Sep 26

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Week Three Picks Recap

Well, coming into Week 3, I was at 18-14 in my picks. Let’s see what happened after Week 3 was in the hopper.

Giants vs Panthers: Panthers by 7
Wrong. The Panthers could only score 7 points.

Rams vs Bears: Bears by 4
Right. The Bears looked better – but beatable!

Bills vs Browns: Bills by 7
Right. But Spiller took a spill.

Buccaneers vs Cowboys: Cowboys by 3
Right. Cowboys eke out a win despite themselves.

Jaguars vs Colts: Jaguars by 3
Right. Indeed, the Jaguars win.

Jets vs Dolphins: Jets by 7
Right. But by 3 in OT.

49ers vs Vikings: 49ers by 10
Wrong. And, I must say, I’m happy to be wrong!

Chiefs vs Saints: Saints by 3
Wrong. Saints 0-3. I like it.

Lions vs Titans: Lions by 7
Wrong. Stafford went down with an injury, Shaun Hill got them in position to make a comeback… but, alas, it was not to be.

Bengals vs Redskins: Redskins by 7
Wrong. Dalton out-performed RGIII. Fascinating.

Eagles vs Cardinals: Cardinals by 3
Right. Although the score was much more in favor of the Cardinals. What the heck is going on in AZ?

Falcons vs Chargers: Falcons by 7
Right. Falcons have momentum.

Texans vs Broncos: Broncos by 3
Wrong. Broncos started really slow and could never catch up.

Steelers vs Raiders: Steelers by 7
Wrong. Last second FG sealed the deal for the Raiders after DHB went down in a scary collision.

Patriots vs Ravens: Patriots by 7
Wrong. Patriots have lost their mojo. Or the Ravens found theirs.

Packers vs Seahawks: Packers by 7
Wrong. Hilarious!

So, with my 7-9 performance this week, my new total is 25-23.  I’m going to need to step up my pick performance if I’m going to do as well as I did last year.


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