Sep 11

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Week One Picks Recap

My aspirations exceeded my performance in the Week 1 pick realm. Disappointing to say the least! At least to me.

Cowboys vs Giants: Giants 27, Cowboys 17.
Wrong. Romo didn’t choke and led the Cowpokies to a win against the Super Bowl champs. It’s been 12 or so years since a Super Bowl victor lost the first game of the season. Just my luck that Romo decided to have a good day.

Colts vs Bears: Bears 24, Colts 14.
Correct. The Bears indeed won this match up. Hopefully the Colts will be a little depressed about that still this weekend so the Vikings can go 2-0.

Eagles vs BrownsEagles 17, Browns 13.
Correct. Eagles over the Browns in Cleveland by 1 point.

Rams vs LionsLions 20, Rams 14.
Correct. The Honolulu clad NFC North up-n-comers secured a win at home.

Dolphins vs Texans: Texans 27, Dolphins 10.
Correct. Got fairly close with the score, too!

Falcons vs Chiefs: Chiefs 19, Falcons 14.
Wrong. Chiefs couldn’t get it together and the Falcons swooped in like the raptor their name honors, going for the kill.

Jaguars vs VikingsVikings 14, Jaguars 10.
Correct. Vikings win it in a scary OT performance that continues to terrify.

Redskins vs Saints: Redskins 17, Saints 13.
Correct. And did you hear that the FBI is now investigating the Saints for controlled substance issues that could end up in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines? Listen NFL fans: after all the shenanigans this unethical Saints’ organization has been up to, I don’t want to hear the words “Love Boat” again!

Bills vs Jets: Jets 20, Bills 14.
Correct. I heard one commentator call Sanchez “angry”. Maybe anger is a good emotion for him.

Patriots vs Titans: Patriots 28, Titans 13.
Correct. The NFL commentators called the Patriots “quiet excellence in execution”. That sounds about right.

Seahawks vs Cardinals: Cardinals 14, Seahawks 10.
Correct. Ha! I had a LOT of people give me grief about this selection. Don’t bet against Minnesota (Larry Fitzgerald, I mean.)!

49ers vs Packers: Packers 27, 49ers 21.
Wrong. I have to admit, if I’m going to be wrong about something, THIS is a great thing to be wrong about. You know all is right with the world when the Vikings win and the Packers lose.

Panthers vs Buccaneers: Panthers 20, Bucs 13.
Wrong. Didn’t see Josh Freeman coming out on top of this one. Maybe Cam Newton was a one-year wonder?

Steelers vs Broncos: Steelers 21, Broncos 13.
Wrong. Broncos pull out a win at home with a healthy assist from their defense. Manning didn’t look GREAT to me but maybe the wobbliness of his throws will dissipate over time.

Bengals vs Ravens: Ravens 24, Bengals 14.
Correct. The Ravens really gave the Bengals a schooling.

Chargers vs Raiders: Raiders 19, Chargers 14.
Incorrect. I had not anticipated that the Raiders would implode. Wow. MNF Hilarity.

I was hoping to break .500, and I went 10 of 16. Pffft.


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