning of old but is Peyton really going to allow Carson Palmer to out-duel him in Mile High Stadium? I suspect not. Broncos 20, Raiders 19.

Bengals vs Jaguars: The Bengals are coming off a win and the Jaguars are trying to find a groove. Two 2nd year QBs are facing off in this match up in Jacksonville. I believe the Bengals will win one on the road. Bengals 24, Jaguars 20.

Saints vs Packers: Like a good Vikings fan, I wish both of these teams could lose this game. Unfortunately, that cannot happen. Since this game is playing out in Green Bay and due to the Saints’ performance to date (0-3!), I will reluctantly take the Packers for this game. Especially now that the NFL officials are back – the Packers will take credit for resolving their dispute and we’ll continue to see favorable calls for the lamest team in the league. Packers 24, Saints 21.

Redskins vs Buccaneers: RGIII started the season strong and has been working to find a consistent rhythm ever since. Josh Freeman has held his own against some good teams – but doesn’t always seal the deal. Even though the stadium will only be half-full in Tampa, the Bucs have home field advantage, which I think will be the difference here. Bucs 17, Redskins 14.

Giants vs Eagles: Popular opinion gives this match up to the Eagles. I personally don’t think that they’ve looked too hot through 3 games. On the other hand, neither have the Giants. I’m going to go with Coughlin over Reid on this one. Giants 21, Eagles 20.

Bears vs Dallas: Two words: Jay Cutler. As much as I don’t like Tony Romo, I think the Cowboys have what it takes to get the job done in the house that Jerry built. Cowboys 20, Bears 17.

These are my picks for week 4. I’m hoping for a better showing than I’ve had the last 3 weeks!


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