Sep 17

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Week Two Picks Recap

I was 10-6 coming into this week. And… here’s how I did.

Bears vs Packers: Bears 28, Packers 20.
Wrong. While these 2 teams looked terrible, the Bears gave new meaning to “pathetic”.

Chiefs vs Bills: Bills 20, Chiefs 14.
Right. Bills more than doubled the Chiefs’ score.

Saints vs Panthers: Saints 19, Panthers 14.
Wrong. Carolina pulls out a win.

Browns vs Bengals: Bengals 28, Browns 3.
Right – but not as decisive a win for the Bengals as I thought it would be.

Vikings vs Colts: Vikings 21, Colts 17.
Wrong. I was right that it’d be a close game. I did not count on the Vikings defense staying behind in MSP.

Texans vs Jaguars: Texans 28, Jaguars 13.
Right. Texans win.

Raiders vs Dolphins: Raiders 21, Dolphins 19.
Wrong. Last year the Dolphins kept disappointing me when I’d pick them to win. This year it looks like it’ll be the Raiders.

Cardinals vs PatriotsPatriots 42, Cardinals 10.
Wrong. And the result is inexplicable.

Buccaneers vs Giants: Giants 24, Bucs 17.
Right. Although there were some scary moments.

Ravens vs Eagles: Ravens 27, Eagles 14.
Wrong. Eagles by 1. Is there no justice?

Cowboys vs Seahawks: Cowboys 24, Seahawks 17.
Wrong. Does “Any given Sunday” even work as an excuse at this point?

Redskins vs Rams: Redskins 28, Rams 19.
Wrong. Seriously?

Jets vs Steelers: Steelers 21, Jets 19.
Right. Praise Odin.

Titans vs Chargers: Chargers 21, Titans 14.
Right. It felt nice to say that.

Lions vs 49ers: 49ers 28, Lions 17.
Right. Stafford never gave up but the Lions’ defense did.

Broncos vs Falcons: Falcons 28, Broncos 21
Right. 27-21, Falcons. I hadn’t anticipated that Peyton would start the game with 3 INTs!

8 Right, 8 Wrong.  That puts me at 18 – 14 on the year. That’s no good. But I suspect there are a lot of people with me this week.

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